Christmas ’16: Clinton Street Baking Co. Christmas Menu Specials

Christmas is just around the corner and if you have not yet found the right place to celebrate the special occasion, Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant might just be the one-stop solution for you! Available from now till late January, Clinton St has introduced 4 new creations alongside their original menu to bring forth the spirit of Christmas on every plate. Diners, or simply pancake fanatics, would be intrigued to find a delightful twist on their signature pancakes which will be revealed shortly.

Do read on as we slowly unravel the individual creations for the Christmas season that surprisingly does not feature any turkey drama at all.


Starting the meal on a lighter note, we were introduced to the restaurant’s signature Neil’s Biscuits (served on the house for dinner) which are deemed as the ‘king of biscuits’ by Martha Steward. These delightful buttermilk treats boast of the fluffiest interior hidden beneath the golden-crisp skin. Although it can be rather plain tasting on its own, a generous spread of butter and raspberry jam easily solves the problem and even had us wanting seconds!


Taking on a modern reinterpretation of the traditional American classic, the Lobster Mac & Cheese $15 at Clinton St incorporates thick, succulent lobster meat into the dish while keeping flavours light and still addictive with a milder blend of Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses. To savour its full potential, do eat it when it is still piping hot as the combination of molten, gooey cheese and al dente pasta is just splendid and worth every rave!


The dish that we were most excited for were the Truffle Fried Eggs $23. Supposedly concocted to showcase the autumn-winter produce, the individual elements – sunny side-up eggs, asparagus, sautéed mushrooms, herb-roasted potatoes, arugula and bacon lardons – felt haphazardly thrown together and unharmonious as a dish. The only saving grace were the flavourful potatoes and mushrooms.


19 bucks for a salad may pose as a turn off to some, but the Kale & Quinoa Salad ($19 + $3 for grilled chicken breast) is definitely not one to disappoint, especially for those seeking a healthier alternative without compromising flavour! The luscious salad comprised of fresh kale, tomatoes, avocados, red onion, quinoa, cayenne-spiced pumpkin seeds and a piquant lemon vinaigrette dressing to bind the components together. If we were being particularly picky however, the grilled chicken breast was a tad bland and in desperate need of some seasoning.


Stealing the limelight from the entourage of festive creations was the Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes $19 that was, hands-down, the best item on the menu. This seductive short stack trio of buttermilk pancakes stole our hearts with its warm, pillowy interior and was absolutely sublime when eaten with the accompanying caramelized Granny Smith apple slices, candied walnuts, chantilly cream and warm maple butter! Moreover, the restraint on the sugar in both the chantilly cream and maple butter was just admirable. Not too sweet at all.


Overall, Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant is truly a maestro when it comes to delivering the perfect stack of buttermilk pancakes that tastes as good as it looks! Apart from the pancakes and truffle fried eggs, the other dishes also deserve a thumbs up for both taste and creativity. Having said that, the service here, with the exception of the friendly restaurant manager, could do with some improvement!

31 Purvis Street,
Singapore 188 608

Operating hrs:
Monday to Thursday: 9am to 9pm
Friday to Saturday: 8am to 10pm
Sunday: 8am to 8pm


Words and Photography by Kenneth Lim (@exasperatedmilk)
The writer is an avid tea drinker who enjoys slicing cakes with his golden fork. 


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