Ah Hua Kelong Seafood Restaurant @ Pasarbella, Grandstand (200 Turf Club Road)

Singaporeans love their seafood and having seafood in a bag is fast becoming a common phenomenon in many restaurants. So when my dad suggested one day that we should try this new place that opened in Pasarbella called Ah Hua Kelong Seafood Restaurant, I did not think too much about it and assumed that it was no different from Dancing Crab, which was only next door.

Nonetheless, our interest was piqued by its Singaporean name and brought the family down to check the place out. We were greeted by the friendly owner Jing Kai, who more than enthusiastically gave us an introduction on the types of seafood the restaurant offered and how all the fishes, mussels and crabs in the tanks in front of us were farmed at their own kelong (fish farm) and harvested on the same day that you eat them. This means that the fish literally comes from kelong to table and is as fresh as fresh can be.


Located at the seafood area of Pasarbella, next to the Oceans of Seafood, it is not hard to locate the many tanks of live seafood which marks the spot where Ah Hua Kelong Seafood Restaurant is. Reservations are highly recommended judging from the huge crowds that came by the Friday night that we were there so while they will not be able to reserve a table for you (since it is a shared space and common area), you will at least be assured that you will have food because quantities of stock for each day are limited.


We ordered the 3kg Assorted Steamed Seafood Box $80 which fed 4 of us easy. Smaller groups can choose the 2kg Assorted Steamed Seafood Box $60 while bigger groups have the alternative of the 5kg Assorted Steamed Seafood Box $120. Each box comes with the freshest catch of the day including Flower Crabs, Mussels, Clams and Prawns + a whole Seabass. All items are steamed so that the natural flavours and sweetness of the seafood can be fully appreciated. They do also serve their specially concocted Thai chilli sauce on the side which packs a punch and loads of spice so do go easy when dipping into it. The seafood however, with its firm bite, perfect meatiness and natural sweetness is good enough on its own and really all you need.


The Seabass can be either prepared Cantonese style or Thai Style. We picked the former and thoroughly enjoyed the delicate lightness of the soy sauce and fried scallions classic combination which is always a delight and especially so when the fish is superbly fresh and flaky.


This Cantonese Steam Ah Hua Kelong Seabass is $18 ala carte so if you fancy having another seabass on top of your box, you can. Stir-fried veggies like Baby Kailan and Dou Miao are also available to complete your meal. Rice is sold seperately at $1 a bowl.


Overall, Ah Hua Kelong Seafood Restaurant is a must visit for those who enjoy fresh and affordable seafood with excellent service. Prices are nett and quality of food is undoubtedly good. You will definitely be able to taste the difference as soon as you take the first bite. This is a kelong experience outside the kelong not to be missed!

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Pasarbella @ Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road
#02-K2, K3

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 1pm-10pm
Saturday-Sunday: 12pm-10pm


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