CNY ’17: Oriental Celebration in Luxurious Paradise @ Cassia, Capella Sentosa

The Lunar New Year is less than a week away and if you are looking for a restaurant to celebrate in style and with elegance, then Cassia might just be your answer. Located at level 3 of Capella Singapore, Cassia is the hotel’s signature Chinese restaurant which serves authentic Cantonese cuisine with a modern touch.

For this year, the said fine-dining restaurant is offering 4 Lunar New Year set menus with prices ranging from $79++ to $199++ per person from 28 January to 11 February 17. Usher in the new year with decadence and a touch of fancy when you add $68++ (per serving) for the Cassia’s Prosperity Lou Hei featuring fresh salmon and passion fruit sauce or the more luxurious Cassia’s Signature Lou Hei ($39++ per person) which has fresh lobster and sea urchin.


We had the opportunity to try the Abundant Blessing Menu ($139++ per person), with the exclusion of the Combination Plate made up of Chilled Lobster Claw Meat, Deep-fried Chicken Roll and Roasted Australian Yorkshire Pork Belly.

Since the first item was excluded from our meal, we started with the Double-boiled Chicken Soup right after our Lou Hei. I have probably said this a couple of times now but Cantonese soups are always comforting and oh so satisfying. This one at Cassia was no exception. The clear broth was brimming with chicken essence while the goji berries added a touch of sweetness to the concoction. Filled with abalone, dried scallops and sea whelk, there was no denying that this nourishing tonic warmed up our bellies very quickly.


Moving on to the Wok-fried Japanese M9 Wagyu Beef, which is by the way the highest grade of wagyu and has the highest ratio of fat to muscle aka marbling in the meat. It was no surprise therefore that the beef we had was buttery, juicy and simply tender. Our only gripe was probably the petite size of the cubes that were served. More please!


The Baked Chilean Sea Bass was my personal favourite and it was prepared superbly. The fish was fresh and flaky while the exterior was slightly charred for a smoky finish. Do not forget to dip it with some of the Homemade Special Chili Sauce served on the side to bring out the richness of the fish. But do go easy with the sauce if you are not too big on spicy food.


The carbohydrates for this set meal was the Lai Wan Fried Rice.  Served with Chinese Sausages, Diced Abalone and Prawns, every grain of rice was cooked al dente and the flavour was light enough to fill you up without being too much. We did however, think that if some of the homemade chili sauce from the previous dish had been added, this bowl of fried rice would have been more piquant and robust.


We concluded the meal with a delicate Homemade Lotus Seed Tea with Dried Longans to balance out the oil and richness of the other dishes. Not forgetting the antioxidants and anti-ageing benefits of this refreshing infusion, we certainly finished every last drop with glee.


Capella Hotel Singapore
1 The Knolls
Sentosa Island
Singapore 098297
Tel: 6884 6884

Opening hrs:
12:00 – 14:00
18:30 – 22:00


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