Weekend Brunch @ Birds Of A Feather @ 115 Amoy Street

I heard many great things about Birds of a Feather before my first visit here a few weeks ago. This all-day dining cafe and bar that serves Sichuan-influenced Western food opened by folks who are natives from Chengdu (the capital of Sichuan province), has created many waves on social media for its creative dishes and gorgeous space.

We came by one Saturday morning to try their weekend brunch menu and was enthralled by our surroundings. It was like stepping into a whole new landscape filled with tall lush greenery, plants at every corner and wooden accents to compliment. Our dining table for starters was a pseudo cross section of a huge tree trunk while the chairs were mismatched too for that quirky touch. Loved every inch of this place.

The price range of the brunch items were between $20-$26, with a little chilli drawing marked next to the dishes that were spicy. No surprises that quite a number of dishes were marked especially since Sichuan cuisine is known for its fieriness and bold use of spices!

We started with a small plate of Sichuan Red Oil Dumplings (6 pcs) $15 and oh boy did the chef not go easy on us! But first, special mention to the prettiest plate of dumplings I have ever seen! Vibrant colour palette and no less bold in flavour if I might add. Drenched in a deep red chilli oil that was embedded with a generous amount of peppercorns, every parcel of minced meat was wrapped with a skin so delicate yet firm and had the ideal ratio of meat to dough.

Next up, we had the Bird’s Skillet $23 which was essentially your classic baked eggs with chorizo mash-up served in a skillet, served with a Sichuan twist. For one, this version had a homemade pickled red chilli tomato sauce that certainly packed a punch. The two eggs were beautifully runny while the melted combination of camembert and cheddar lent a salty finish to this unapologetically good-looking dish. Hearty and appetising, this one is great for sharing!

Our last dish was the Hong Shao Beef Ragout Orecchiette $26. The most expensive one of the lot but understandably so. The braised beef, slow cooked till tender and juicy was rightfully the star but the accompanying elements such as the al dente “ear” pasta which soaked up all that rich sauce, parmesan foam and the toasty buttery touch from the pine nuts certainly played their parts well too. This came complete with a confit egg to tie up all the flavours together.

Overall, I have to admit that I had my reservations when I first heard that Birds of a Feather was serving contemporary Sichuan cuisine. Fusion food do not always work out but I am glad that it did here. Come if you are a fan of spicy food but come also if you are not because the dishes here might just surprise you. I will be definitely back for a few more visits to try the other items on their menu!

113 Amoy Street
Singapore 069935
Tel: 6221 7449

Opening hrs:
10 am to 11 pm daily


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