$12 NETT Porridge Buffet Every Last Friday Of The Month @ The ART (Assumption Restaurant for Training)

I have blogged about The Assumption Restaurant for Training (ART) a few times before (previous posts here, here and here) because I am an ardent supporter of the restaurant’s mission and what it stands for. This training restaurant for students of Assumption Pathway School (APS) located along Cashew Road, offers a safe environment where students can gain F&B working experience with real customers and put their culinary skills into practice in an actual kitchen.

Although The ART was previously only open in the day for lunch and high tea from 12-5pm, they have since introduced dinner service every Friday evening from 6pm-9.30pm and an extremely value-for-money porridge buffet every LAST friday of the month for just $12 nett per pax, $9 nett for children below 12 years old and senior citizens above 62 years old. Nope, not kidding at all!

Offering more than 10 choices with the usual suspects such as Fried Ikan Selar, Chye Poh Neng, Braised Chicken in Soy Sauce and Sambal Long Beans etc, every dish had a homely touch to it and made our buffet even more worthwhile as we went back for seconds and thirds.

Every table also gets a serving of Braised Duck that is prepared Teochew-style, thinly sliced, boneless and with just the right amount of fat covering the succulent tender meat. We hear that the soy sauce-based stock had been braised for many hours, allowing the spices and robust flavours to intensify and permeate every inch of the duck. This one comes straight from the kitchen and is served to your table so that the meat does not dry out while on display.

Another ala-carte item that each diner gets a portion of, is the steamed squid or sotong. This is best enjoyed with a dash of Thai chilli sauce for a piquant balance of sweet, sour and spicy. Go easy though, because a little of that sauce goes a long way. The squid was tender and nicely chewy without being too rubbery.

P.S. this dish changes every month so you probably will not get the same seafood item as we did.

There are also two options for porridge- plain or sweet potato. We gravitated towards the latter because of its natural sweetness and thoroughly embraced the chunks of sweet potato that had been cooked till soft.

Do not forget to visit the table of condiments and garnishes that are quintessential to any porridge buffet. Choices include salted eggs, stewed peanuts, black bean fish, chopped spring onions and fried shallots.

Finally, keep some space for dessert! Brownies, cakes, muffins and even hot red bean soup are all available at the buffet to complete your meal. You will be sure to leave The ART satisfied and contented without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Reservations are highly recommended by emailing the.art.aps@gmail.com because seats run out fast and word has it that this month’s buffet is already fully booked! Enjoy!

30 Cashew Road
Singapore 679976
Tel: 6892 6187

Opening hrs:
Monday – Friday: 12pm- 5pm
Fridays: 6pm – 930pm


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