MAGNUM Opens 1st Magnum Pleasure Store in Singapore @ ION Orchard

If you are one of those who would eagerly anticipate whenever Magnum launched its fancy pop-up stores during the festive season then you would psyched to know that this premium ice-cream brand has finally opened its very first permanent store in Singapore at B2 of ION Orchard!

The showstopper of the store is their main counter which has 18 different toppings on display for your D.I.Y. Magnum. Keep things classy with choices such as sea salt, pistachio, cocoa nibs, pretzels or be a little adventurous with rose petals, chili flakes, goji berries or even gold nuggets! The world is really your oyster here so get creative and go crazy!

For just $8, you get to D.I.Y. your very own Magnum by customising the chocolate sauce for coating the ice cream (white/milk/dark), the chocolate sauce for drizzling atop the ice cream (white/milk/dark) and of course the 3 toppings mentioned above for the final touch!

Coffee connoisseurs can also look forward to the M Espresso (hot $5), Magnumccino (hot $6, cold $7), Magnum Black (hot $8) to accompany your customised Magnum ice-cream. All coffee beans are sourced and bought from a local supplier so you are assured of both quality and flavour. Non-coffee drinkers on the other hand can order the M Signature Chocolate (hot $6, cold $7) which is thick, intense and velvety smooth.

If you are looking for a mix and match, then go for the Magnum Mocha (hot $7, cold $8) or Magnum Affogato (cold $8). Our personal favourite was the latter with its vanilla Magnum ice cream decorated with chocolate drizzles, dipped in a shot of espresso in a milk-chocolate-coated glass and finished with a scoop of minced chocolate bark. Two thumbs up for both aesthetics and satisfaction value!

Do not forget to also try their newly launched ice-cream in a pint if you are near any major supermarkets! We call first dibs on the Classic and White Chocolate. Too good to be missed! We will be bringing pints of Magnum for our next dessert party!

ION Orchard
Tel: 6509 9928

Opening hrs:
10am to 10pm daily

Words by @gninethree
Photography by @rancidsugar


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