Travel: Mutekiya Ramen 無敵家 in Tokyo

When my colleague first told (read incessantly nagged at) me to visit this ramen shop, I was doubtful. However, a trip to this small, narrow 20-seater ramen shop proved worthwhile.

The original Mutekiya Ramen Nikutama soup base was a 5/5 and easily surpassed my expectations. It was even better than my favourite ramen shops (Santouka, Keisuke, and Ippudo)! I also ordered the Umakara-men and it was surprisingly spicier than the ones I usually have in Singapore. I wonder if waiting in queue in the chilly night weather for 45 minutes did something to my taste buds…

The noodles were 4/5 for me; cooked perfectly al-dente but probably not suitable for those preferring a softer diet (i.e. my dinner companions).

The chargrilled roast pork was the highlight of the ramen bowl; the thick slices of well-seasoned meat had almost 50/50 lean-to-fat ratio so even when thoroughly cooked, the pork was still so tender and flavourful. It would be wise to order a second serving.

Each bowl came with bamboo shoots and green vegetables, and they provided the right amount of crunch and colour. The only disappointing thing was the soft-boiled egg – overcooked and…well, just uneventful.

Overall, definitely worth a visit because of the soup, noodles and roast pork!

PS. I forgave the overcooked eggs but wondered how difficult making it actually was so I Googled how to cook a ramen egg. I am proud to say that I succeeded with two eggs, in 5 minutes and 45 seconds of boiling water and an ice bath immediately after!

1 Chome-17-1 Minami Ikebukuro,
豊島区 Tokyo 171-0022, Japan
Opening hrs: 10:30AM–4AM
Phone: +81 3-3982-7656


Words and Photography by Yasmine Ng
The writer is a frequent jet setter around countries in Asia whose dream is to eat her way around the world. 

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  1. Jiayu says:

    This is awesomeee!! A must try when you’re in Tokyo :) thanks for the amazing post, Yasmine!

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