PS.Cafe Opens @ One Fullerton

PS.Cafe has opened an outlet at One Fullerton! This well-loved cafe-restaurant chain which probably pioneered the cafe revolution when it first opened in 1999, has grown to become a household name, known for its stylish interiors and of course, truffle fries. Their latest outlet, located at the heart of the Central Business District, is not unlike the others, but better. The view is rave-worthy, overlooking the bay area of the Singapore skyline while the expansive space with its tall windows does a commendable job at allowing natural light to flood the 160-seater.

We came by for weekend brunch and zoomed into a couple of items on the menu which were exclusive to One Fullerton. The Crispy Smashed Potatoes $12 for starters, was one of them and the server excitedly told us that “it was the new truffle fries!”. Well, if truffle fries made PS.Cafe famous, then this bowl of potatoes is going to bring it to a whole new level because boy, was it good! Hand cut, smashed and fried to a beautiful crisp before being sprinkled with some sea salt and mint. Dip those golden brown pieces into Chef’s homemade BBQ dip and you are set! Thinking about it makes me want to go down just to have this.

The Chargrilled Skate $34 is also another item that is only offered here. The trick to enjoying this is to squeeze out every part of that grilled lemon and you have just the right balance of acidity. We loved that thick pesto sauce that was bold and grassy, complimenting that skate in every bite. The texture of this fish is a tad like stingray as in they are both cartilaginous and the meat peels away easy from their skeletons especially when they are fresh. Ours was no exception.

Moving onto some staples on the Weekend Brunch menu, we had the Salmon Royale $32 which we could not fault. The poached egg had a lovely flow to it and the whole stack was just delightful! I could probably wake up to this every Sunday if my cholesterol was not an issue. While you could also get this at any other cafe at a fraction of the price, there is no denying that PS.Cafe always get their brunch essentials right.

We ended our brunch with these PS Fluffy Pancakes $24 which sounded promising based on its description. Unfortunately, they were not as fluffy as we had hoped. Somewhat dense and just heavy with the whole combination of banana jam, passionfruit curd and cream, this was our least favourite dish that morning.

Overall, I really do love this new space that PS.Cafe has. I have always been a fan of their Dempsey and Palais Renaissance outlets but now, One Fullerton might just trump them both! Plus! The smashed potatoes are only available here so I guess that is just the perfect excuse for me to make another visit down soon!

1 Fullerton Road
One Fullerton

Singapore 049213

Opening hrs:
Monday to Friday: 11.30am till late
Weekends: 9.30am till late


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