Fat Belly @ Serene Centre, Bukit Timah

Sharing the same space as Sugarhaus in Serene Centre at the ground level, Fat Belly is the new steak speciality speakeasy bar that opened about 4-5 months ago. The menu is simple and straightforward as they only served two different cuts of steak on the night that we were there- Flat Iron and Short Rib, about four types of side dishes and two desserts. Needless to say that if you are not a steak lover or do not fancy beef, this place is not for you.

We dropped by for dinner one evening and got a pair of counter seats, there are only about ten by the way so those with big groups can actually take the regular tables in Sugarhaus itself. We ordered both the Flat Iron $22 and Short Rib $25 which also came with house salad and a dipping sauce. Not quite the usual cut of steak you would come across at steakhouses, the former is actually part of the shoulder muscle of the cow. And as its name self-explains, one would expect the meat to be thick and tough. Quite the opposite actually because what we ate was superbly tender, adequately juicy with just the right amount of bite to it. We had ours cooked “medium rare” and it was absolutely delightful.

The Short Rib on the other hand, is of course taken from the ribs of the cow and is a tad more fatty than its muscular counterpart. This one had a nice contrast of textures between the charred crisp exterior and the well-marbled interior and a substantial amount of flavour. Do not forget to dip your chunk of meat into the parsley-based Chimichurri sauce served on the side for a herbal and tangy touch.

From the modest list of sides, we chose the Sauteed Thyme Mushrooms $5. Not a bad choice and a nice rustic compliment to our mains. Other options include Creamed Kale, Truffle Fries and Guanciale Mac & Cheese- also the same price.

Our meal ended with a Sticky Date Pudding $10 which had the most charming salted toffee ice-cream quenelle (so good that we had to order a second one). The pudding too, served warm with its chunks of pitted dates was not too sweet and nicely gooey with the caramel sauce. This could possibly give my favourite sticky date pudding a run for its money!

Overall, Fat Belly is a cosy little space that is great for intimate dinners. Take your experience up a notch by pairing your steak with one of the recommended wine pairings they offer and it will be sure to be a fancy affair.

10 Jalan Serene
Serene Centre
Singapore 258748
Tel: +65 6314 2247

Opening hrs:
6pm-10pm daily


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