FiSK Seafoodbar & Market @ 30 Stevens Road

FiSK (which translates to Norwegian for fish) Seafoodbar & Market is the newest dining and retail destination that just opened along Stevens road. Offering mainly quality Norwegian and coldwater seafood, FiSK is your one-stop shop that allows you to enjoy your meal and purchase the raw ingredients of what you just had, to recreate at home. And by “coldwater”, we mean that the seafood is kept between -35°C to 5°C so as to retain both the flavour and nutrients. It is believed that lower temperature waters naturally contain higher soluble oxygen, which promotes growth and cleaner, clearer waters. Coldwater fish that grow in these environments would therefore have a much higher level of nutrients and in particular Omega-3 fatty acids, as compared to their warmer water counterparts.

The first item that we tried was the Prawns On Ice $6/100gm. As mentioned earlier, these prawns, though small in size, are packed densely with vitamins and all the goodness because of the environment that they live in. Delicately sweet and brimming with roe, these Norwegian coldwater crustaceans were certainly addictive and refreshing. You will not be able to stop at one!

Lunch offerings include this Open-Face Smørrebrød Sandwich $6 per piece which is organic Norwegian buttered rye bread with various toppings that change daily. Ours had Sichuan house-smoked Norwegian mackerel topped with trout roe and a dollop of sour cream. A tad spicy and peppery, the marinate complimented the flakiness of the fish so beautifully. One of the prettiest open-face sandwiches I have come across by far.

My personal favourite that evening was this gorgeous Raw Hand-Dived Scallop $29 although the irony is that I do not usually eat raw food. Simply prepared with juniper and calamansi gastrique, the main highlight of this dish is the natural sweetness of the fresh scallop meat. Juicy, firm to the bite and a little chewy, this luxurious bi-valve shell takes you on a journey to the seaside, where the waves are crashing and there is little to care in the world. Superb!

For a touch of heartiness and comfort, order the Creamed Fish & Shellfish Soup $7.50/ $12.50 which will warm your belly very quickly. Made with white fish stock and shellfish stock, this soup is boiled and simmered for a significant amount of time before fancy seafood such as Atlantic cod, Norwegian salmon and coldwater prawns are added. The result is practically a meal in a bowl which is both satisfying and filling.

FiSK also has a 7-course dinner set menu at $88 per person which features the Raw Hand Dived Scallop and this Atlantic Halibut, amongst other dishes. Brined for 20 minutes, the flatfish is prepared via sous vide and torched before serving. Dressed in a sauce made with foie gras, red wine and beef stock, this dish was a nice balance of rich and subtle flavours.

Another surprise that evening was this Uni Ice Cream $16 which I enjoyed thoroughly. It was a surprise because I have my reservations about eating sea urchin and I have never heard of uni ice-cream prior to FiSK! Made with preserved salted uni from Japan, this savoury ice-cream tasted a tad like frozen Hokkaido milk- thick, creamy and subtly sweet. The best part is that Uni fans can intensify the degree of uni flavour by scrapping more of the salted uni provided at the base.

The dessert on the dinner set menu was this Sour Cream Mousse $14 which piqued my interest because I could not decide if it was a sweet or savoury dessert. Made with whipped sour cream, whipped cream and Italian meringue, the mixture sits on a bed of strawberry jam and basil oil which forms two contrasting circles at the outer rim. Bright and bold, this one fared better on the eyes than on the tastebuds.

Overall, FiSK Seafoodbar & Market is an exciting addition to our island of seafood lovers. What is particularly meaningful too here is that the owners practise responsible sourcing to ensure sustainability of the coldwater species that they manage. As a consumer and diner here therefore, you can be sure that you are part of an initiative which protects and sustains Mother Earth. Definitely does not hurt that all the seafood here is of premium quality, naturally sweet and bursting with freshness too!

30 Stevens Road

Singapore 257840
Tel: 6732 0711

Opening hrs:
Monday: 11.30am – 7pm
Tuesday – Saturday:
11.30am – 4.30pm | 6pm – 10pm
Sunday: 11.30am – 7pm


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