CNY ’18: A Wealth of Lunar New Year Delights Awaits @ Yàn, National Gallery Singapore

Nestled in the iconic National Gallery of Singapore, Yàn is an intimate place for convivial gatherings, where diners can enjoy Cantonese cuisine and modern art in one place. This Lunar New Year, usher in the prosperous Year of the Dog with a lavish selection of festive delights at Yàn – think specially curated set menus, auspicious a la carte dishes, gourmet takeaways and festive gifts!

From 1 to 28 Feb 18, Yàn has introduced seven set menus ranging from $188 to $268 per person, where you can expect a wide variety of new creations and Cantonese classics.

We started the reunion feastings by tossing the beautifully plated Yellowtail Fish Yu Sheng with Golden Flake in ‘Shun De’ style ($82/$102); featuring crispy fried vermicelli sprinkled with gold leaves, coupled with slices of ginger, spring onion, capsicum, grounded peanuts, topped off with slices of premium grade Yellowtail. Instead of plum sauce, Yàn used a house-made soya sauce, which gave a crackling ‘firecracker’ sound when poured over the fried vermicelli. It was a refreshing and balanced dish, where the ingredients chosen especially the capsicum, gave a unique crunch to the dish.

Next, we delved into one of Yàn’s signatures dishes, the Signature Roast Crispy Suckling Pig ($288) done in three ways – finely sliced skin served with house-made crepes and condiments, carved shoulder and oven-baked fillet with lemongrass. The first way was slightly different from the usual, as the house-made crepes gave a nice twist.

The second way was the Suckling Pig Carved Shoulder served with plum sauce. This dish strips out the suckling pig so you can enjoy the crispy skin and the succulent meat with the right amount of fats in between.

As for the third way, Oven-baked Pig Fillet with Lemongrass, the fillet was marinated in barbecue sauce and then baked with lemongrass. With each bite of the glazed fillet, there was a nice subtle citrus flavour exuding from the lemongrass.

The Sautéed Lobster Fillet with Egg White ($20 per 100gm) was another dish that will delight your taste buds. The tender lobster fillet and lightly salted egg white had been cooked separately to amplify the flavours, and then served with asparagus as the finishing touch. Splendid!

One of the new creations was the Braised Deluxe Seafood Platter长长久久 ($38++ per person), comprising of nine ingredients – sliced abalone, sea cucumber, fish lips, king of Grouper fillet, scallops, prawns, sea moss, dried oyster and conpoy. The broth was rich and thick but was a tad salty. Thankfully, the premium ingredients made up for it.

This meal would not be complete without the Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Sea Whelk ($22 per person). The superior stock was brewed to perfection for 8 hours, which brought out the fragrance and sweetness of the chicken and sea whelk. It was a comforting bowl of soup and I could not stop at one!

We ended the meal with the Pan-fried ‘Nian Gao’ (3 pieces at $6 per person), a traditional Chinese dessert prepared from glutinous rice, dusted with shredded coconut which was surprisingly not ‘gao’ at all. Definitely still had space for this even after the many courses that we had.

If you’re looking for the perfect reunion place for all sizes from couples, extended families to corporate gatherings, you might want to consider Yàn as it provides an intimate dining experience with spacious communal hall and private dining rooms to choose from.

1 St Andrew’s Road
#05-02 National Gallery Singapore
Singapore 178957

Opening Hrs:
Lunch: 11:30am – 2:30pm
Dinner: 6:00pm – 10:30pm


Words and Photography by Ruth Sim
The writer believes that the beauty of life comes from the essence of many little things and food is definitely one of them. 


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