CNY ’18: Springtime Splendour @ Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant, Sheraton Towers Singapore

From 29 Jan 18 to 4 Mar 18, Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant at Sheraton Towers Singapore will be ushering in the Lunar New Year with premium offerings and festive goodies. From lavish banquet set menus to a wide selection of festive takeaways to choose from, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Here are a few highlights, some new for this year and other classics that you can expect if you choose to celebrate the Year of the Dog with Li Bai.

Hamachi “Loh Hei” Platter $78 (small), $138 (large)

Featuring Hamachi that has been specially flown in all the way from Japan, this Loh Hei platter is one of the new items that will be introduced. Shaping the quintessential vegetables such as pomelo, yam, sweet potato, white radish, carrot and pickled ginger into a cute puppy- collar and nose all included, the platter which expands across two plates will certainly set the stage for the traditional toss to prosperity and everything good for the new year ahead.

Boston Lobster Meat $88 per plate

Optional add-ons such as lobster meat, Alaskan Crab, salmon and shredded abalone are also available to make your Loh Hei more fancy and decadent! We had a Boston Lobster added to our platter and it was luxurious indeed.

Doubled-boiled Bird’s Nest Soup with Fish Maw in Young Coconut

A classic item from Li Bai’s menu and a must-have at all Cantonese dinners is this double boiled bird’s nest soup. Served and boiled in a coconut husk with the flesh still intact, the flavours extracted are subtly sweet and delightfully aromatic. Having been simmering for many hours, this soup was both heart and belly-warming.

Braised Sliced Abalone and Chinese Marrow stuffed with Conpoy

Another Lunar New Year classic, there was nothing to fault about this dish. Abalone was perfectly tender but still chewy and the piquant oriental stock was sufficiently flavourful. This one comes with blanched Chinese spinach for some greens on the table.

Barbecued Suckling Pig Stuffed with Glutinous Rice and Preserved Meat $380

The highlight of the evening was this suckling pig that is only available for dining-in and with good reason too because it is only then that Chef is able to guarantee that the dish is served at the optimum temperature which brings out the crispness of the glorious reddened-brown skin and meltingly tender meat on the underside. This also comes with steamed glutinous rice, lap cheong (Chinese sausage) and Chinese mushrooms packed snugly beneath the meat making this suckling pig a meal in itself! If you have a group of 10 dining with you, this is the dish you definitely have to order.

Shanxi Red Date Cake $50

End your CNY dinner with a lighter twist to the usual Nian Gao. This dessert is made with premium-grade Shanxi red dates and is naturally sweetened by it. Healthy yet festive, what’s not to love? This one is also available for takeaway!

For reservations and enquiries, please call
The Dining Room at 6839 5621
Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant / Auspicious Takeaways at 6839 5623
Prosperity Reunions at 6839 5842/45 or email

39 Scotts Road
Singapore 228230


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