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Recipe: Peanut Butter Hazelnut Torte

When this month’s SABH theme was first released a couple of weeks back, I was extremely excited because it was “NUTS About Sweets”! Especially since I had missed the previous two SABHs because I had been out of the country, I was definitely keen to have a NUTS theme this time.

I love nuts- hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts, pistachio nuts, walnuts, I am a big big fan. Love them in chocolate, love them in cakes and of course I love them plain. It’s the extra crunch that contrasts with the smooth velvety chocolate, the satisfaction of chewing them in a cake and the best wake-me-up snack especially in sleepy lazy afternoons.

I decided on a torte because I had never made one and I did want to see how a flourless chocolate cake filled with nuts would turn out! Would it fall apart? Would it be too dry? Would it taste funny? Or would it just be plain awesome and slightly less calorie inducing with the absence of white flour? There is no added sugar in my recipe and just a couple of tablespoons of honey if the bitterness of dark chocolate is not really your thing. So all in all, if you consider the absence of flour and added sugar and look past the fact that 4 eggs are used, this peanut butter hazelnut torte might actually be pretty healthy and even rich in protein! All hail the peanut butter!

Recipe: Mini Lemon Curd Pies topped with Toasted Marshmallows

Im not usually one to make citrus fruits-based desserts but recently I have been experimenting a whole lot more with new ingredients and trying to keep away from my usuals- chocolate, nutella, peanut butter etc.

So when the theme for this month’s SABH was released 2 weeks back, I saw it as a perfect opportunity to really do something different and see how it turns out! And this was truly one huge experiment from start to finish because I did not know what I was expecting most of the time and just varying my measurements along the way as I saw fit. First time ever I was so nervous in the kitchen as to what my oven was about to produce each time the timer stopped!

I made a wholemeal-oatmeal cookie pie crust and had the intention to make indentations in the cookie once it came out of the oven while still warm and soft. But what I did not expect was that while my cookie base was cooling down on its own in the muffin pan, it started to indent all by itself! So basically I did not have to do anything but just taken the pan out of the oven and put it aside to cool and allow the magic to happen all by itself.

Next I filled it with lemon curd which I had made the night before. This was my own recipe- got a couple of tips here and there from online recipes on how to know it was ready and how to store it but apart from that, I just played around with the number of eggs and lemons to use until the taste was right for me.

Recipe: 3 Layered Chocolate Chip Nutella Cheesecake Dark Chocolate Ganache Pie

As I had mentioned in my Peanut Butter Muffin Pies post about being a Nutella fanatic, I decided to pay tribute to this love affair but having some (or rather A LOT) of Nutella in my Bake of the Week which incidentally coincided with this month’s Sweet Adventures Blog Hop.

I had absolutely no idea what to make when I first got wind of the theme for March- Layer upon Layer and ending up having to do quite a bit of research on my usual food blogs for inspiration. I had even considered not taking part this time because most of the things I found were either Mille Crepes, Dobos Torte (which I was extremely fascinated with) or the Asian Thousand Layer Cake more commonly known as Kueh Lapis. These recipes were complicated and unfortunately very time consuming. With my current condition, standing for long hours was simply out of the question and as such, so were these recipes :(

So I put the thought of participating in this month’s theme off for a while and tried opening my mind to other possibilities which was when I found this beautiful Nutella Cheesecake Bar by Bakers Royale recipe!

Though the bar looked complicated, the steps were simple and the best part was that it fulfilled the theme by having 3 layers! I was psyched at the prospect of making something that sounded so yummy even before I got down to baking it!

Dark chocolate, chocolate chips, cream cheese and Nutella… No Mam’, the combination does not get better than that.

I made a few adaptations to the original recipe simply because I did not have a rectangular 14X4 inch tart pan. I made a trip down to my usual baking shop in Holland Village with the intention of getting one but it was out of stock till end April. Daddy was sweet enough to drive me down to a few kitchen tools stores in Temple Street but none of them sold the rectangular pans. Had I known that it was this difficult finding rectangular tart pans, I would have bought one back in Adelaide when I had the chance to!

The recipe starts off with baking the chocolate chip cookie crust and the Nutella cheesecake layer together but honestly if I were to redo this, I would have baked the cookie crust in the oven for about 10 min first before adding the Nutella Cheesecake layer so that the crust would be more crisp and there would be a better contrast in textures.

Recipe: Mini Red Velvets with Cream Cheese Frosting

Nothing spells Valentine’ Day better than Red Velvet cupcakes- red and sweet with frosting topped with a heart shaped sprinkle. Yes, Red Velvet and Valentine’s Day should be synonymous. Why? Because looking at these┬áseductive red sexy things certainly puts one in the mood for lurveeeee doesnt it?

Almost everyone Ive known has baked a Red Velvet cake/cupcake/cake pop before so I knew I had to jump onto the bandwagon as well to see what the craze was all about. And what better occasion to bake these lovely luscious looking cupcakes than Valentine’s Day in conjunction with February Sweet Adventures Blog Hop- Love at First Bite!

Adelaide Food Bloggers

A couple of weeks back, I received a Facebook group invite from Christina from The Hungry Australian who had taken the initiative to set up the Adelaide Food Bloggers Group where members are able to post details of meetups, food news and food events and share tips and advice.

Thanks to her, I have had the opportunity of meeting other like-minded foodies in Adelaide (some of whose blogs I had already been following…) and it is indeed heartwarming to be part of a community.

You can read a more detailed description on how the group was born HERE and if you too are an Adelaide food blogger, simply drop a request to join the group on Facebook!

And this is the list of food blogs in Adelaide that Christina and Rubina have so kindly put together so feel free to browse around to explore the reviews of the newest eats in town and the tempting recipes put together by these talented bloggers!