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Adelaide Food Bloggers

A couple of weeks back, I received a Facebook group invite from Christina from The Hungry Australian who had taken the initiative to set up the Adelaide Food Bloggers Group where members are able to post details of meetups, food news and food events and share tips and advice.

Thanks to her, I have had the opportunity of meeting other like-minded foodies in Adelaide (some of whose blogs I had already been following…) and it is indeed heartwarming to be part of a community.

You can read a more detailed description on how the group was born HERE and if you too are an Adelaide food blogger, simply drop a request to join the group on Facebook!

And this is the list of food blogs in Adelaide that Christina and Rubina have so kindly put together so feel free to browse around to explore the reviews of the newest eats in town and the tempting recipes put together by these talented bloggers!

Guide to Rundle Street Restaurants and Cafes

Happy 1st Birthday to Gninethree! It has been officially 365 days since this baby was born and the 285th post I have posted. Here’s to many more years to come!

To celebrate this one year anniversary, I have decided to put together the list of restaurants and cafes that have been very close to my heart and my home literally. Having been fortunate enough to stay in the Rundle Street area for the past 2 years and being at the heart of where the best foods are, even till late at night, this is my guide through my favourite one road street.

According to, Rundle Street East is the heart beat of Adelaide’s ever popular cosmopolitan East End District. Specifically located between Frome Street and East Terrace, this area is known for the many cafes, restaurants which offer many affordable lunch specials, quirky shops and Palace Nova with $6 movie tickets for Monday movies before 4pm!

Instead of using the website’s definition of Rundle Street (between Frome Street and East Terrace), I will be including places from the start of Pultney Street as well i.e. once the Rundle Mall stretch ends, to the beginning of Rymill Park. The places are categorized according to the various types of meals- mainly Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert for convenient referencing.

Adelaide Eats: Pira Thai Cuisine

Pira Thai Cuisine at Parkside was a huge recommendation by the seniors when we were craving for Thai food. They gave us a few MUST-TRY dishes so off we went in our rented car to the suburbs to find out what this modest restaurant had to offer.

Pepper and Garlic Pork or Seafood $12.80
Marinated loin pork sliced and pan fried with pepper and crispy garlic flakes and chilli.

Crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. Every bite of this garlic pork was simply divine. Coupled with the extra crunch from the garlic flakes and tinge of spiciness, there was absolutely nothing to complain about this dish.

Adelaide Eats: Chocolate Spam at Chocolatree

So we came here straight after D’artagnan because we didnt feel quite full after dinner and honestly at an all girls night out, you really do need chocolate to make it perfect since girlfriends are the only ones who will enjoy indulgent desserts with you and then exercise with you the day after, to make you feel as your exercise is actually enough to burn away whatever calories you had accumulated and make you feel less sinful for eating what you had eaten the night before.

Dark Hot Chocolate Mug
Chocolate Pudding
Sticky Date Pudding
(all served with Belgium liquid chocolate, whipped cream and Vanilla ice-cream)

Adelaide Eats: D’artagnan

Saturday night date with the housemates. An excuse to dress up, have dinner at a fancy restaurant and then proceed to end the night off on a sweet note with dessert. So the fancy dinner part saw us paying a visit to D’artagnan- a very pretty and cosy French restaurant in North Adelaide and a dimly lit too one if I might add..  But somehow the three of us still felt sort of like fish out of the water because laughing or talking loudly seemed inappropriate in such a place. So when dessert time came, it was an unanimous decision to move across the road to Chocolatree instead of ordering it here because we really wanted to just ‘let loose’ and enjoy ourselves without feeling too self-conscious.

Pan roasted orange glazed duck breast $16– with parsnip purée, brandy sauce, witlof and hazelnut salad