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Toronto Eats: King’s Noodle House in Chinatown

Highly recommended as the authentic place for Chinese food, King’s Noodle House in Chinatown Toronto is famous for their roast duck noodles and infamous for their bad service. Having a craving for Asian food 7 days into our holiday, my family was ready to take the streetcars down to Chinatown to test out those claims!

Having read many reviews online about their crazy crowds during peak hours, we decided to have dinner at 5pm instead, hoping that we would be spared off the bad service since the staff would not be too busy! It was not too difficult to spot the restaurant with its huge signboard and hanging roast meats at the glass windows. We walked in and were greeted by a boisterous and loud environment- iconic of Chinese restaurants and an open concept kitchen of chefs making noodles.

We were soon ushered to a table and a lady came to take our orders. Trying to convey our special requests for boneless and less fatty meats in both Mandarin and English proved futile as the waitress did not understand us and did not try to understand us either. Instead, she was rather impatient with us and seemed in a hurry though the restaurant was not even half full! That was one claim proven right. Now we were to find out if the quality of the food did justify that bad service.

Our first dish quickly arrived- Roasted Duck Meat ala-carte. First impressions were good and I was excited to have my first bite! Unfortunately, the meat was fatty, full of bones and much too salty! It was disappointing that not only did the waitress not get our requests, we were served with everything we had specifically asked not for!

The next Meat Combination dish- Chicken and Roast Duck was almost the same as the first. To give them the benefit of the doubt, the chicken meat or whatever lean parts of it was succulent, nicely marinated and flavoursome but there was not much of those because most of it was way too fat to be eaten.

Toronto Eats: Over Easy @ Hotel Victoria

Over Easy was an easy option simply because we were staying in Hotel Victoria! A quaint little cafe sharing the lobby of the boutique hotel which opened as early as 7am for hotel patrons looking for an hearty meal at the beginning of the day. We came here for breakfast for the two mornings that we were staying at the hotel and left very satisfied. Our server Tyler was enthusiastic, friendly and readily offered some pretty good suggestions which we took!

On the first day we had breakfast here, we opted for the Cajun Chicken Caesar to kick start our morning. Served in a huge glass bowl, this salad was appetizing even to look at! For $12.99, there was a generous serve of Cajun spiced chicken that was tender and full of flavour, luscious fresh and green romaine leaves dressed with Caesar cream and crispy fried bacon bits. Definitely not the healthiest salad around but a delicious option it was.

The Eggstro for $9.99 was Over Easy’s version of the Canadian ‘national dish’- poutine. Instead of fries, it was replaced with their cubed sized home fries that was marinated with the right amount of salt and spices, served with a 3 cheese sauce and made so much more sinful and decadent with the fried bacon strips.

And of course the French Toast in Caramel Banana Sauce sounded too good on the menu to miss! Just $8.99 for such a huge plate of 4 french toast slices soaked in egg marinate, a glistening brown caramel sauce and freshly sliced bananas to top it off, we were in for an awfully sweet treat. And of course a light dust of icing sugar was a simple but great idea to spruce up this already tempting looking dish.

Montreal Eats: Les Glaceurs in Old Montréal

We made a trip here after evening mass at the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal. It was a 30 degrees day and some ice cold gelati was very much in order. And it was especially easier to convince the parents because since it was such a hot day, dad and mum were more than accommodating to Jie and my request for dessert before dinner!

“Everyday, Les Glaceurs prepare some of the freshest & most delicious homemade cupcakes from traditional recipes and decorated with a touch of fantasy. We use only the highest quality ingredients in perfect dosage, and we believe this is what makes our cupcakes so irresistible!” –

While Les Glaceurs is famous for their cupcakes and almost everyone talks about their Red Velvet and extremely generous frosting, we aimed straight for their bright pink wall with its long rectangular board and various flavours of the day written in chalk.

We chose a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and peanuts with two scoops of Pistache and Bric-à-brac. And my did the nice server really know how to put a huge smile on my face with such generous scoops! Loved the pistachio nut-to-ice cream ratio and with the tiny biscuit bits in the Bric-à-brac, it was so goooooooood! Don’t you want to just eat that scrumptious looking thing out of the computer screen right now?