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Travel: Montserrat Guided Hiking Experience to Sant Jeroni

Montserrat, which literally translates to saw/serrated mountain in Catalan, is one of Barcelona’s most spectacular attractions for both Catholics and Non-Catholics alike. For the former, Montserrat is a pilgrimage site where the Virgin Mary was believed to have made her first apparition in the late part of the 800s, whilst for the latter, the stunning Basilica with its rounded arches and golden decadence, which marks the transition from the Gothic to Renaissance periods, is a sight worth making the trip for.


Located in the mountains about an hour drive from Barcelona city, Montserrat is accessible via the train/ cable car or by driving. If you are planning to take the train there, you can do so via the FGC line from Barcelona Placa d’Espanya station to Montserrat-Aeri station. Do note however that the first train only leaves from Barcelona at 8.36am.


As we were feeling a tad more adventurous, we decided that it would be grand to catch the sunrise at the Montserrat. We trawled through the internet and found ‘Scenic Walking Barcelona‘ via TripAdvisor which seemed promising from the reviews we read. We took the chance and emailed the company to check if there was a possibility we could head up early before everyone else and catch the sunrise. True enough, they replied and told us that as the sun would rise at 6.30am, our guide would have to pick us up at 5.20am. We gamely agreed to it, not really knowing what to expect.

25 Places To Eat In Singapore with Nett Prices

Updated on 5 August 2014

25 places 1

Dining in cafes and restaurants can get annoying sometimes when it comes to settling the bill and you realise that the total amount on the receipt does not reflect the prices you had seen on the menu earlier. It also gets frustrating when splitting the bill and the best in Math at the table always gets arrowed to calculate an extra 17% for every person in the group. And so sometimes having a meal at a place that offers NETT PRICES is extremely helpful, convenient and straightforward.

This is a list of 25 places (fast food places & hawker centres not included) in Singapore which will come in handy when you want to avoid those complications. These places have either already included the GST in their prices or simply absorbed it themselves, some may require you to order your food at the counter before it is served to you while for others, service begins the moment you walk through their doors. Either way, prices at these eateries are ‘what you see is what you pay’.

P.S. But do endorse good service with a tip or two especially when they make the extra effort for you!

10 Most Memorable Meals of 2013

2013 was an eventful year for GNineThree. We ate, we travelled, we explored and we ate some more. A new column was introduced- Behind The Apron to give readers an insight into the minds of Chefs, to find out more about their passion for food and what drives them. We dined at our first Three-Michelin and Two-Michelin starred restaurant and thanks to OpenRice Singapore and, we holidayed in Hong Kong and Macau. We were also motivated to create more guides for a succinct overview of the dining options both in Singapore and overseas, seeing how previous ones were so well received by everyone.

And just to round up the year, we have decided to do one last guide for 2013 to reminisce on the 10 Most Memorable Meals in Singapore that we have enjoyed during the past year. A huge THANK YOU to everyone for their support and love for this humble food blog and we look forward to bringing more yummy food from our little island and around the world to you for 2014.

In no particular order:

1. The Sushi Bar @ Far East Plaza

14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #03-89


A hidden gem at the corner of level 3 of Far East Plaza, The Sushi Bar has fast earned a loyal following since their opening. We hear that now at least a 45 minute wait is mandatory each time while peak hours beg an even longer wait. No one is complaining though once they get a bite of those superbly creamy and addictive Salmon Aburi Rolls. We just cannot get enough of them either!

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2. Jaan

2 Stamford Road, Swissotel The Stamford, level 70


Perched at level 70 of Swissotel The Stamford, JAAN restaurant boasts of a panoramic view of the Singapore skyline that is simply postcard worthy and quite breathtaking. Helmed by Chef de cuisine Julien Royer, winner of the title ‘The One To Watch’ at this year’s Asia 50 Best Restaurants, where JAAN itself was ranked at No. 22, our dining experience here at Jaan was nothing short of enthralling, filled with theatrics and wonderment. Service too was top-notch.

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Travel: 10 Places To Eat In Hong Kong

When I was asked to write a guest feature on 5 Things to Eat in Hong Kong, I was half excited and half petrified; not that I couldn’t decide on 5 (as you can tell I have failed to keep it to 5 made it into an even more awesome list of 10) but more importantly, I was afraid that I would not be able to string together coherent sentences that would convince people to try the food that I am recommending. Nevertheless, this is my valiant first attempt and I do hope you will be able to find something that you will like from my list!


Price guide:
$- Freaking cheap
$$- Cheap
$$$- Value for money
$$$$- Pricey
$$$$$- Expensive

1. 百味食品- Cold Noodles

G/F, New Town Mall/Agryle Centre @ 688 Nathan Road, Mongkok.
Mongkok MTR (exit D2)

Price: $

10 Brunch Places in Singapore

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Click HERE for the FULL guide :)

This Brunch guide is also available on Burpple for iPhone and Android, download the app to see the GNineThree guide on your mobile for easy reference on-the-go.

For a more detailed write-up of the above mentioned places, check out the following links: