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Hong Kong Eats: BEST Roast Goose @ Yat Lok Restaurant, 34-38 Wellington St

Roast goose is almost quite synonymous with Hong Kong and is a definite must try when you are in this food paradise city. Although there are a number of places that do serve roast goose, few have risen above the ranks and made a name for themselves, earning a Michelin Star even in the process. Mention roast goose in Hong Kong and the following names- Yung Kee, Kam’s and Yat Lok will surely be in the conversation. I personally tried Yung Kee when I was in Hong Kong three years ago but sadly was none too impressed and thought it was quite overrated. Because of that previous experience too, I was not too keen to have roast goose during this trip but the family wanted to try it and that was how we came to try Yat Lok.

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According to our research, Yat Lok was reputed to have the crispiest skin so that alone was our sole basis on choosing it over Kam’s. However, the reviews also revealed that approximately 5 out of every 10 people who ate at Yat Lok, complained that the service staff were really rude, queues were extremely long and altogether not a very pleasant experience. But like I said earlier, the family wanted to try roast goose so we decided to take the chance and went mentally prepared i.e. we were not going to get offended even if the shop aunty was to yell at us.

Hong Kong Eats: Chau Kee 周記點心 @ Sai Ying Pun

I have just returned from my short weekend getaway in the land of Dim Sum and needless to say, we squeezed in as many eateries and restaurants as we could during the short 2 days we had in Hong Kong. Some were not too impressive, others we simply could not stop raving about even till today. One such example is Chau Kee 周記點心, located in the quiet and relatively obscure neighbourhood of Sai Ying Pun. Famed for their Golden Lava French Toast and classic Dim Sum items, we also heard stories about the crazy queues and lacklustre service but was delighted to find none of that when we went down ourselves on Friday morning at about 10am.

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The space was very quintessential Cha Chaan Teng style- small tables huddled together with tight walking areas that were narrow in width. Lucky for us, the lady at the front counter gestured for us to sit at a corner where five of us fit rather comfortably.

Prices for the Dim Sum items range from HKD$18 – HKD$35 (the exchange rate was SGD$1 = HKD$5.70) so that worked out to approximately SGD$3 – SGD$6, which was still rather affordable. Menus were also translated in both English and Mandarin, for those whose grasp of their Mother Tongue (like us) is rather limited and although the range offered was not extensive, it was more than sufficient. We did find it difficult to decide who should make the short list.

Hong Kong Eats: 22 Ships, Wan Chai

Trendy, casual and hip are words that come to mind when you first step into this tiny hole-in-the-wall Spanish tapas bar which marks Michelin Star Chef Jason Atherton’s debut into the Hong Kong dining scene. With limited seats and a no reservation policy, it comes as no surprise that it is almost impossible to dine here especially on weeknights and weekends. But we got lucky one Monday afternoon when we popped by for lunch and got a taste of what this eclectic space had to offer.

22 Ships 2-001

Wagyu beef, egg yolk puree, bread crisps, and grated hazelnut

First dish to emerge on the counter top and I had zero expectations. This could be linked to the fact that we could see the dish being prepared. Fingers poking and prodding raw meat on an exposed metal counter top, which you know will eventually find its way into your mouth and tummy…not so pretty.

However, preparation pictures aside, this can be summed up in one word: faultless. My companion mentioned that there was too much sea salt but I thought it was fine. The salt added more kick to the creaminess of the egg yolk and raw wagyu. Overall, flavourful without being too intense; it was a great dish to start with.  4/5

Wagyu Beef 2-001

Iberico pork and foie gras burger with avocado dip and cucumber pickles

The mini sliders speak for themselves. I wonder why they gave pickled cucumbers; it was not necessary, in my opinion. Avocado was smooth and should be spread generously across the patty because it provides more texture to each bite. Even if you are not a fan of foie gras, I doubt you can say no to this mini wonder once you’ve tasted it. It is just so damn good, you would want a second serving! 4.5/5

Hong Kong Eats: Capital Café, Wan Chai

A few Hong Kong bloggers whom we met recently at the inaugural OpenRice Bloggers Luncheon introduced us to Capital Cafe (華星冰室) in Wan Chai (灣仔) when we asked for recommendations for brunch on our last day in the city. ‘Better scrambled eggs and much better service’ were their exact words as they tried to dissuade us from going to the highly raved Australian Dairy Company (one of the legendary Hong Kong Cha Chaan Tengs (茶餐廳) famous for their eggs and toast, ham and macaroni, steamed milk puddings and the usual suspects) and convince us to try Capital Cafe instead. ‘Trust us. It’s really good!‘ they said. And so we did.


Taking the MTR to Wan Chai and exiting at A4, our map and instincts brought us for a ten minute walk down Hennessy Rd before we turned into a little lane (Heard St) and found this Hong Kong diner. The place was not empty but neither was it insanely crowded and we were quickly ushered to a table without much of a waiting time. With walls decked with multiple signatures and posters of Cantopop singers (word has it that one of the owners was the former manager of Capital Records- thus explaining where the name of the cafe was derived from) and a floor made up of black and white tiles, the retro setting made it hard to not feel nostalgic.

Travel: 10 Places To Eat In Hong Kong

When I was asked to write a guest feature on 5 Things to Eat in Hong Kong, I was half excited and half petrified; not that I couldn’t decide on 5 (as you can tell I have failed to keep it to 5 made it into an even more awesome list of 10) but more importantly, I was afraid that I would not be able to string together coherent sentences that would convince people to try the food that I am recommending. Nevertheless, this is my valiant first attempt and I do hope you will be able to find something that you will like from my list!


Price guide:
$- Freaking cheap
$$- Cheap
$$$- Value for money
$$$$- Pricey
$$$$$- Expensive

1. 百味食品- Cold Noodles

G/F, New Town Mall/Agryle Centre @ 688 Nathan Road, Mongkok.
Mongkok MTR (exit D2)

Price: $