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The Ex-Factor on Power 98FM | A Brand New Evening Drive Time Show

Most couples who break up hardly stay as friends, let alone choose to work together as partners on a new project where they will have to communicate with each other every day for 3 hours straight. Call them ‘cray cray’ as Jacqui would say, but no one in the right mind would willingly put themselves in such a situation except ex-couple Mister Young and Jacqui (Jacqueline Su-Yin Thibodeaux).

Popular radio personalities in their own right, both have decided to come back together (BUT only as working partners) and proposed the idea of a FIRST ever radio show of its kind to be broadcast on Singapore airwaves (and with good reason)- The Ex-Factor.

So what really happens when you put 2 exes who have had 5 years of history together in the same room on live radio?


We caught a glimpse of the bantering, candidness, a wee bit of drama and of course the amazing chemistry that the two charismatic radio personalities share during an exclusive preview down at the Power 98FM studios.

Indoor Skydiving @ iFly Singapore

In conjunction with Red Bull Stratos- Mission to the Edge of Space, where Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner was to make a historic jump 120,000 ft from the stratosphere in an attempt to break four world records, a few bloggers were invited to be a part of this once in a lifetime experience by having their own indoor skydiving experience at iFly Singapore in Sentosa. And when Charlene aka Missuschewy extended her invitation to me, I was most ecstatic to tag along as her plus one!

We arranged to meet at the Vivocity station and took the Sentosa train straight to Beach Station, where iFly was conveniently located just a few steps away. This multi-million dollar indoor skydiving facility is currently the largest in the world, standing at five meters wide and five storeys in height. Be awed as you walk past the state of the art wind tunnel which takes centerstage in this place. 18 feet tall of clear acrylic glass wall that offers you an unparalleled view to as far as the South China Sea in the day and even fireworks from the nearby Song of the Seas at night, yes! As you are skydiving in that tunnel.

When we arrived, we saw a couple of professional skydivers carrying out stunts in the wind tunnel- flips, twists, even flying upside down for some. And it all seemed so effortless and simply a piece of cake. That definitely got me even more psyched for my own experience!