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HIC JUICE 5:2 Juice Plan

To be honest, the thought of doing a juice cleanse scared me. My first attempt two years ago did not go too well. I was ambitious and opted for a three day cleanse. The first day went well but by the time I got to the second day, I was rather grumpy at the lack of solid food. It did not help that people around me kept talking about delicious food that they had eaten or were planning to try. Needless to say, I stayed off juice cleansing for the next two years.

Recently, I came across HIC Juice’s 5:2 Juice Plan. It seemed quite appealing for someone like me who wanted to get back on the juice cleanse diet but was so scared to do anything too extreme. Contrary to three consecutive days of juice diet, this plan meant that I could replace some of my regular meals with the juice for two non-consecutive days a week. This plan not only enabled me to limit my calorie intake for those two days, it also made sure I had my sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables.


I will not say it is a quick way of losing weight. You still need your regular exercises to do that. But it certainly helped flush out my toxins and calmed my acne-proned skin a fair bit during those two weeks. The first day required my body to adjust a bit from the usual solid foods. It did get a lot better in the second week when my body got used to the cleanse diet.

LANEIGE Travel Set Review + 15% Promo Code for

Pack smart, travel light.

I always enjoy travelling but the packing, not so much. Packing is usually kept to the last minute and done without much thought. This usually resulted in over packing with little room left for shopping during the trip.

Not the most ideal situation for someone who loves shopping and getting little nick-knacks on a trip. So one day I decided that maybe a little planning would help solve my packing problem. And it certainly did.

Here are ten tips on how not to over pack.


When it comes to skin care, I used to throw in entire full size bottles of my facial wash, toner, essence and moisturizer. That was a terrible idea. The sheer weight of those glass bottles made my luggage heavier than it should be.

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1. Always keep a skin care travel set at hand. This way, your skin care routine is not compromised and you get to keep the weight and space for your shopping.

One option is the LANEIGE Perfect Renew Travel Set ($65). This set comes with a Multi Cleanser (30ml), a Perfect Renew Skin Refiner_EX (50ml), a Perfect Renew Emulsion_EX (50ml), a Perfect Renew Essence_EX (15ml) and a Perfect Renew Cream_EX (20ml). This anti-aging line which contains ingredients such as Himalaya Snow Water and Ceramaid repair water, is targeted at women from their mid-20s onwards to create clear and younger looking skin that is supple and revitalized.

Staycation: Hotel Clover @ 33 Jalan Sultan

Words by Xinyas
Photography by Gninethree

I love hotels; not as much as I love food but there’s something fun and rebellious about checking in to a place where you are expected to make a mess and swipe the mini toiletries. You know what I’m talking about; don’t pretend you don’t love the frills of staying in a hotel – cable TV, comfy room slippers, crisp bed linen, bottled water, separate towels for hand, face and body…the list goes on.


And this awesome staycation with the BFF happened at the newly minted Hotel Clover 33 Jalan Sultan which only opened in July this year. Housed in a row of 17 two-storey conserved shophouses, the hotel is equipped with a total of 88 rooms and suites and everything I mentioned earlier plus unlimited internet access so folks can Google or Instagram their way around the quaint, café-spotted neighbourhood.


So I find it ironic that Hotel Clover’s tagline is “Simplicity in Luxury” because although everything may appear simple, if you stop to take it all in, an enormous amount of effort has been spent on the innovative room designs and the local-inspired décor which feature interiors of rich wood and intricately handpicked finishings and plush beds.

ArtScience Museum | Marina Bay Sands Singapore

I am almost embarrassed to admit that despite being a Singaporean, I had not yet step foot into our iconic lotus-inspired ArtScience Museum, which I might add, is now recognized worldwide as a Singapore attraction and has been recently awarded the TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for 2013.

Lucky for me, Deenise invited me along to an exclusive media event featuring docent-guided tours of the ArtScience Museum’s ongoing exhibitions- Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb and Essential Eames: A Herman Miller Exhibition. And I finally caught a glimpse of the inside of this stunning architectural structure that took almost two years to design and complete.

My conclusion? ArtScience Museum is definitely worth a visit because at the end of my excursion, I was in total awe- of the whole geometry and intricacies of the building, the impressive collection of artifacts, the line up of programs and elements the exhibitions held and honestly deep down… secretly proud to be a Singaporean.


ArtScience Museum is located adjacent to Marina Bay Sands and is within extremely convenient walking distance of the Bayfront MRT station. Banners of the ongoing exhibitions are usually displayed outside so you will know which touring exhibits the museum is currently showcasing.

Singapore’s premier museum has also previously played host to big names such as Dali and Andy Warhol as well as renowned collections of sets, costumes and historical artifacts of Titanic, Harry Potter and Genghis Khan’s Mongolia.


Be greeted by a wave of elegance as you walk through the trapezium-shaped entrance of the museum- a squeakily clean floor-to-ceiling glass paneled structure that has its air-conditioning on full blast, a wonderful respite from the scorching sun that afternoon.


Our journey of the exhibitions begins as you take the lifts either up and down- where the 21 gallery spaces totaling 50,000 square feet awaits your exploration. No photography is allowed in some exhibitions however (unless you have a media pass) so it would be safer to ask the curators on duty for permission first before you start snapping away.

The Ex-Factor on Power 98FM | A Brand New Evening Drive Time Show

Most couples who break up hardly stay as friends, let alone choose to work together as partners on a new project where they will have to communicate with each other every day for 3 hours straight. Call them ‘cray cray’ as Jacqui would say, but no one in the right mind would willingly put themselves in such a situation except ex-couple Mister Young and Jacqui (Jacqueline Su-Yin Thibodeaux).

Popular radio personalities in their own right, both have decided to come back together (BUT only as working partners) and proposed the idea of a FIRST ever radio show of its kind to be broadcast on Singapore airwaves (and with good reason)- The Ex-Factor.

So what really happens when you put 2 exes who have had 5 years of history together in the same room on live radio?


We caught a glimpse of the bantering, candidness, a wee bit of drama and of course the amazing chemistry that the two charismatic radio personalities share during an exclusive preview down at the Power 98FM studios.