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Recipe: No-Knead Sunflower Seed Soy Bread

I have not been posting up recipes for the longest time. I have been more interested in cafe hopping and trying out all the new places that have been popping up the past few months that my oven has been neglected. Well not exactly since I have not stopped baking per say, just did not find any recipes worth sharing so none were posted up on the actual blog. I did however post them up on Instagram (follow me @gninethree if you havent already) as it was heaps more convenient.


Anyhow, when I found this quick bread recipe from Pastry Affair (please go check her baking site out because it is simply amazing and I religiously follow her every post), I knew I had to try it and then share it with all of you.

I love baking bread. The smell of freshly baked bread is just the bomb and unbeatable to any cake or brownie baking in the oven. Alas, my kitchen is small and there is not much space to do kneading so this ‘no-knead’ bread was simply the answer to my prayers!


The actual recipe yields 1 loaf (regular loaf pan size) but since I used those tiny disposable loaf pans from Daiso, I had extra batter which I put into muffin cups instead and I got four of that. This bread is exceptionally good when eaten still warm, fresh out of the oven so if you are not planning to eat it straight away then I will recommend popping it into the oven for a bit just before you serve it.