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Florida’s Natural Premium Juices X Recipes

Anyone who loves drinking fruit juices would definitely have heard of Florida’s Natural Orange Juice. Made from only the freshest Valencia Oranges that have spent almost an entire year soaking up the Florida sun and squeezed to make 100 percent pure premium quality pasteurized orange juice, this is the closest thing you will get to drinking an orange from a cup.

But Florida’s Natural is not only known for their orange juices. The growers have since expanded their selection of juices to also include Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, Apple Juice, Lemonades and even mixed juices such as Orange Pineapple and Cranberry Ruby Red Cocktail, all of which are freshly squeezed and NOT made from concentrate.


Thanks to the team at Florida’s Natural Singapore, I was extremely fortunate to receive a sampler pack of their top 5 most popular juices: Orange (No Pulp), Orange (Most Pulp), Ruby Red Grapefruit, Apple, Orange Pineapple as well as a bag of their sweet juicy Valencia Oranges – the very same oranges used to make their juices!

Recipe: [Gold Kili/Frezfruta] White Milk Tea Chiffon Cake with Kaya Swirls

Made this White Milk Tea Chiffon Cake with Kaya Swirls as part of my Get Out of the Box with Gold Kili/Frezfruta Lion City Blogger 14-Day Challenge. My second time making a chiffon cake and I loved how incredibly soft the inside was, with the crisp browned exterior for that lovely contrast. The Gold Kili Double Shot White Milk Tea powder had great flavour while the Frezfruta Kaya spread was a nice sticky, sweet touch. The cake was not too sweet either so you will not feel too lethargic and ‘heavy’ even after a huge slice!

Recipe: Peanut Butter Hazelnut Torte

When this month’s SABH theme was first released a couple of weeks back, I was extremely excited because it was “NUTS About Sweets”! Especially since I had missed the previous two SABHs because I had been out of the country, I was definitely keen to have a NUTS theme this time.

I love nuts- hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts, pistachio nuts, walnuts, I am a big big fan. Love them in chocolate, love them in cakes and of course I love them plain. It’s the extra crunch that contrasts with the smooth velvety chocolate, the satisfaction of chewing them in a cake and the best wake-me-up snack especially in sleepy lazy afternoons.

I decided on a torte because I had never made one and I did want to see how a flourless chocolate cake filled with nuts would turn out! Would it fall apart? Would it be too dry? Would it taste funny? Or would it just be plain awesome and slightly less calorie inducing with the absence of white flour? There is no added sugar in my recipe and just a couple of tablespoons of honey if the bitterness of dark chocolate is not really your thing. So all in all, if you consider the absence of flour and added sugar and look past the fact that 4 eggs are used, this peanut butter hazelnut torte might actually be pretty healthy and even rich in protein! All hail the peanut butter!

Recipe: Turning 13 with Cookies N Cream

So the little boy turned 13 today. First day of being a teen and he specially requested that I bake him a birthday cake. Ironic thing is that he does not even like cake. So I had to rack my brains and come up with something that he would like. What’s the point of baking a birthday cake for someone if he isnt going to eat it right?

I knew he loved cheese and oreos so the initial plan was to make a cookies n cream cheesecake. But we all know how heavy cheesecakes are and if only the 4 of us were going to eat it, I wanted to make something lighter and less ‘jer lak’ for everyone. So I chose a chocolate buttermilk cake as the base with a whipped cookies n cream filling in between.

I used two separate baking pans and so it was going to be a 2 layered cake but seeing that the layers turned out quite thick, I sliced each cake into half and so it became a 4 layered cake instead!

Recipe: Good Ol’ Carrot Cake and Happy Easter!


Today is the most important day in the church calendar for all Catholics because Jesus is risen from the dead! This also signals the end of the Easter Triduum which marked the days of Jesus’ passion and resurrection which began on Maundy (Holy Thursday). Easter Sunday is therefore a celebration of the very essence of our Christian faith because we have a God who willingly became a man on earth to die for our sins and rose again 3 days later.

And this brings me to my bake of the week- Good ol’ healthy carrot cake filled with fruit, made sinful by the large dollop of cream cheese frosting and topped off with a Cookies N Creme Easter egg for the occasion.

I never quite understood the tradition of Easter eggs. I only knew that I used to look forward to Easter egg hunts that IJ would plan for us on Easter Mondays back in primary school. We would head downstairs to the canteen and common areas at our stipulated timings cohort by cohort to search for the Easter eggs the teachers had hidden for us. The winners would then be rewarded with chocolate Easter eggs. Unfortunately I was never one of the lucky few :(

And now that I am all grown up, I can buy my own chocolate Easter eggs but alas, it’s never quite the same. I think next time if I ever do have my own kids, I’ll plan Easter egg hunts for them every Easter Sunday and that will be our own special way of celebrating Easter- that is of course after attending mass!