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Taiwan Series: Breakfast in Tienmu District

Tienmu district was where we were staying the whole time we were in Taipei because there was where my uncle’s apartment was. This neighbourhood was surrounded by so many eateries, bakeries and schools, it was usually very lively from as early as 7am!

My aunty introduced to us a popular Taipei breakfast specialty- green onion cake蔥油餅 with salty/sweet soy bean milk  (豆漿). I had never tried salty soy bean milk before so this was especially interesting to me.

Reminds me a little of roti prata!

The stall uncle who makes the green onion cake with egg from scratch every morning! I ordered mine without green onions! Special order!

Taiwan Series: Shilin Night Market and Jiufen

Taiwan seems to be the hotspot for most of my friends for their end of year holidays this year! Quite a few have asked me what’s nice in Taiwan and what are the MUST-TRIES there but because I went to Taiwan exactly one year ago around this time too, this blog had not yet been born. So I could not blog about Taiwan and hence could not share the parts of Taiwan that I really enjoyed.. :(

However, I was clearing my mac a few days ago and found the 1000+ photos I took in Taiwan during the 7 days I was there! Looking through them got me really nostalgic so I decided to put together a few posts about my time there just for all of you who asked :) These are based on what I remember from one year ago so hopefully they are somewhat helpful!

We were fortunate to stay with Daddy’s friend during this trip and their family were fantastic hosts! It helped too that they were also foodies and knew all the great obscure places to eat. So basically we did not do any planning for this trip- just got driven around from place to place, tourist attraction to the next and ate and ate and ate some more :)

Three things I remember distinctly about Taiwan: Bustling night markets with never ending yummy looking food, how almost every corner in the neighborhood has a bakery with delicious smelling and tasting bread, the many number of dogs there are everywhere! I think I saw more in Taiwan than my time in USA but not to worry, they are all very very well behaved :) and the emphasis they place on tea appreciation! (Totally my type of place- no coffee please!) Oh yes and not forgetting the land of bubble tea!

And so I shall start the first part of my Taiwan series with the street markets- Shilin and Jiufen

Shi-Yang Culture Restaurant (食養山房), Taiwan

We were brought to Shi-Yang Culture Restaurant by our hosts on the last night of our trip. Took us roughly a 1.5hr drive from Taipei city to the place. The restaurant was located at some part of the mountain and basically unless you had a car, there was no way of getting there. It was initially at YangMingShan(陽明山) but apparently because business was so good, the actual owner decided to take over business from the chef and to do things himself. The chef was therefore forced to move to its current location XiZhi City(汐止). However, the customers followed the old chef to his new restaurant instead and business has fallen by quite a bit at the old place. And mind you, this new place is really not easy to get to with its winding roads and lack of signboards. Talk about having a passion for food. Furthermore, making a reservation for lunch has to be done as least one month before and dinner, at least weeks before. Lunch is a more popular option because of the beautiful scenery this place offers. Did not manage to snap photos of the place though because it was too dark since I went at night…

The cuisine offered was a 9 course Japanese fusion experience. You do not order anything, you just have to eat whatever the chef prepares that night. Which also meant that I did not know what I was eating most of the them so I will just describe the dishes as I remembered them. So let’s get started with the first course! :)

The appetizer was a Strawberry flavoured drink with Passionfruit which was refreshing and sweet

Next I believed was Cuttlefish, Tofu with Wasabi and Seaweeds with Scallops

Pumpkin and a Tofu wrapped sushi with Anchovy

This was given to us to drink to clean our palate- Vinegar with berries infused (I did not finish mine though because it tasted too much like wine..)

Miso soup with Mushrooms and Green Vegetables. Excellent for the cold winter night.

The main course which was a cold dish of an assortment of sashimi and vegetables

Fried Beancurd with Cabbage

Glutinous rice and Mushroom wrapped with Salami

The main highlight of the evening. The waitress actually asked us to take out our cameras for this. See the lotus flower in the middle of the pot? Apparently, it would slowly open up/blossom after being put into the soup…

See the difference between the previous photo and this? Anyway the soup was a yummy concoction of herbs, chicken and mushrooms

Finally to dessert! Mochi-like ice cream with sweet sauce and fruits

Loved this! :D

The whole meal cost NT$1000 for each person? So including 10% service charge (which I believe they absolutely deserved because the service was amazing), it came up to about S$50/person! Totally worth it. Except that the place is really difficult to find and inaccessible to people that do not drive. Yet somehow, that does not seem to hinder the Taiwanese who make this restaurant fully booked most of the time!

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No. 7 Lane 350 Section 3 Xi Wan Road
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