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Travel: Montserrat Guided Hiking Experience to Sant Jeroni

Montserrat, which literally translates to saw/serrated mountain in Catalan, is one of Barcelona’s most spectacular attractions for both Catholics and Non-Catholics alike. For the former, Montserrat is a pilgrimage site where the Virgin Mary was believed to have made her first apparition in the late part of the 800s, whilst for the latter, the stunning Basilica with its rounded arches and golden decadence, which marks the transition from the Gothic to Renaissance periods, is a sight worth making the trip for.


Located in the mountains about an hour drive from Barcelona city, Montserrat is accessible via the train/ cable car or by driving. If you are planning to take the train there, you can do so via the FGC line from Barcelona Placa d’Espanya station to Montserrat-Aeri station. Do note however that the first train only leaves from Barcelona at 8.36am.


As we were feeling a tad more adventurous, we decided that it would be grand to catch the sunrise at the Montserrat. We trawled through the internet and found ‘Scenic Walking Barcelona‘ via TripAdvisor which seemed promising from the reviews we read. We took the chance and emailed the company to check if there was a possibility we could head up early before everyone else and catch the sunrise. True enough, they replied and told us that as the sun would rise at 6.30am, our guide would have to pick us up at 5.20am. We gamely agreed to it, not really knowing what to expect.

Travel: 10 Places To Eat in Macau

My recent trip to Macau two weeks ago was nothing short of memorable. Truth being, it was my maiden trip and I had zero expectations about the place. Apart from some research I had done prior about Asia’s Las Vegas with its rich Portuguese culture and heritage, I was planning to simply explore the place with an open mind.

Macau, as most of you know, was a former Portuguese colony and only returned back to the People’s Republic of China back in 1999. Geographically wise, its territory is divided into 3 main areas- the Macau Peninsular (where the majority of the people reside), and two other outlying islands namely Taipa and Coloane, all of which are conveniently connected by bridges, making commuting from one island to the next, a breeze.


In this round up, we have neatly divided up the must eat places in Macau into its 3 regions for easy navigation and route planning for your convenience. From street snacks, simple eateries, Hong Kong style cafes and even high end restaurants, this renowned gambling destination proved also to be a gourmand’s paradise with heaps to offer for the foodie in you.

Read on for our 10 Places To Eat in Macau.


1) Tai Lei Kok Kei (大利来记):

18, Largo Governador Tamagnini Barbosa, Taipa


One of the more prominent landmarks of Taipa Village, Tai Lei Kok Kei is hard to miss with its snaking long queues for their famous Pork Chop Bun MOP30. Choose from either the regular crisp freshly baked buns or the sweet polo (pineapple) buns to sandwich your juicy marinated savory piece of pork chop. We opted for the latter and enjoyed the beautiful marriage and balance of flavors in every bite. A classic that truly delivers.

Travel: Four Seasons Hotel Macau, Cotai Strip

My sister and I had the privilege of staying at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Macau located at the heart of the Cotai Strip, a short 10 minute drive away from the Macau International Airport, during our recent trip there. Majestic and elegant, the Four Seasons property with its 360 rooms holds its own with its European grandeur and classiness, even though it may seem considerably petite compared to the more gargantuan properties such as The Venetian and Galaxy down the road.

Four Seaons Hotel Macao, Cotai Strip- Facade
Photo is courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel Macau

Our flight arrived in Macau at 10am and even though the official check in was at 2pm, the staff were flexible enough to allow us to check in first as our rooms were ready. We were also given a free upgrade from the Superior to the Deluxe room- which was more than spacious for us both. I loved the full length mirror along the walkway which was conveniently located for us girls to do our last minute vanity checks before leaving the room.


Our huge room was partitioned into 3 ways- the seating area, the sleeping area and the bathroom with its walk in wardrobe. There was 1 1/2 toilets which meant that when nature called, we did not have to wait for each other to answer that call while the two 42-inch plasma screen TVs equipped with cable provided entertainment on lazy nights when we just wanted to stay in and enjoy our hotel room.

Travel: 10 Places To Eat In Hong Kong

When I was asked to write a guest feature on 5 Things to Eat in Hong Kong, I was half excited and half petrified; not that I couldn’t decide on 5 (as you can tell I have failed to keep it to 5 made it into an even more awesome list of 10) but more importantly, I was afraid that I would not be able to string together coherent sentences that would convince people to try the food that I am recommending. Nevertheless, this is my valiant first attempt and I do hope you will be able to find something that you will like from my list!


Price guide:
$- Freaking cheap
$$- Cheap
$$$- Value for money
$$$$- Pricey
$$$$$- Expensive

1. 百味食品- Cold Noodles

G/F, New Town Mall/Agryle Centre @ 688 Nathan Road, Mongkok.
Mongkok MTR (exit D2)

Price: $

Travel: 5 Things To Do & See In London


Back in December, I acted on a spurt of spontaneity and tagged along with my sister to London for her work trip, where I spent about 10 days there exploring the beautiful cosmopolitan city with its rich culture and architecture dating back to the medieval times. I did most of the traveling in the day by myself as my sister was working and while there was definitely some anxiety having to navigate the huge city by myself, especially since I have not been back in the last 17 years, I did end up having an amazing time.

With the help of Googlemaps and a London Tube iPhone App, getting around London was a breeze and even though we were there during the Winter season and London is notoriously known for its gloomy and rainy weather, we were extremely blessed to have had days of sunshine and little rainfall during our stay there.

And now I have put together a list of 5 things to do and see in the capital city of the United Kingdom which I hope will come in useful for anyone planning a free and easy trip there in the future!

London Post

1. SEE

London is home to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites- the Tower of London, Kew Gardens, the whole area made up of the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and St Margaret’s Church and the historic settlement of Greenwich. These historic sites are insanely rich in history and is certainly worth the visit for a few (or many) photographs as keepsake, just to say ‘I HAVE BEEN TO LONDON’!


Recommendation: Take the tube to Westminster Station where you will exit right in front of the iconic Big Ben. The exit is also alongside the Victoria Embankment where you will be able to snap a couple of photographs with the London Eye (tallest Ferris Wheel in Europe) as your backdrop.