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London Eats: Burger & Lobster, Soho

Burger & Lobster has no actual food menu. Quite ironic for a restaurant but that’s just how they roll. Three main items for £20 each- Burger, Lobster and Lobster Roll. And if you arrive a little after 6.30pm, be prepared for at least a 45min wait.

I did a little research online and came here for a pre-theatre dinner. We were scheduled to watch Jersey Boys at the Prince Edward Theatre which was conveniently located just two streets away. We reached before 6pm and was quickly ushered to a two-seater. The place by this time was already almost filled and mind you, it was a weekday night.


Taking the advice from online reviews, we decided to cut to the chase and only order the lobster. Grilled for my sister and steamed for me with garlic and lemon butter. Special lobster tools such as claw crackers, lobster forks, wet wipes are also provided for that whole complete experience, and of course for practical reasons too. Tie on your disposable bib if you are afraid that things might get too messy.

There was surprisingly not much waiting time and within 5 minutes of placing our orders, we were served with two stunning silver platters of bold orange-red coloured lobsters, salad and fries.


The portion was extremely generous for £20 and you will definitely feel like you are getting a bang for your buck. Starting with the sides, the fries were overflowing, crunchy and extremely salty. I did end up feeling very thirsty throughout the whole night but there is no denying how delicious those fries were. The salad too was refreshing and had a lovely balsamic dressing which added a nice acidity to those leaves and croutons.

London Eats: Ottolenghi, Belgravia


It is not every day that you walk past a shop window and see a wide array of mouthwatering tempting treats displayed so beautifully on cake stands and arranged so determinedly to lure you in.

Opened by and named after Israeli-born chef, cookery writer and restaurant owner- Yotam Ottolenghi, Ottolenghi is a Mediterranean-influenced bakery, cafe and restaurant. This place is all about fresh and local produce with healthy wholesome salads, foods, pastries and cakes made daily on site.


From Flourless Chocolate Fondant Cakes, Cherry and Vanilla Cheesecakes, Mince Pies to good ol’ Carrot Cakes and Chocolate Chip Cookies, the Ottolenghi kitchen executes each baked good with pure perfection and design. And if seduction was served on a plate, it would like this.

London Eats: Bill’s Restaurant Cafe & Store, Covent Garden


Brunch is and always will be a favourite meal. And after this experience at Bill’s, there is no changing that fact for a long time. Bill’s Restaurant Cafe & Store as its name describes it, is a restaurant, cafe and store. Pretty much a 3-in-1 deal. With more than 5 branches located all over the UK, we picked the most convenient and the one closest to where we were staying- Covent Garden.

We arrived at about 11am on a weekday morning and boy was this place already bustling and crowded. Seats are also available upstairs for a nice view of the courtyard and a quieter experience perhaps for couples who wish to have some privacy. But take it from me, be patient and wait for a seat downstairs. You will enjoy the cheerful atmosphere of waiters rushing from table to table, doling out huge plates of hearty portions and the morning bustle of fellow brunch lovers enjoying their fare.

Not forgetting that floor to ceiling gorgeous and colourful display of homemade bottled jams, local produce and basically just everything you would find and need in a well stocked pantry that catches your eye when you first walk into the cafe. This place is inviting and homely with a vintage flair.


Bill’s Breakfast 7.95
with bubble and squeak 1.50

Bill’s version of the big breakfast, it is every morning essential on that plate. From sausages to fried eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon & toast, yes they got it pretty much covered and the portion could definitely fill two people with small appetites quite easily. Yes, every breakfast place has their own version of this but not everyone gets all aspects done so perfectly and satisfying. There was absolutely nothing to fault. We enjoyed every part of it and needless to say, this plate was clean by the time we were done with it!


Eggs Royale 7.50

Yet another popular brunch item but Bill’s version is by far one of the best I have ever tasted. The poached eggs were spot on, with a quick to run yolk when it was cut through. The toast was nothing outstanding but complemented the hollandaise sauce well. The smoked salmon serving was generous, fresh and not excessively salty. BUT! The highlight of the day was an extremely beautiful and well done hollandaise sauce that stole the whole show. The ironic thing was that it tasted nothing like the usual hollandaise that I was so used to back home. This was light and airy but buttery and substantial. I could not stop raving about this for days and sadly it will be difficult to go back to regular hollandaise after having tried this one at Bill’s.