Durian Fiesta 2015 @ Goodwood Park Hotel

Durian Fiesta at Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore is an annual event which I almost never miss. A self-declared durian aficionado, I have a great weakness for the king of fruits but because of its seasonal nature, I usually always have to contain my excitement till the months of April to August arrive.

Well, I am happy to announce that it is that time of the year again and in this latest instalment of the fiesta, the hotel’s pastry chefs have rolled out a whole new range of durian-centric goodies, on top of their well-loved signature delights- all in celebration with our nation’s momentous jubilee.

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Available from 16 March to 2 August 2015 at the hotel’s Deli, fans of this yearly affair can look forward to exciting new items such as the gorgeous eye-catching Durian Rainbow Ice Cream Cake $11.75 that tastes as lusciously-good as it looks, the Durian Carrot-Walnut Cake $11.75 per slice; $72.75 for whole cake (1.4kg), which teased with its layers of creamy thick durian pulp in between layers of moist carrot walnut cake and finished with toasted almonds on the top, Mini Durian Chocolate Wafer Rolls $32.10 for 10 pieces which appeared the least exciting in appearance but surprisingly packed a punch in the first bite, and the Durian Macarons $22.45 for 6 pieces which I highly recommend for those like me who love macarons and durian- the ultimate combination that was thoroughly satisfying.

Seafood Indulgence at Seasonal Tastes, The Westin Singapore

Words by Yasmine Ng
Photography by Yasmine Ng and The Westin Singapore

Seafood lovers can look forward to a crustacean feast at Seasonal Tastes at The Westin Singapore! What started out modestly as Seafood Night on Fridays has now been extended to a one-off limited time promotional Seafood Indulgence that will be available only from 19-28 March 15.

The Westin Singapore - Seasonal Tastes - Seafood

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man (or woman) in possession of a good appetite must be in want of a good buffet.

I for one am no exception and believe that a good buffet is judged on 3 aspects: Quality, Variety and Consistency.

No doubt, everything I saw and tried was fresh and delicious with the exception of the sashimi station where the slices were unfortunately small and thin, lacklustre. Skip that and instead spend your calories on the huge tiger prawns, svelte-looking bamboo clams and of course that glorious counter of oysters freshly shucked before your very eyes, simply just two steps away.

Ippudo SG @ Shaw Centre

Fans of the Ippudo brand will be thrilled to know that they have since opened their 5th outlet right in the heart of town! Located at the newly renovated wing of Shaw Centre (one level above I Want My Noodle), Ippudo @ Shaw bears similar touches to the other outlets with the open concept kitchen, where you can watch the chefs prepare your bowl of ramen and that centrepiece wall of red and white ramen bowls neatly arranged in rows and columns. And while certain items on the menu such as the Shiromaru Motoaji and Akamaru Shin-aji seem familiar, the Shaw outlet has also launched new otsumami (smaller dishes) and teppan (hot plate) dishes to complement their signature ramen.

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The Sides include options like Tako Wasabi (raw octopus), Beef Tataki and Goma Q (Japanese cucumber) that were all $6. We had the Crispy Corn and just like its name aptly describes it, it was crispy and crunchy. Lightly battered and then deep fried, these chopped corn on the cob was sprinkled with smoked paprika powder that almost deceived me into thinking I was munching on chips. A much healthier alternative though this was admittingly addictive.

Nookie Yogurt @ PoMo

Opened by the same group of people behind Montana Brew Bar, Nookie Yogurt (a takeaway store facing the main street) is a homegrown deconstructed froyo specialty brand that is all about serving up “Yogurt with an Attitude”. And judging by their creative innovations and unique concoctions, I must say that they are certainly on the right track.


Their signature flavours include Matcha Black Sesame Crumble, Red Velvet Parfait, Chocolate Caramel Fudge, Salted Caramel Banana and more… All going for $6.90 each. And every component of the dessert- from the red velvet crumble to the mochi are all made in-house.

We tried their newly launched Mango Sticky Rice, Apple Berry Crumble and Strawberry Watermelon Rose. Flavours are listed according to how much I enjoyed them.

Paddy Hills @ 38 South Buona Vista Road

Another cafe in the West has opened and despite being only barely a week old, Paddy Hills has already created quite the sensation across social media for its gorgeous natural lighting, photogenic dishes that are so prettily plated and the laidback Aussie vibe that it sells. True to Aussie style as well, the prices on the menu are all nett.

The space itself was surprisingly big with communal tables, window and booth seats, and even coffee counter seats where you can catch the barista in action. And if you were wondering, Paddy Hills serve coffee roasted with Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee beans and the tea is from 1872 Clipper Tea & Co.

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Food wise, their Daytime Eats comprising of Breakfast (0830-1730) and Lunch (1130-1730) offer mainly cafe-type food with Australian-Japanese influence and a unique spin to each item. Expect creative culinary innovations such as Plantation (Quinoa, puffed rice, pine nuts & pomegranate), Salmon Carpaccio  (house-cured salmon, pickled wakame, yuzu caviar, cream cheese & baby radish) and The Asian Brick (thick brûlée brioche french toast, goreng pisang, butternut squash puree, yam ice cream & marcona almonds). Fusion is key here at Paddy Hills. After 1730, the Nighttime Nosh menu is all about sharing plates and Yakitori, with a heavier emphasis on local flavours.

Paddy Hills recently made adjustments to their operating hours and they now only open at 0930.