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Recipe: Moist Baby Banana Muffins

My family loves bananas. And a bunch bought today from the supermarket will be gone in no less than 2 days. Needless to say that when I want to bake something bananas, I will have to make a ‘reservation’ way in advance and tell everyone not to touch the bananas on the counter or alternatively as I have learnt this time, the easier way out is to simply buy two bunches. Problem solved.

I havent baked in a while. I know I always say this whenever I have a baking post but I usually have a baking frenzy and bake two or three days in a row and then not touch the oven for about a month or so.

See, my kitchen is very small and usually I have to factor in whether or not mum is cooking for that day and if she is, then the oven is out of bounds. Or if my younger brother is coming home early from school (which he has been for the past 2 weeks because of the exams), then I cannot bake either because I need the coffee table in the hall (which he usually uses to study) to cool whatever I am baking.

Woes of having a big family in a relatively small apartment. But you live with it, compromise and learn to work with what you have. That’s what family is all about isnt it?

Recipe: Gooey Banana White Chocolate ‘Cinnamon Roll’ Muffins

I have not been baking at all for at least 2 months now, especially since Ive been away, first to the States and Canada and then to Indonesia. And with a long list of bookmarked recipes in my computer that I had been dying to try, it was about time to get the whisk out and the oven cracking again!

These Gooey Banana White Chocolate ‘Cinnamon Roll’ Muffins are a little like the Cinnamon Scrolls I made with the puff pastry a while back. Adapted from King Arthur Flour’s Simply Sinful Cinnamon Muffins, I tweaked the recipe a little and did away with the sugar in the muffins itself and replaced them with some white chocolate chips. I have also been avoiding eggs as much as possible because they cause my arthritis to flare up so bananas were used instead!

Loved the additional banana flavour in these muffins! Who’s says no to a banana/white chocolate/cinnamon/brown sugar combination anyway?

Definitely not me!

Dean & DeLuca Singapore @ Orchard Central

A household name in New York City and synonymous with high quality gourmet groceries, 35-year-old Dean & DeLuca has opened their flagship store in Singapore. Since their official opening at 8pm on the 22nd of June, this internationally renowned gourmet food store has attracted many excited Singaporeans who do not mind standing in line and waiting for their turn to experience this all-in-one cafe/bakery/food store. The hype has definitely not died down as I soon experienced one late Saturday afternoon when I dropped by for tea, hoping to escape the lunch and dinner crowds. Alas, we ended up in the queue for a whole one hour before we were ushered to a table..

Similar to its New York predecessors, this fine foods purveyor located at level 4 of Orchard Central boasts a retail store carrying artisan foods such as a wide selection of cheeses and cold cuts, teas, spices, various condiments and an in-house cafe serving up all-day breakfast with a 50 seater dining area.

Freshly baked breads, various pastries and cakes are also offered on displays and in wooden baskets to tempt you as you are in the queue to make your order. Yes, orders, payments, salads and drinks collection are self-service while the all-day breakfast sets that require a little more cooking time, gets served to your tables. This also means that there is no 10% service charge in the bill.

Toronto Eats: Over Easy @ Hotel Victoria

Over Easy was an easy option simply because we were staying in Hotel Victoria! A quaint little cafe sharing the lobby of the boutique hotel which opened as early as 7am for hotel patrons looking for an hearty meal at the beginning of the day. We came here for breakfast for the two mornings that we were staying at the hotel and left very satisfied. Our server Tyler was enthusiastic, friendly and readily offered some pretty good suggestions which we took!

On the first day we had breakfast here, we opted for the Cajun Chicken Caesar to kick start our morning. Served in a huge glass bowl, this salad was appetizing even to look at! For $12.99, there was a generous serve of Cajun spiced chicken that was tender and full of flavour, luscious fresh and green romaine leaves dressed with Caesar cream and crispy fried bacon bits. Definitely not the healthiest salad around but a delicious option it was.

The Eggstro for $9.99 was Over Easy’s version of the Canadian ‘national dish’- poutine. Instead of fries, it was replaced with their cubed sized home fries that was marinated with the right amount of salt and spices, served with a 3 cheese sauce and made so much more sinful and decadent with the fried bacon strips.

And of course the French Toast in Caramel Banana Sauce sounded too good on the menu to miss! Just $8.99 for such a huge plate of 4 french toast slices soaked in egg marinate, a glistening brown caramel sauce and freshly sliced bananas to top it off, we were in for an awfully sweet treat. And of course a light dust of icing sugar was a simple but great idea to spruce up this already tempting looking dish.

Sunday Brunch At The Stables

Marmalade pantry has opened another branch at Fairways Drive- Bukit Timah Saddle Club, next to Riders Cafe. We called up to make a reservation on Thursday but the only table available left for Sunday was at 2pm. So we took it and came here for supposedly lunch but ended up as really late lunch! The place was really crowded when we arrived and there was an indoor seating as well as an alfresco area. We were lucky that the weather that afternoon was both cooling and breezy with no rain so it was a pleasant experience sitting outdoors :)

Seared Scallop Linguini $24 with Tiger Prawn Bisque

Looked a lot better than it tasted unfortunately. Though the scallops and prawns were fresh and linguine well cooked, the combination of all the flavours did not quite blend. Or perhaps it lacked a little bit more spice or pepper to bring out the taste

Egg White Omelette $18 with feta cheese, spinach and tomato concasse

This was definitely not worth the $18. Was actually quite disappointed when this dish first came out. It looked like a shapeless white mass with some mushrooms and greens on the side.