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25 Places To Eat In Singapore with Nett Prices

Updated on 5 August 2014

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Dining in cafes and restaurants can get annoying sometimes when it comes to settling the bill and you realise that the total amount on the receipt does not reflect the prices you had seen on the menu earlier. It also gets frustrating when splitting the bill and the best in Math at the table always gets arrowed to calculate an extra 17% for every person in the group. And so sometimes having a meal at a place that offers NETT PRICES is extremely helpful, convenient and straightforward.

This is a list of 25 places (fast food places & hawker centres not included) in Singapore which will come in handy when you want to avoid those complications. These places have either already included the GST in their prices or simply absorbed it themselves, some may require you to order your food at the counter before it is served to you while for others, service begins the moment you walk through their doors. Either way, prices at these eateries are ‘what you see is what you pay’.

P.S. But do endorse good service with a tip or two especially when they make the extra effort for you!

Paddington House of Pancakes @ City Square Mall

The Paddington House of Pancakes franchise, a specialty pancake full- dining restaurant, has finally reached our shores, after having opened four outlets all over Malaysia since 2004. This pancake house features more than 100 different types of pancakes from more than 10 different countries all around the world. With an all-encompassing menu which include pannekoeks, American stacks, poffertjes, blitzes, blinis, crepes (names of the multiple variations of pancakes you find in America, France, Europe, Britain and even Russia), the world is your oyster here at Paddington House of Pancakes as you travel round the world one pancake at a time.

From savoury to sweet pancakes, the menu is crazy extensive and it is not surprising to find yourself getting giddy with excitement as you flip through those pages with extremely vivid descriptions and mouthwatering pictures. No one will blame you for taking more than half an hour to decide what to order because you will definitely be spoilt for choice.


Pancakes are usually my staple at breakfasts and brunches. Nothing says Good Morning better than a stack of pancakes and drizzle of maple syrup. BUT if sweet stuff arent your thing so early in the morning, the Oslo $18 just might be. An extremely generous serve of smoked salmon fashioned into a flower with green grilled zucchini as the bud, sitting on two spicy mashed potato pancakes and cheesy scrambled eggs at the side. This was absolutely irresistible to both the eyes and taste buds.


Putting a twist on Fish N Chips, the Alaska $15 is a great lunch or dinner option. And despite being a specialty pancake house, it came as a nice surprise that the battered dory fish had a nice crumb and crunch. The fish itself was also moist and fresh, an absolute delight with that squeeze of lemon. The Alaska also comes with spicy mashed potato pancakes and a creamy mushroom sauce with whole mushrooms at the side, making it a nice complete meal.

Choupinette on Bukit Timah Rd

Choupinette is this little French Bakery/Cafe/Restaurant located along Bukit Timah Road, right next to Coronation Plaza. This place has been here for like almost a decade now and we were all reminiscing about how our bus used to drive past the iconic multi-coloured striped banner on the way to school but we had all somehow never stepped in before.

Known for their Eggs Ben and authentic French pastries, Choupinette has been in the spotlight lately as the it-place for brunch. And this place has been on our list for like 2 months now but with all our different schedules, the five of us only managed to finally pick a common date recently to try this place out!

We called up and made a reservation because though it was a weekday, we were definitely not taking any chances. However, when we arrived, not only did the lady say that she had not received our reservation, the cosy 40-seater restaurant was also full house! It was a bit of a spoiler but luckily the server was quick to point out that a table of patrons was finishing their food and if we were to wait for 15min, they could clear it for us.

About 20min later, we were all finally seated with menus open and ready to order. Everyone zoomed straight for the Eggs Ben and called first dibs on it. Clearly, this was going to be a hot favourite at the table. So we all compromised and decided for variety sake, we were going to order five different sets to share.

Each set comes with a juice and hot drink. The juice choices were grapefruit, apple, orange, cranberry, lime and pineapple. Three of us chose grapefruit the first round but the lady soon came back to tell us that they were out. She then took my second choice order of pineapple before returning another time to say that it was also out. I would have gotten a little annoyed but our server was really nice and apologetic, it seemed almost impossible to get upset with her. So apple juice it was because that was all that was left.

The reputable Eggs Benedict soon arrived at our tables. $20++ is a steep price to pay for an Eggs Ben and we were about to find out if the price tag was justified. Unfortunately, the eggs were a little overcooked and did not flow quite as easily as beautifully poached eggs would have, but the Hollandaise sauce was excellent. Perfectly rich and buttery, it was so smooth and creamy, I almost forgot I was not having beautifully poached eggs. The ham slices too were shaved right and not too salty. And the baguette that the eggs were sitting on? Oh so good. Well buttered, crisp and delicious.

Next up, the Eggs Florentine $20++ was a healthier version of the Eggs Ben. Wilted spinach done right that was not too soggy but tossed for just the right amount of time, it was also great with the Hollandaise sauce.

Toronto Eats: Over Easy @ Hotel Victoria

Over Easy was an easy option simply because we were staying in Hotel Victoria! A quaint little cafe sharing the lobby of the boutique hotel which opened as early as 7am for hotel patrons looking for an hearty meal at the beginning of the day. We came here for breakfast for the two mornings that we were staying at the hotel and left very satisfied. Our server Tyler was enthusiastic, friendly and readily offered some pretty good suggestions which we took!

On the first day we had breakfast here, we opted for the Cajun Chicken Caesar to kick start our morning. Served in a huge glass bowl, this salad was appetizing even to look at! ForĀ $12.99, there was a generous serve of Cajun spiced chicken that was tender and full of flavour, luscious fresh and green romaine leaves dressed with Caesar cream and crispy fried bacon bits. Definitely not the healthiest salad around but a delicious option it was.

The Eggstro for $9.99 was Over Easy’s version of the Canadian ‘national dish’- poutine. Instead of fries, it was replaced with their cubed sized home fries that was marinated with the right amount of salt and spices, served with a 3 cheese sauce and made so much more sinful and decadent with the fried bacon strips.

And of course the French Toast in Caramel Banana Sauce sounded too good on the menu to miss! Just $8.99 for such a huge plate of 4 french toast slices soaked in egg marinate, a glistening brown caramel sauce and freshly sliced bananas to top it off, we were in for an awfully sweet treat. And of course a light dust of icing sugar was a simple but great idea to spruce up this already tempting looking dish.

NYC Eats: Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant

Voted twice by New York Magazine as serving the best blueberry pancakes in the city, Top 10 Brunches by The New York Observer and Best Breakfasts by the Travel and Leisure Magazine, Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant is certainly no stranger to the NYC breakfast/brunch scene.

Starting out as a humble venture back in 2001 by husband-and-wife team Neil Kleinberg and DeDe Lahman, Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant has certainly been put on the map by serving up comfort foods, simple but delicious baked goods and not forgetting, their signature blueberry pancakes that has gotten everyone talking about.

Be prepared to wait at least 30min and even up to an hour if you come here. Rain or shine, the queues are just as long but no one complains. It’s common knowledge that if you want a bite of that fluffy pancake, patience is mandatory. We stood in the rain for 35min before we had a table and once the food arrived on our table, that waiting time seemed little in exchange.

A must order at Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant is their specialty Pancakes With Warm Maple Butter and wild maine blueberry. For $13, you get three very fluffy round cakes topped with a warm and sweet blueberry sauce. It’s said that the secret to these one-of-a-kind pancakes is in first separating the eggs before gently folding in the whipped egg whites into the batter. The result? Light and tasty pancakes that are delicious even on its own. But of course an accompaniment of a douse warm maple butter never did hurt anyone. The serve of melted butter mixed with heated maple syrup at the side was simply addictive and oh so sinful.

The Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich on the menu caught my eye and while our server recommended the highly popular Eggs Benedict, I was up for trying something different and I was not disappointed! One side of the Buttermilk Biscuit was topped with scrambled eggs in melted cheddar, while the other with homemade tomato jam. And throwing in another side of hash browns to the mix for just $9? I thought it was a real good deal. While the tomato jam made parts of the biscuit a little soggy, the rest of it was incredibly light, a little crunchy and melted in my mouth quite easily. The hash browns deserve to be singled out for not being too oily, crisp and brown on the outside while the potato shreds still remained moist. Not a hash brown fan, but became one that very day.