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Wildfire Kitchen+Bar @ 26 Evans Road

Taking over the space where the former flagship branch of Hatched used to be, Wildfire Kitchen+Bar, opened by restaurateur Michel Lu, is all about good ol’ bar grub- burgers and beers. Opened earlier this year, this casual restaurant has already earned quite the reputation for serving up hearty tall stacked burgers served alongside some fries. The drill here is simple, place your orders at the counter, collect a buzzer and return to the counter for your food when the buzzer sounds. No extra service provided, therefore no service charge.

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We came here on a Saturday at around 12pm and was thus able to order from both their Breakfast and Burgers menu. The former is available from 8.30am-4pm while the latter starts from 12pm till closing time. Prices range from $15 for an Eggs Benedict to $26 for a Fullblood Wagyu Specialty Burger and $36 for the Hanger Steak (250g).

Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar

Priding itself as an all-day American diner & bar, Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar which opened at the beginning of this year has been earning raves for its bar grub served in large portions, all-day-breakfast and affordable selection of alcoholic beverages- wines in particular start from $6 a glass. Recently, the already-extensive menu has been updated to include even more choices for waffles and a newly curated wine list featuring bottles imported from all around the world such as France, Italy, Lebanon and even Slovakia.


We dropped by one Sunday morning for brunch and already most of the tables had a ‘reserved’ tag on them. By lunch time, the diner was filled with mostly foreigners digging into hearty portions of burgers and fries, washing it all down with a glass or two of rose wine. The atmosphere was laidback, casual and even comforting.

The BBQ Back Ribs $22 (half)/$28 (full) from the list of Mains came highly recommended from the server. It is apparently one of their best sellers too. Succulent and juicy, the meat came off the bone easily. And having been marinated overnight, every bite was tasty and slathered unforgivingly in thick sweet BBQ sauce. Not too bad and great for sharing.


Teddy’s US Beef Burger $20 comes with a 180g patty and is paired with a fluffy brioche bun made fresh every morning. The burger definitely made a statement with those hanging strips of fried crispy bacon and melted cheese while the brioche buns were quite the highlight for me. Was not a huge fan of the beef patty though, which was a little dry and flat.

Potato Head Folk @ 31 Keong Saik Road

Keong Saik Road just might be the next Tiong Bahru enclave with the recent popping up of hipster joints and cafes amidst the old-school traditional shophouses that still stand today. Potato Head Folk by Potato Head Bali is the newest kid in the neighbourhood to join the likes of The Study (formerly known as Keong Saik Snacks), Esquina, Afterglow and Muchachos. This outlet in Singapore marks the first international outpost for the Potato Head Group and takes over the iconic four-storey building which well-loved Tong Ah Eating House used to call home.

Potato Head Folk concentrates three different concepts into a single space- the first two levels are where Three Buns burger joint resides at, the third holds Studio 1939 (a drinking lounge) and the fourth boasts of a tropical garden which makes up The Rooftop bar where cocktails and BBQ items will be served.


We made our way here for lunch on a Saturday afternoon and even though the place has been barely opened for a month, it was already full house. Clearly everyone received the memo and was keen to check out Chef Adam Penny’s burger-centric menu and the whimsical, quirky and cheery interior of the restaurant which was specially designed by Australian artist David Bromley.

Everything on the menu sounded incredulously delicious and quite honestly, we were tempted to order everything. But since there were only 2 of us, we had to be more selective. Eventually, we decided to get a Naughty Fries $9, Wing-Its $8 and Baby Huey Burger $20 to share.


The Naughty Fries consists of sliced potatoes deep fried with their skins still on, doused generously with a combination of spiced creamy thick bernaise, chunks of minced beef and topped with crispy fried shallots for some Asian flavour. This was honestly the bomb and so sinfully good. Some might find it a little too much or heavy especially towards the end so do get a portion to share. Between the two of us however, we had no trouble finishing this clean.

Omakase Burger Opens 2nd Outlet @ Wisma Atria

In case you have not heard or been to Wisma Atria lately, Omakase Burger- once touted as the ‘Best Burger in Singapore’ by various mainstream media sources, has now opened a 2nd outlet in one of Orchard Road’s most frequented shopping malls. Their flagship branch at The Grandstand was admittedly not very accessible and to be honest, I only visited it once because someone had given me a lift into the former Turf Club. So when news of them opening shop in town was first announced at the beginning of the year, I was quite pleased. Convenience and locality as you can tell is a huge pull factor for me.

Read about my previous visit to Omakase Burger here…


We made a trip down on a weekday after lunch to try out their new items that are exclusive to the Wisma Atria outlet. Omakase Burger has taken over the space where Coffee Stars by Dao once was on level 1. We had decided against having lunch there because our previous experience forewarned us that the size of the burgers do not really fill us up. Not complaining though. I am quite happy to have a petite-sized burger and fries for afternoon tea.

Alas, when we reached there and placed our orders, we were informed that their Beef Tallow Fries $5.95/6.95 was only available on weekends! On top of that, the kitchen was going to close at 3pm until 5pm during which only drinks would be sold. Was quite disappointed when we heard the bad news simultaneously but nonetheless we decided quickly and ordered another exclusive item in their menu, the Applewood Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger $17.90 to try.

Omakase Burger @ The Grandstand

The critically acclaimed ‘it’ burger that has been winning accolades from the mainstream media, with The Straits Times calling it ‘The King’ and 8 DAYS saying that it is ‘as good as the best they have had in New York’, Omakase Burger located at The Grandstand is the burger that everyone has been talking about since its opening in October last year.

o·ma·ka·se [oh-ma-ka-seh], a popular Japanese phrase which is loosely translated as ‘leaving it to the chef’, is the core essence of what this gourmet burger joint is all about. Owner Cheng Hsin Yao and his team claimed to have found the perfect beef blend of premium steak cuts that are ground and hand smashed to bring out the beefy flavors with a unique artisanal buttery bun and specially imported American cheese to compliment it.

Sounds too good to be true? I knew I had to try it.


Truth be told, while I was not expecting the meal to be cheap, $85 for four people at a ‘fast-food joint’ where you place your orders at the counter, wait for the ringer to buzz and collect your burgers yourself was certainly pricey.

We ordered the Omakase Cheeseburger $13.90, Deluxe Cheeseburger $15.90, Sweet Potato Fries $5.90, Truffle Fries $7.90 and tried their Homemade Lemonade $4.50.

And dont kid yourself, because just as the prices of the food here are not ‘fast-food’ prices, the waiting time is not fast either. But dont get me wrong, I am always willing to wait for good food..especially if it was for the best burger in Singapore.


The verdict?

The classic Omakase Cheeseburger was good. The ground beef patty was indeed special and when cooked ‘medium’, it was tender, delightful and yes very juicy. Though, I enjoyed the Deluxe Cheeseburger significantly more with the addition of grilled onions and mushrooms, all because it packed a bigger punch with each bite. If you prefer a little more greasiness and hint of saltiness, then the Bacon Cheeseburger $15.90 might be your thing. The fluffy bun too deserves compliments as it played an integral role in distinguishing this gourmet Omakase burger from other run-of-the-mill burger joints.