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Adelaide Eats: Star House

Move over Citi Zen..I think I just found my new favourite Yum Char place in Adelaide! So Ive had a few dim sim scares in Adelaide with really thick chang fen skin, bad har gao and dry custard tarts hence Im a little wary of trying new places for yum char and usually just stick to the safe places like Cafe Kowloon, Citi Zen or Eastern Garden! But I have been hearing some good things about Star House and since mum was up for trying new places, we ventured here for Sunday brunch.

Needless to say, the place was packed (common knowledge in Adelaide that if you do not make a reservation for Yum Char on a Sunday, you can forget about getting a place!) but we were lucky that there were only 3 of us, so they managed to squeeze us into a corner table and simply added a chair. Usually with a corner table in a super crowded restaurant, you’d expect to be neglected and have to keep calling the waitresses/waiters for your orders BUT things were so different here. All the servers were so polite and cheerful despite being so busy and have to cater to all the customers’ requests, we did not feel one bit neglected and service was really much to be commended upon. The dim sim dishes too were really authentic and oh so yummy, I do not really have any complaints about any dish. Star house is now my go to place for Yum Char!

Char Shau Bao and Egg Custards are a MUST TRY here!


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39 Gouger St
Adelaide, SA 5000
08 8221 6303

Star House on Urbanspoon

Adelaide Eats: Charlie’s Shack

Quick dinner here after evening mass and the food turned out heaps better than expected. Charlie’s Shack looks a tad dodgy from the outside and the inside is sorta small as well. BUT! the servings are huge, taste is full of flavour and definitely worth every single penny! :) Beef slices were so tender and succulent, the soup flavoursome. Couldnt ask for more :D

Hot and Sour Beef Noodle Soup $8.50

Lemongrass Beef Noodle (Dry) $8.50

Spicy Diced Beef Noodle Soup $8.50

Beef Noodle Pho Soup $8

Shop 3 / 85 Grote St
Adelaide, SA 5000

Charlie's Shack on Urbanspoon

Adelaide Eats: Mongkok

Attended a friend’s 21st here tonight and the theme was ‘Are you a beauty or a geek?’ Had heaps of fun dressing up with the suspenders, high socks, tying pigtails, wearing a tie and thick black spectacles :D Attracted quite a few stares while walking down Gouger though..which was kinda awkward..just a little bit. Hee

Stir-fried String Beans with Garlic

Braised Beancurd

Salt and Pepper Eggplant

Stir-fried Chinese Vegetables

Mapo Tofu

Sizzling Squid on Hot Plate

Salt and Pepper Tofu

Anyway there were about 4 tables of us and I was at the majority vego table hence the lack of meat in this post BUT I must say that the food here was pretty good. I was quite surprised because we always walked past this restaurant but never stepped in.. Food was very authentic and served very quickly too despite there being so many of us!

83 Gouger St
Adelaide, 5000
(08) 8231 9456

Mongkok on Urbanspoon

Adelaide Eats: Matsuri Japanese Restaurant

Had quite high hopes for this place as I had heard good reviews about it from different people and I was thinking ‘Maybe I could find a substitute for Wasai!’

Wafu Diced Steak $12.80– Medium rare beef cubes with Ponzu sauce

Large Boat $60.80– Mixture of sushi and sashimi

Aburi Fish $12.80– Atlantic salmon, Kingfish, Mayo, Avocado, Flame grilled

Dango Set $9.90

The restaurant is actually divided into the Western and the Japanese side. We sat at the Japanese side, with the low tables and benches with your feet dangling in the holes. Thought the atmosphere was quite nice. But apart from that, I was very disappointed :( Food was expensive and not that fantastic either. Even the Aburi salmon was a let down because of the hint of fishiness. Im so going back to Wasai…

167 Gouger St
Adelaide, 5000
(08) 8231 3494

Matsuri on Urbanspoon

Adelaide Eats: Charcoal Hwaro Korean BBQ

If you liked 4 Table Korean BBQ, then you definitely have to try Charcoal Hwaro Korean BBQ because you get to eat all you want for almost the same amount of money you would pay at 4 Table, plus it’s in the city too so you save the trip :) Charcoal Hwaro Korean BBQ serves ala carte dishes too which is what we used to order whenever we came here in the past but recently they came up with the buffet concept and it’s eat all you want for $29.99 pp! Very worth it if you can eat as much as us, if not maybe it’s better if you go for the ala carte! The marination of the meats are still the same so you’ll still be able to enjoy good quality!

Was complaining that the chilli didnt have enough ‘kick’ so I started eating the garlic cloves whole to make up for it! It was so good! But I had to brush my teeth many many times after to get rid of the smell :$

This place is authentically Korean and is also a butchery! So if you’re not in the mood to BBQ that day, you can buy back their meats (fresh/marinated) to eat it at your own pleasure :) I like this place very much!

There is a $5 pp surcharge if you waste any food and I heard the owners are pretty strict about enforcing that rule from quite a few people though we didnt have to pay it when we went. So do be cautious when disposing uncooked/fatty portions of the meat ><

17 Pitt Street
Adelaide, 5000
(08) 8410 0411

Charcoal Hwaro Korean BBQ on Urbanspoon