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CNY ’18: Springtime Splendour @ Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant, Sheraton Towers Singapore

From 29 Jan 18 to 4 Mar 18, Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant at Sheraton Towers Singapore will be ushering in the Lunar New Year with premium offerings and festive goodies. From lavish banquet set menus to a wide selection of festive takeaways to choose from, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Here are a few highlights, some new for this year and other classics that you can expect if you choose to celebrate the Year of the Dog with Li Bai.

Hamachi “Loh Hei” Platter $78 (small), $138 (large)

Featuring Hamachi that has been specially flown in all the way from Japan, this Loh Hei platter is one of the new items that will be introduced. Shaping the quintessential vegetables such as pomelo, yam, sweet potato, white radish, carrot and pickled ginger into a cute puppy- collar and nose all included, the platter which expands across two plates will certainly set the stage for the traditional toss to prosperity and everything good for the new year ahead.

CNY ’18: A Joyous Reunion Celebration @ Cassia, Capella Singapore

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and what better way to usher in the Year of the Dog than to indulge in a medley of sophisticated Cantonese dishes concocted by Cassia’s executive chef, Chef Lee Hiu Ngai. For all 15 days of the Lunar New Year – beginning from 16 February to 2 March – Chef Lee will be delighting diners with signature items from his Lunar New Year set menus.

These once-a- year specialities include: wok-fried prawns stuffed with minced shrimp and garlic, braised three-head Australian abalone with sea cucumber, and double-boiled chicken broth with fish maw, not forgetting Cassia’s signature Lou Hei platter – a prosperity salad tossed with fresh seafood and vibrant greens. As the set menus would only be available for a limited period, it is advisable for diners to book early to avoid disappointment. Additionally, the Prosperity Lou Hei ($68++ per platter) and Cassia Signature Lou Hei ($38++ per person, min 2 pax) will be available for both dine-in and take-away from 1 Feb to 2 March.

Ring in another year of prosperity and boundless success with Cassia Signature Lou Hei platter, a multi-layered assemblage of thinly sliced vibrant greens moulded in the shape of Chinese pyramids. Other symbolic condiments and ingredients, such as crushed peanuts, golden crackers, salmon sashimi, arctic surf clams, and plump lobster meat, are generously scattered around the pyramid for additional boosts of luck and wealth. Before the mandatory tossing occurs, a server from Cassia will sweeten the whole experience with honeyed lashings of invigorating hawthorn sauce, a secret sweet-and- sour blend that magically unites and complements the other flavours of the dish. On the whole, this was one of the best yushengs that we had by far for the simplistic, no-frills nature of the salad was, in essence, delightfully palatable and almost addictive!

CNY ’18: Fortune Abound @ Min Jiang, Goodwood Park Hotel

Min Jiang at both Goodwood Park and One-North are celebrating the Lunar New Year with exquisite confections and intricately-designed treats. Available for both dining-in and takeaway, this selection of delectable delights can be purchased between 29 Jan to 2 Mar 18. Here is what to look out for and what is guaranteed to make a statement at the dinner table during your reunion dinner.

Prosperity Salmon and Abalone Yu Sheng $168++
Available only for dine-in at Min Jiang

Toss to an auspicious Year of the Dog with this gorgeous painting done by Chef Chan himself. Every dish is hand-painted by him and each features the cutest Pekingese with a backdrop of mountain peaks, and dainty pink cherry blossoms. The base of the Yusheng is made up of raw salmon slices and baby abalones crowned with red tobiko. Complete with edible viola petals and wasabi tobiko for the finishing touches, this masterpiece is almost too pretty to eat!

CNY ’18: Reunions of Joy & Prosperity @ Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

It is the start of a brand new year and as always, once the Christmas festivities are over, the Chinese New Year ones kick into full swing. As many Chinese restaurants gear up for this annual jubilant affair, Marriott Singapore’s Wan Hao Chinese restaurant too will also be ushering into the Year of the Dog with prosperous masterfully crafted set menus and oriental takeaways that are available from 16 Jan to 2 Mar 18.

Wan Hao’s Imperial Pot of Prosperity 黄金盆菜
Large: $1088nett, Small: $688nett

This treasure pot is brimming with gourmet delicacies from both land and sea. With at least 14 luxury ingredients such as Australian 3-head Abalone, Crispy Oyster, Braised Irish Duck, Whole Pig Trotter, Conpoy, Iberico Meat Ball, and many more, you will be sure to start 2018 on an auspicious note! This is perfect for your extended family gatherings and is believed to ensure abundance and prosperity for the year ahead.

CNY ’18: A Wealth of Lunar New Year Delights Awaits @ Yàn, National Gallery Singapore

Nestled in the iconic National Gallery of Singapore, Yàn is an intimate place for convivial gatherings, where diners can enjoy Cantonese cuisine and modern art in one place. This Lunar New Year, usher in the prosperous Year of the Dog with a lavish selection of festive delights at Yàn – think specially curated set menus, auspicious a la carte dishes, gourmet takeaways and festive gifts!

From 1 to 28 Feb 18, Yàn has introduced seven set menus ranging from $188 to $268 per person, where you can expect a wide variety of new creations and Cantonese classics.