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Sarnies @ 136 Telok Ayer Street

Sarnies- a Brit slang for Sandwiches, is a quaint little cafe located in the CBD area. Opened by a brother and sister team from Aussie, this sandwich specialty shop has fast worked its way into the hearts of many with their emphasis on healthy, organic, whole foods at affordable prices. It was hard not to feel a wave of nostalgia as I walked through the doors and saw the chalked boards which displayed the cafe’s offerings with salads, sandwiches and the wine display at the side because it was like any ‘typical’ cafe you would step into Down Under.

It was also noticeably obvious that most customers were regulars, evident from the friendly banter exchanged while the counter staff were taking orders though this is hardly surprising as they were very down-to-earth and genuine people. Because of the small seating area indoors and unless you were willing to sit outdoors in the sweltering heat, many people walked in and left with big brown paper bags as takeaways instead.

Known for their fresh ingredients and hearty portions, we decided to get a salad + sandwich + brownie to share so that we would be able to finish everything and at the same time, sample a little of everything!

We chose the Pesto Special which was a daily special salad. A large bowl of really fresh mixed lettuce, shredded chicken, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes with the biggest dollop of Pesto dressing ever! This homemade basil pesto dressing is the best pesto I have had by far. Great blend of crushed garlic, basil and olive oil with bits of pine nuts that just pulled the entire salad together with its flavour and almost creamy consistency. We loved it so much we had to ask if the dressing was for sale. And guess what? It is! Just call a couple of days ahead, place your order and you can go down to collect your very own container of basil pesto dressing..imagine how awesome al dente spaghetti would taste with that pesto!

Next up was their crowd-pleasing Aussie Grass Fed Steak, dijon mustard, mixed lettuce, mushrooms and caramelized onions that is only available for lunch. The bread is apparently handmade and baked by the owners each day and is a hit with customers. Unfortunately, the crust was a little too rock hard for me and I was finding difficulty in biting through the sandwich, which was frustrating because the layers of steak, mushrooms and caramelized onions spilling out of the sandwich looked so inviting.

PS. Cafe (Palais Renaissance)

Always one to exude that chilled and laid back vibe with its large plate servings, mouthwatering displays of cakes and somewhat pricey menu, PS. Cafe is indeed a dependable choice to fall back on when you simply wish to unwind. They are afterall, one of the first pioneer concept cafes that first came onto the scene in the last couple of years.

This was my first time at the Palais Renaissance branch and the ambiance did not disappoint one bit. The somewhat dim lighting atmosphere unique to PS. Cafe was no different at this location and while it was tempting to stay at the air-conditioned part of the cafe, I was freezing after being in the cinema for the last 2 hours so the al-fresco area was naturally a better option for me.

I did however prefer the outdoor section of the cafe once I saw it. It was an open concept with natural light coming through and mirrors all around the place. If it werent for the renovations going on next door and ruining the view from the window, it would have been perfect.

Furthermore, because we came at such an odd timing of 5pm when there was almost no one, we had the entire garden-like outdoor patio all to ourselves. It is actually the perfect place for a date given the privacy, layout and ‘lush greenery’ all around you. But you have to come at the right time because the place can get pretty packed and crowded around dinner time.

Since the dinner menu only starts at 6pm, we decided to start to order the Chocolate Crunch Doorstop $15.90 first. It was three layers of chocolate mousse, caramelized nuts (pecans, almonds and walnuts) and a chocolate cake base topped with malteaser balls! I loved the first 2 layers. The chocolate mousse was not too sweet, light, smooth and airy (just as it was supposed to be) and I never say no to caramelized nuts! But the chocolate cake was a bit of a disappointment because it was simply too dry!

db Bistro Moderne (Marina Bay Sands)

Together with two other celebrity restaurants- CUT by Wolfgang Puck and Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza, db Bistro Moderne is the third celebrity restaurant in Marina Bay Shoppes that is located conveniently near the Sands Theatre where the likes of The Lion King and currently Wicked is playing. As such, these restaurants offer a great before or after theatre dining option. Servers are also considerate enough to ask if you are catching a musical so as to ensure that your food reaches you in time before showtime.

The original db Bistro Moderne which was set up by Chef Daniel Boulud in Midtown Manhattan is highly acclaimed and Michelin Chef Daniel has made a name for himself as having opened an unpretentious French-American bistro that serves food that is simply packed with flavour.

This branch at Marina Bay Sands  has a very Parisian and chic feel when you first walk in. High ceilings, a stylish bar, smartly dressed waiters and an open window concept which allows diners to enjoy their food while watching the world go by, db Bistro Moderne is hardly modest in its setting and layout.

We arranged to meet here for Sunday branch and to be honest, this visit came tagged with many high expectations and much excitement.

The plan was to order a few mains and leave some room for dessert so we settled on the FRIED EGGS LYONNAISES $21 which was simply the star of the afternoon. The combination of the duck confit, mushrooms and bite sized potatoes was to die for. For starters, the duck confit was beautifully prepared and well-browned. The meat was moist and not overly salty, it was simply delightful. Potatoes were evenly cut and cooked to perfection that it was neither too hard or soft to the point of becoming mushy. Throw in a fried sunny side-up on the top, you’ve got yourself a winner.

Next to arrive was the TARTE FLAMBÉE $18 which was not actually on the brunch menu but on the dinner menu instead. We found out about this dish because we got curious as to what the person at the next table was having so we asked the waiter who kindly explained to us that it was not a brunch item but if we wanted, they could arrange to have it prepared for us. Gold star for initiative and service.

This modest looking flat bread was hardly eye catching but it was deceivingly oh so good. Bacon, onion and Fromage Blanc (creamy soft cheese) on dough was crisp, soft, salty and sweet all at the same time. The subtlety of the flavours were the perfect marriage and it was hard to believe that something so simple and flat could be so three dimensional in taste.

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies

Everybody loves meringue as dessert because of the common belief that it is low calorie and gluten-free. That may have some truth in it since no flour is used but the amount of sugar (1/4 cup : 1 egg white) in the recipe is enough to send you into a diabetic coma. So I dont quite agree with the low calorie part.

BUT low calorie or not, I have always been fascinated with meringue. From the baking process of beating the egg whites into soft peaks and adding sugar till stiff peaks are formed, right to opening the oven when the timer goes off and enjoying the final product as you bite through that crisp dry exterior into a fudgy and extremely sweet inside. Yes I love meringues very much.

Earlier last year, using plain vanilla flavoured meringue, I made Eton Mess with a friend and I loved how the crisp meringue complemented the softness and creaminess of the whipped cream. This time, I wanted to try making a cookie with the same meringue concept but with chocolate chips instead!

And I soon learnt that making meringue in Adelaide and Singapore is very different. The humidity of the weather plays an extremely huge factor in the time the meringue takes to dry. I took it for granted in Adelaide and could easily leave meringue sitting out in the open to cool for a couple of hours before coming back to it. This time, after 10 min tops, the meringue started getting all sticky. In addition, I had to put the meringue back into the oven to dry at 110C for an extra hour because the concept of leaving the oven door open after baking for the meringues to dry, simply does not work in a high humidity country.

With that said, I enjoyed folding the cocoa power and chocolate chips into the beaten eggs whites and watching the marbled swirly effect in the bowl.. I went a little crazy with Instagram trying to capture the lovely brown and white hue.

3 Inch Sin (Cluny Court) | NOW CLOSED

I am really thankful for the new circle line and how it has made once inaccessible places now very accessible. Cluny court is one such example and is now less than a 5 min walk from Botanic Garden station. Well known for being home to Simply Bread, Relish, Awfully Chocolate and Da Paolo, Cluny court also houses the original 3 Inch Sin store (the second one recently opened in Millenia Walk). This cafe is located in a relatively obscure corner on the second level and you probably will not notice it if you were not looking for it.

3 Inch Sin is a chocolate dessert cafe that specialises in, as the name of the store suggests, 3 inch sized molten chocolate cakes. And believe me nothing is sexier than pure decadent chocolate oozing out of the 3 inch Original Molten Cake which we ordered. At $6.50 per ramekin, this warm chocolate cake was simply heaven on earth. Choosing to pay an additional $3.50 for a scoop of Sea Salt & Caramel ice-cream was the best decision we made on our part. Simply lush.

The menu also offers other flavours of molten lava cakes which makes this place so unique- lemon, hazelnut, bitter orange and mint just to name a few.