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25 Places To Eat In Singapore with Nett Prices

Updated on 5 August 2014

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Dining in cafes and restaurants can get annoying sometimes when it comes to settling the bill and you realise that the total amount on the receipt does not reflect the prices you had seen on the menu earlier. It also gets frustrating when splitting the bill and the best in Math at the table always gets arrowed to calculate an extra 17% for every person in the group. And so sometimes having a meal at a place that offers NETT PRICES is extremely helpful, convenient and straightforward.

This is a list of 25 places (fast food places & hawker centres not included) in Singapore which will come in handy when you want to avoid those complications. These places have either already included the GST in their prices or simply absorbed it themselves, some may require you to order your food at the counter before it is served to you while for others, service begins the moment you walk through their doors. Either way, prices at these eateries are ‘what you see is what you pay’.

P.S. But do endorse good service with a tip or two especially when they make the extra effort for you!

Mean Bean & Wicked Grind | NOW CLOSED

Inspired by her two month long holiday in Europe, 23 year old Kimberley Yeo made her dream a reality when she opened Mean Bean & Wicked Grind at The Plaza last month. Selling primarily what she is most passionate about- coffee and dessert, this quirky and vintage-themed cafe features a selection of cakes and pastries from various bakeries, making it your one-stop shop for all things sweet. And being a perfectionist herself, you can be assured that Kimberley only puts quality delectables on display for sale all while keeping prices affordable- even if it means lowering her profit margin.


Seeking to bring variety and diversity to the table, the assortment of desserts changes every week as Kimberley rotates her suppliers. To keep things exciting and interesting, the young owner shares that even she does not know what to expect till Monday morning. Regulars do keep close tabs on the cafe’s social media platforms though and are willing to come down specially just to buy their favourite baked goods when Kimberley posts up what is on sale for the week.


And if you like the crockery that you are having your cake or éclair from or even the light bulb hanging over your head, simply ask Kimberley for the price- they are all for sale. Every cake stand, fork, clock, plate to even the tea cups and saucers you see in the cafe have all been thoughtfully picked out by Kimberley herself. She does have an eye for pretty things, if I might add.


Cupcakes here are $3.50 for the regular sized ones (flavours include Peanut Butter, Mocha Chocolate, Kaya, Pineapple Tart, Red Velvet and Salted Caramel). If you find the combinations familiar, this week’s cupcakes supplier is Kisses Bakery! Special mention goes to the festive Pineapple Tart flavour which paid a good tribute to my favourite CNY snack.

Plain Vanilla Bakery @ Lorong Mambong

Stashed away at the second level of a shophouse in Holland Village is a lovely little cupcakery- Plain Vanilla. I have heard many rave reviews about their cupcakes and have been impatiently waiting for an opportunity to have a bite into these pretty little things.

Lucky for me, I received a box of four from a good ol’ foodie buddy who seems insistent that I have a try as these were ‘really good’ according to him! But since these cupcakes were gifted, I do not have any photos of the shop itself though a little birdie told me that it is a quaint cosy space with tempting displays of cupcakes but no actual seating area so people mostly do takeaways when they come here!

Let’s open my brown paper box to see what’s inside!

High Society @ Marina Bay Sands

Award winning record company label and now restaurant cum patisserie. High Society has certainly come a long way since it was founded by That CD Shop back in 2006. You have probably seen their gorgeous display of artisan cupcakes and beautifully crafted cakes and tarts at the counters of High Society Mansion in Pacific Plaza or while you were walking past the High Society Cafe in Marina Bay Sands. Either way, these delectable treats are definitely showstoppers for adults and kids alike.

It is said that the cupcakes are such crowd-pleasers and have an incredibly high turnover rate that they do not stay on display for more than 24 hours because they are simply sold out before that. With names such as Flirt (coffee cake with coffee custard and coffee butter cream), Fantasy (green tea and passion fruit), Passion (pistachio raspberry cake with pistachio and raspberry butter cream) and the ever classic Red Velvet, these cupcakes are simply irresistible.

But what you probably did not know is that High Society also has a team of culinary experts in their kitchen churning out some fine dishes as well. With a seasonal menu that changes every 3 months and a standard one that boasts a rather extensive selection of pastas, gourmet sandwiches and mains such as Oxtail Stew, Duck Confit and Angus Ribeye, High Society is certainly not pulling any stops here as they strive to offer great food, sweet treats and lovely tunes for their customers.

With theme colours of gold and royal red, velvet upholstered dining chairs and couches and marbled floors, dining here at High Society is almost intense and elaborate. But it’s not all chi-chi and uppity, and is instead all about bringing that visual, tasty and auditory experience to the diner and enjoying the good life.

We had the opportunity to sample both their seasonal (autumn) and regular menu at this tasting.

The first was a Crab Caesar starter. Chilled crabmeat pieces with cherry tomatoes, pinenuts and croutons in the mix, this cold salad was a crunchy and refreshing start to the evening.

Recipe: Blueberry Cream Cheese Cupcakes

I had one too many funny reasons for making these pretty little things..

The first, I have been dying to use my newly bought orange polka dotted cupcake holders. The second, there had been a sale on blueberries in the market and I bought too many punnets, could not finish them and ended up having to put them into the freezer to increase their shelf life. And the third… I had a lot of cream cheese frosting left over from the time I made these Red & White Cake Pops for National Day!

Oh yes, and my hands were simply itching from not baking for the last 2 weeks.

Okay that was a lie because my younger brother just asked me at 8pm last night if I could bake something for his Teachers’ Day class party which was happening today. So, I whipped out my usual Double Chocolate Chip Fudgy Brownie which by the way, is now my go-to brownie recipe because everything is mixed, baked and washed up in an hour. And the result is a darn good brownie, if I may say so myself. Actually everyone else who has tried it has said so as well =P

But you can be your own judge and make it yourself. You’ll love it too.