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Weekend Brunch @ Open Farm Community, 130E Minden Road

Spa Esprit Group has done it again with their hottest new collaboration- Open Farm Community (OFC). Teaming up with Tippling Club’s Ryan Clift and Edible Gardens’ Bjorn Low, OFC is more than just a restaurant and fancy cocktail bar. It is instead an initiative to create a sustainable farming concept which supplies the greens and exotic herbs featured in the dishes at OFC- all grown and harvested in the backyard garden of their 6,000 sq metre property.

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The restaurant itself seats about 60 people with an open-concept kitchen and glass panelled floor-to-ceiling windows allowing just the right amount of sunlight to flow through. Service was great, effortlessly smooth and attentive without being overly intrusive. I do appreciate it when service staff are enthusiastic to share more about the dishes and make informative recommendations on what to order. OFC had that part covered quite well.

Bécasse Dempsey Hill | NOW CLOSED

The Bécasse brand is no stranger to the Sydney dining scene. And now after creating waves there for their French-inspired European fare and glorious pastries, Bécasse has made its foray into Singapore, opening its first ever full-fledged restaurant, equipped with an open kitchen, seafood counter displaying the freshest catch, a modern luxe dining hall with a beautiful rear garden conservatory and complete with the luxurious postal code of Dempsey Hill.

Brought in by the Jones the Grocer group, Bécasse Dempsey Hill boasts of a wide and varied selection of items in their menu with notably unique dishes which you will not find else where. From Sticky Date Pancakes, to Moreton Bay Bugs, Rabbit Schnitzel and Oyster Mushroom Crepes, these are definitely not your regular run-of-the-mill courses that you find in other restaurants.





Bécasse serves Breakfast from 8am-12pm every day and till 3pm on weekends, Afternoon High Tea from 3-6pm daily and a Sharing Menu at all other times from 12pm onwards.

From the Small Plates of the Sharing Menu, we had their Anchovy Flat Bread $9 that was baked with a generous topping of chopped soft sweet onions and dressed with some thyme and lemon zest. The breads are all freshly baked on-site as well and might I add that the complimentary Sourdough served at the beginning paired with a spread of salted French butter is by far one of the best I have had in a while. We could not resist buying back a loaf to enjoy at home after that.

Pidgin Kitchen & Bar @ 7 Dempsey Road

Formerly known as Pamplemousse Bistro and Bar, Pidgin Kitchen & Bar- the newest addition to Dempsey Road is all about putting a creative spin on popular Southeast Asian local favorites and transforming them into unique original creations. This bold and ingenious concept by restaurateurs Adrian Ling and Cleo Chiang-Ling, takes your palate on an exciting journey of exploring familiar flavors that are presented in a whole new way. I personally enjoyed my tasting experience so much that I immediately made a reservation for a family dinner that same Friday night but was told that it was fully booked already.

Tip: Make your reservations early at Pidgin to avoid disappointment


The 1500 sqft space seats 56 pax both indoors and outdoors comfortably and oozes ‘industrial-chic’ appeal with its concrete wall features and parquet flooring.


A bar counter of Cult Spirits, Artisanal Beers and Wines steals the show with more than 100 labels of old and new old worlds categorized according to flavor profile. Craft Cocktails created by the bartenders are assured to please with signatures sporting exotic names such as Calamansi Mai Tai $28++, Nin Jiom Old Fashioned $20++ and Masala Apple Strudel $20++.

Festive cocktails specially created for the Christmas season include the sweet and nutty Zing-A-Ling $22++ and refreshing Melly Krismust $22++ that will be available only till 31st December.

Backyard@Dempsey | Bar & Restaurant | NOW CLOSED

Located at the first turn of Minden Road, Backyard@Dempsey is an idyllic picture of lush greenery and wooden rustic charm. With its low rise planked wooden ceilings and open concept that leads out to a bigger porch with widely spaced tables and chairs under the strategically placed lampposts that offer the right amount of light without being too intrusive, it is simply the perfect place for a quick getaway from our bustling and fast paced cosmopolitan city.

Opened by duo team Han and Val, this couple is truly one of a kind. Dynamic and effervescent, Val is a fantastic host who is full of life and always so bubbly, while Han is the more serious one with a warm and down to earth personality. Together, their complementing characters translate into what Backyard@Dempsey is essentially all about- feeling right at home in your very own backyard.

Val shares that their dream was to have a space for customers to just come and chill in their own comfortable attire while they provide great food, music (a live band plays every Friday night) and of course an extensive 4 page long list of various wines, beers, cocktails and spirits. So it’s all about letting loose with a little alcohol and just enjoying the peace and tranquility that nature has to offer in this little nook in the woods.

We kicked off the night with a couple of mocktails since we were driving. The Longan Freeze $7.80 and the Kiwi Backyard Quencher $6.80 were refreshing and ice-cold. I loved how they had topped my drink with real longans for an extra fruity touch.

And of course, some munchies were also in order as accompaniment for our mocktails.

Backyard@Dempsey offers great light bite options of fries, chicken wings, corn chips with various dips and even some local favourites such as spring rolls and fried ikan bilis with peanuts. There is definitely something for everyone right here.

We tried the Spam Fries $9.80 which was one of their more popular starters. Good ol’ luncheon meat sliced and dipped in batter before frying to a golden brown. This was so sinful but oh so satisfying and delicious. Paired off with the wasabi mayo dip served at the side, it’s so hard not to love.

The US Beef & Vegetable skewers $19.30 reminded me of the true BBQ grub with that nice smokey smell and black charcoal bits stuck onto the food. But of course, this version was done with a lot more class and looked way appetising. Alternating pieces of USDA beef with red peppers, zucchinis and onions threaded into the skewer for the added colour, it is a fun way of getting your meat craving satisfied with a good serve of veggies.

The Dempsey Brasserie

A contemporary mash-up between a casual French bistro and a sophisticated New York eatery, The Dempsey Brasserie (TDB) strikes a wonderful balance between the two with its extensive menu offerings strongly influenced by both countries. With sharing boards of cheeses and cut cured meats, various cuts of steaks, six different combinations of mussel pots and the weekend brunch usuals of Eggs Benedict and pancakes, it is European and American grub all in one setting. And of course paying tribute to the ‘Brasserie’ part of the name, TDB places a strong emphasis on their drinks as well. Whether it is chilling with the boys over beers or a girls’ night out with Martinis or Mojitos, there is something for everyone to enjoy a relaxing evening amidst the tropical greenery of Dempsey.

Almost an open concept with both alfresco and indoor seatings, with its high ceilings and tall doors with large see-through window panes that allow a generous amount of sunlight to enter the premises, the atmosphere is both welcoming and inviting. Using its spacious grounds to its advantage, tables are arranged at a reasonable distance from each other to allow privacy for meal conversations and providing that personal space that so many small spaced restaurants lack. Not forgetting the primed location of the bar counter which greets you the moment you walk into the eatery and also offers an alternative to patrons who are only here for a drink with their tall standing bar stools.

We made our way one Saturday afternoon to try out their weekend brunch which also happened to be a lovely birthday treat from the best friend. It was not too hard to decide on the following obvious choices that ‘jumped’ out at us and so after staring at the menu for less than 5 seconds, we placed our orders.

The Smokey pulled pork burger served with skinny fries and homemade apple sauce $25 was the first to arrive and we had also requested to have our skinny fries changed to Truffle fries for an additional $5. So when this wooden board was placed on our table, it was a true feast for the senses. It looked great and it smelled great. Overflowing smoked pulled pork sandwiched between slightly toasted buns with the truffle oil tossed fries strewn in the middle and some fresh greens at the side, we could hardly wait to chow down that burger.

And my was the pulled pork fantastic. The meat was so tender and the barbeque sauce that it was slow cooked in, was simply packed with flavour. Adding a crunch to the mix were some shredded cabbage that just made it an overall winning combination, although unfortunately the truffle fries were a little too over fried to our liking so that was a bit of a downer.