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15 Places To Eat In Singapore with Free Parking

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With a land scarce city like Singapore, parking lots are often a nightmare to find. Free parking is even more so a luxury and possibly a rare commodity. Still, we managed to rummage for 15 places in Singapore with free parking all day long- this list does not include the shopping malls that offer free parking during lunch hours from 12-2pm. No more having to be on your guard or look out for the “summon auntie” while dining or worrying about the value your CashCard reader is going to reflect when you drive out of the carpark. Simply park the car, stay as long as you want and enjoy your meal.

In alphabetical order:

Revelry Cafe @ 21 Lorong Kilat

The Lorong Kilat neighbourhood has recently come alive with the opening of a whole slew of new cafes. And the eye-catching colourful circus-themed Revelry is one of them. Priding itself as a waffle specialty cafe, this family-run business is all about, as you may have guessed, waffles. Offering not just the usual sweet ones but also uniquely savoury combinations, you probably will find a waffle here to suit your mood for the day.

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From low-lying lanterns that flood the ceilings, to flamboyant murals of life-sized elephants painted on the walls, and a vibrant red and white colour scheme going on for the decor, the vibe here is definitely exuberant and a little theatrical- a nice change from the minimalist theme in cafes that is honestly getting a tad dated.  The menu too, which opens up like a fan, adds to the cafe’s overall distinct eclectic appeal.

Whisk & Paddle @ 10 Tebing Lane

Priding itself as a “cafe along the river”, the newly opened Whisk & Paddle facing the Punggol Reservoir certainly delivers that experience. An open bistro with a panoramic view of the mangrove vegetation and meandering river, there is an air of tranquility and peace found here that is hard to come by amidst the hustle and bustle of our cosmopolitan city.


We made our way here on a quiet Saturday morning just when the joggers were returning from their exercise along the park connectors and the cyclists had completed their rounds. Being the early comers at the cafe, we had first dips on which table to sit at and had a bit of fun deciding between the long communal wooden bar tables, the round colourful tiled ones or the low rise benches that flanked the friendly little playhouse put up for the kiddies. The space of Whisk & Paddle is huge by the way, offering more than enough distance between your table and the next, ensuring that your conversation was not within earshot of others- a luxury that is hard to find in most cafes these days.

Sunday Folks @ Chip Bee Gardens

From the same people behind home-grown ice-cream brand Creamier at Lor 1 Toa Payoh, comes a new soft-serve dessert concept located in the heart of Chip Bee Gardens. And almost an entirely different concept it is indeed as compared to their predecessor, as Sunday Folks serves mainly just 6 flavours of soft serve ice-cream and a range of cakes which changes routinely. Rest assured however, their famous crisp eggy waffles are still on the menu.


The space itself is much more luxurious than the cramped few seats there were in Creamier, with this being a lot more spacious and airy, sitting roughly 40 people quite comfortably. The interior too while minimalistic, bears some attention to details with vases of flowers on each table, light brown wooden furniture complimenting the cream-coloured walls, creating an overall cosy and comfortable feel.


MADO Café located at level 1 of JEM is hard to miss, being conveniently parked right next to one of the entrances of the huge mall. Selling ice-cream directly imported from Turkey, this dessert place is the flagship store in Singapore and possibly the first of its kind here. Since I posted a photo of this waffle and geo-tagged its location on Instagram, I have had friends and readers telling me that they had tried MADO ice-cream in Istanbul and was thrilled to find out that they have opened on our little island.

What’s unique and special about the ice-cream served at MADO is the fact that it is 100% halal because salep is used in place of gelatin and it is made from pure goat’s milk. Those adverse to the characteristic goat’s milk smell should not worry as well since these goats are fed with a specific diet, ensuring that the milk they produce is odourless. The only difference therefore, is the texture which is a tad more dense, a little creamier, thicker and not supposed to melt so easily. But of course in Singapore’s weather, even the coldest and hardiest of ice-creams will melt in our humidity.


Though the cafe sells mains and full meals, we came here specially for their desserts having heard so many good things about it. From the Signature Dessert Plates, we chose an iconic Turkish item- the Pisachio Baklava with Vanilla Ice-cream $11.90 because some of us had not even heard about Baklava before this, and 2 Waffle items- the Homemade Blueberry Cheesecake Waffle $11.50 and Salted Caramel Ice-cream $10.50.