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Kaffles | Waffles & Ice-Cream @ The Stirling Every Saturday Night

From the same young lady behind Mean Bean & Wicked Grind, comes a new start-up which is slated to be the next it-place for after dinner desserts. Kaffles- a play on the word waffles and the owners’ initials (Kimberley and Kenny) is a waffle specialty eatery which shares the same space as The Stirling along Cheong Chin Nam Road. Opened only on Saturday nights between 6pm to 1am, Kaffles serves up a variety of waffles and ice-cream combinations from $9.50 to $12.90.


The Klassic Kaffles $9.50 which is buttermilk waffles served with your choice of ice-cream (Earl Grey, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Coconut etc.) comes complete with an inverted wafer cone dipped in chocolate and colourful sprinkles, and pocky sticks in between the waffle stack to keep them crisp and not soggy. A refreshing and interesting new look to the usual waffles combinations that we would see in cafes, I am sure this novel presentation will be a hit with many.

Dessert Project @ 22 Havelock Road

Thick toasts and homemade artisan ice-cream is all in the craze these days and Dessert Project along Havelock Road is no exception. Serving up unique ice-cream flavours such as Melon and Parma Ham, Thai Earl Grey, White Rabbit Candy and After Eight (inspired by the mint chocolate) atop a base of 3-inch thick toast, this dessert specialty cafe is everything sweet and guaranteed to have you on a sugar high with their waffles and lava cakes as well.

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We ordered their Waffle $5.90 with a scoop of Coconut and Thai Earl Grey ice-cream ($3.20 for a classic flavour and $4 for a premium flavour), drizzled with Toffee sauce (additional $1). Frankly, we were not expecting much, having tried many waffles at different cafes before but boy were we pleasantly surprised when we cut through those golden brown layers. The batter was beautifully crisp, delightfully fluffy without being too airy and just a little chewy. Paired with dense creamy mounds of ice-cream which had bits of coconut flesh in one and subtle notes of bergamot in the other, this was a plate deserving of praise.

Karafuru Desserts

Karafuru Desserts is a Japanese-inspired cafe specialising in designer éclairs and yogurt parfaits. Set against an all-white backdrop with wooden accents and tessellated panels, the style is very minimalistic as the focus is on the glass display case of brightly-coloured, intricately-designed eclairs bathed in a glossy finish. Offering twelve varieties (four of which contain alcohol) daily, these Karafuru éclairs are priced between $6-$7. The yogurt parfaits on the other hand are all $16 with light fruity flavours such as the Yuzu-Cha, intense chocolatey ones like the Gianduja or Pancakes, which was inspired by the actual pancake dish. There are six choices in total for the parfaits.

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The cafe only opens at 1pm and because we we arrived a little before that, we were just in time to catch the staff bringing out trays of charming oblong-shaped, cream-filled pastries and arranging them into neat rows according to their individual flavours. Everything looked so good, we were half tempted to order one of each.

L’ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle

L’ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle has finally opened their brick and mortar store in the heart of Orchard Road. Dubbed as Singapore’s first eclair boutique, L’ÉCLAIR located at the ground level of Singapore Shopping Centre brings a bit of Paris to our island with their exquisitely designed cream-filled choux pastries. Aesthetically charming and simply pleasing to the eyes, each eclair is practically an art piece served on a plate that has been taking social media by storm with how photogenic they are on camera.


The duo behind L’ÉCLAIR- Sarah and Michelle, initially started out as an online business, supplying eclairs to other cafes such as Mean Bean Wicked Grind (where I first got a taste of those pretty little things) before moving on to pop-ups hosted at Three Years In A Balloon and Artistry. The establishment of this physical store has therefore been long time coming.

Dazzling Cafe Singapore @ Capitol Piazza

The Honey Toast iconic to Dazzling Cafe needs little to no introduction. After all, ever since its soft launch back in April and finally its long awaited official opening at the beginning of this month, Dazzling Cafe located at level 1 of the newly revamped snazzy Capitol Piazza has been making waves on all forms of social media with their super photogenic desserts topped with both ice-cream and cream cascading down the stack of crisp thick slices of buttered toasts.

Dazzling Cafe finds its roots in Taiwan as one of the most widely popular dessert franchise chains that still sees winding queues outside their nine outlets today- 5 years after they first opened. Needless to say, fans in Singapore did what they do best and queued outside Dazzling Cafe as well when business started and while the fanfare has died down a tad bit right now, it is still mostly full house especially on weekends.

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I have been to Dazzling Cafe a total of 3 times since they opened and since all 3 visits were on weekday afternoons, the longest I had to wait was approximately 20 minutes. While it is a bit unusual for me to revisit the same place so many times within a span of only a few weeks, I did have my eye on a few items on their menu and since portions were relatively big, I had to space out my visits.