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Sushi Kou @ 1 Tras Link | Affordable Omakase Sets & Quality Japanese Cuisine

The ground level of Orchid Hotel in Tanjong Pagar is fast transforming into a little enclave of Japanese eateries. From the perpetually crowded hole-in-the-wall Teppei restaurant (which has a 6 month long waiting list) to the well-loved Keisuke Tonkotsu King ramen shop next door and Gyoza King another few doors down, the space is almost like your one-stop shop offering almost all the elements of Japanese cuisine in one building.

And joining the ‘brotherhood’ of Japanese eateries since July last year- also at level 1 of the hotel, is a humble and modest cosy 50-seater Sushi Kou offering Omakase sets ranging from $50-$100, Set Lunches from $16 and an a la carte menu which includes but not limited to sashimi, sushi, tempura, noodle and rice staples.

Run by a Tokyo-native Chef with more than 15 years of culinary experience, Sushi Kou- which also means Happy Sushi, strives to offer quality Japanese cuisine with an affordable price tag.


Slightly more spacious than its neighbours however, seating comes with 2 options- either the intimate booth seats for more huddled get-togethers or counter seats where you can catch some live action as the chefs prepare and plate their dishes upon order. Twice a week, the freshest seasonal produce is flown in from Tokyo, Kyoto and Hokkaido, and the Omakase menus are planned around those ingredients so every Omakase experience here at Sushi Kou is always different.

Complimentary bottles of pickled cucumbers, seaweed and fresh grate-yourself wasabi roots are also available to complete your authentic Japanese dining experience.


We had the $80 Omakase Set Dinner with 7 courses which spanned for 2 hours.

Inari Mayo and Hotate Daikon Nitsuke

Starting us off were two cold appetizers served on a platter- some delightful chopped shellfish with beancurd skin that was creamy with a touch of crunchy, contributed by the pops of tobiko, and sweet flavourful scallops braised with radish.


Otoro, Mutsu, Kurodai, Hirame, Hotate, Hamachi

There is a ‘minimum of 2 to dine’ requirement for the Omakase sets so sashimi is usually served Moriawase style, with the intention of sharing. My dining companions were only too excited to dig into those gloriously thick luxuriant slices of Tuna Belly, Scallops, Flounder and the likes. Judging from their happy contented faces and declarations of ‘I will come back again just for the sashimi‘, it is safe to conclude that the sashimi fulfilled its brief.

A La Carte Buffet Dinner @ Jade Restaurant, Fullerton Hotel

Fans of The Fullerton Hotel’s Jade Restaurant’s A La Carte Dinner Buffet which was first introduced for the month of December last year will be ecstatic to know that it has since been relaunched on 1 April 2014 with new creations by Chef Leong Chee Yeng and his team. Diners can look forward to more than 38 dishes in this refreshed A La Carte Dinner Buffet menu which features old favourites from the previous edition and new exciting ones as well. Available daily from 6.30pm onwards, it is guaranteed to be a culinary journey of gastronomic proportions that will allow you to feast till your hearts are content.

Getting hungry yet?

These are the highlights of the Jade Restaurant A La Carte Buffet which you do not want to miss out on…


From the list of Appetizers, we started with an order of Deep-fried Prawns Coated with Passion Fruit Mayonnaise- new on the menu. Tangy with a fruity finish, these succulent fat prawns were generously smothered with creamy mayo and bursting in sweetness with every bite. Refreshing and delightful, this is highly recommended. For something slightly more conventional, these is also the Deep-fried Prawns Coated with Wasabi Mayonnaise on the menu. Order both if cholesterol levels are not a limiting factor.


One from the previous menu, this Roasted Five-Spice Crispy Pork Belly is a classic and deservingly so. Crackling and fatty, it was hard to resist stopping at one piece. Everyone probably felt the same because no one needed much persuasion before this plate was cleaned out.


Another new item, this Crispy Squid in Seven Spices Fragrant Salt brought back memories of salt & pepper squid which I used to always order at Chinese restaurants in Australia. These did not disappoint by the way. Crunchy and a tad chewy, these crispy squid were great munchies which I think both young and old will enjoy.

Social Square by MOF @ Parkway Parade

From the same Japanese food chain which brought you LENAS, Dolce Tokyo, My Izakaya and AmaSoy, Ministry of Food (MOF), adds yet another to its brood with the recent launch of Social Square at level 3 of Parkway Parade. Serving up a wide variety of European-Japanese influenced gourmet delights with three full-fledged menus, the people in the East definitely have a new option for large group gatherings or even intimate twosome meet-ups.

The food here at Social Square is divided into three main categories- Western, Japanese and Desserts. Each menu is crammed full with options and I have never said this with so much conviction but everyone will certainly find something to eat here. And it is also because the restaurant offers such a diverse range of foods, the larger-than-usual open-concept kitchen is always bustling with activity and you might even be able to catch some live action going on from your seat!



A key attraction of Social Square is their All-Day-Breakfast offerings which are extremely hearty in portions and frankly, quite affordable in price. But I think what won me over from the start, was the fact that the food on my table looked exactly like it did in the menu! The presentations were true to their printed pictures. We tried the Essential British $12.80 and Smoked Salmon Benedict $18.80 which were both decent and satisfying enough to curb your breakfast-for-dinner cravings.


Snacks such as the Chicken Wings $6 which were deep-fried and seasoned well, received our thumbs-up. This might be one of the most common appetizers but there was no doubt that it was done well here.


Mains include the Pan-fried Salmon Mushroom $20 which came with a choice of 2 side dishes. Generous portions though the salmon was a little too overcooked for our liking. Those criss cut fries with a dash of parmesan did however make for great munchies.

Pidgin Kitchen & Bar @ 7 Dempsey Road

Formerly known as Pamplemousse Bistro and Bar, Pidgin Kitchen & Bar- the newest addition to Dempsey Road is all about putting a creative spin on popular Southeast Asian local favorites and transforming them into unique original creations. This bold and ingenious concept by restaurateurs Adrian Ling and Cleo Chiang-Ling, takes your palate on an exciting journey of exploring familiar flavors that are presented in a whole new way. I personally enjoyed my tasting experience so much that I immediately made a reservation for a family dinner that same Friday night but was told that it was fully booked already.

Tip: Make your reservations early at Pidgin to avoid disappointment


The 1500 sqft space seats 56 pax both indoors and outdoors comfortably and oozes ‘industrial-chic’ appeal with its concrete wall features and parquet flooring.


A bar counter of Cult Spirits, Artisanal Beers and Wines steals the show with more than 100 labels of old and new old worlds categorized according to flavor profile. Craft Cocktails created by the bartenders are assured to please with signatures sporting exotic names such as Calamansi Mai Tai $28++, Nin Jiom Old Fashioned $20++ and Masala Apple Strudel $20++.

Festive cocktails specially created for the Christmas season include the sweet and nutty Zing-A-Ling $22++ and refreshing Melly Krismust $22++ that will be available only till 31st December.

Resorts World Sentosa’s (RWS) Malaysian Food Street

If there is one food establishment perpetually crowded in Resorts World Singapore, it is the Malaysian Food Street. Reason being, it is one of the more affordable dining options around the tourist attraction and also because it offers Singaporeans an opportunity to enjoy authentic Malaysian hawker fare without having to travel all the way there! From KL’s Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice and Jalan Alor Hokkien Mee to Penang’s Hai Beng Hainan Lor Mee and Malacca’s Chicken Rice Balls, Malaysian Food Street has more than 15 hawker stalls under its fully air-conditioned roof.

And now, to freshen things up for the loyal customers who have supported them for the past 2 years, MFS has newly introduced 5 more stalls to the brood since last month- adding to the already tantalizing line up of hawkers in the 22,000 square feet space.


Oh Chien $8

Well loved amongst Singaporeans and Malaysians alike, the fried oyster omelette is always a quintessential hawker dish. Purists of the Penang variation will be pleased to know that the Oh Chien served here will stay true to the original with more flour and starch mixed into the batter for a thicker and more chewy texture. If you are a fan of oysters, then you most definitely would not want to miss out on the big juicy ones that are wok-fried with it. I was a tad disappointed with the chilli dip though, as it lacked the sourish punch and intensity which I usually prefer to compliment my Oh Chien.


Char Koay Kak $5.50

Most Singaporeans will probably recognise this as fried carrot cake or radish cake. But bordering on savoury instead of sweet, this Penang street food brings along with it plenty of wok hei and generous amounts of eggs, beansprouts and prawns as well. The highlight for me had to be biting into those bits of chai po for a hint of salty satisfaction.