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The Missing Pan – Bakery & Brasserie @ 619D Bukit Timah Road

Creating quite the ruckus along the quiet row of shophouses along Bukit Timah Road- next to Coronation Plaza, is an all-day bakery and brasserie offering freshly baked, organic artisanal breads and delightful wholesome hearty meals that recently opened barely half a year ago. Started by the same people behind the now-defunct Uppercrust, The Missing Pan is a welcoming addition to the West and judging from the long queues that were forming outside this two storey loft-style bakery on the Saturday morning that I was there, everyone probably feels the same way as I do.

I have personally been here a couple of times, not only because of how convenient the location is and the proximity it is to my place but also because the dishes here are interesting and somewhat unusual yet still homely and comforting. If you are a fan of breads as I am, you will be happy to know that all the breads from The Missing Pan are free from preservatives, additives and flavourings, with vegan and dairy-free options for those with certain food intolerances as well.


We came here for their brunch menu which extends all the way till 4pm on weekends but ends at 2.30pm on weekdays. Dinner features a completely different slightly fancy seasonal menu and starts at 6pm everyday.

Dishes for brunch here at The Missing Pan are considerably extensive and divides itself into 3 broad categories- Cold, Hot and Desserts. Simple and succinct. Cold items include their In-House Bircher Museli (already sold out by the time we reached), Grilled Pumpkin Salad and Beetroot Quinoa Salad– all priced between $10-$12. The latter with its chunks of candied beetroot, fresh arugula and protein-rich quinoa grains is one of their best-sellers and we vouch for it too!


An item that we saw on almost every table while we were there and probably one of the most instagrammed item on their #themissingpan hashtag, was this 62 Degree Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon $22, which is a definite must-try.  The yolk of the poached eggs cooked at 62 degrees, do not flow easily and has more of a custardy consistency, complimenting that creaminess of the avocado spread and homemade hollandaise sauce. The smoked salmon portion, served in cubes instead of the usual slices, was generous with subtle salty notes and a perfect match for those freshly baked slices of organic sourdough it was resting on. One of the best I have had so far.

Stirling Highway @ 5 Ridgewood Close

Another brunch place in the West has opened. Taking over the shophouse space formerly occupied by Haato at Ridgewood Close condominium, this place is really not for those who do not drive or cab in- the nearest bus stop is at least a 10 minute walk away. Nonetheless, people coming here who are looking for a quiet respite and cafe to chill on the weekends may be disappointed because crowds have already hopped on the bandwagon and the place was full house and bustling on a late Saturday morning when we dropped by- we had to sit at the al fresco area. None too shabby I have to say, for a cafe that has been opened only for 3 months in a tad obscure location.

Started by three young friends who met during their university days in Perth, the cafe is also fondly named after the street they used to live in. Serving brunch food from opening till 2pm everyday, the menu switches to a more mains and pastas one from 6pm onwards. Lunch is served in between from 11am-2pm as well, with nothing more than $16 while dinner items are $20 and below.


We had our Eggs Benedict $12.90 with Smoked Salmon and with the sprinkle of cracked black pepper and dash of cayenne pepper, this was a pretty picture- truly Instagram worthy. The only problem was that because it was so crowded and they seemed shorthanded, we had to wait roughly 40 minute for this arrive. And we were both ravenous by the time it did. So did it taste good? The combination was enjoyable I have to admit though I did not have the patience to tease out the individual elements of the hollandaise and sourdough because I was simply too hungry. But in case you were curious, both poached eggs were perfect and burst beautifully with flowing yolks.

Lola’s Cafe @ 5 Simon Road

Lola’s Cafe located in the North-East part of Singapore has been earning rave reviews for their good food and affordable prices. Opened by a pair of twenty-something year olds who met during their university days, their concept was to create a cosy space for friends and families to gather, accompanied with delicious food made from the heart. And make from the heart they do- with the duo taking charge of the kitchen themselves. Cakes and pastries are all made from scratch by June Tan while the savouries are by her partner- Foo Choo Kiat.

I finally found the time to venture to Kovan last week and realised that with the Circle line, it really is not that far from my place! Plus the restaurant is simply a stone’s throw away from the MRT station- surprisingly convenient. We arrived just in time before Brunch ended and were lucky to get the last available table- granted that it was outside with no air-con. Yes it was full house even on a weekday. Not surprising, seeing that nothing on the Brunch Menu (10am-3pm) is more than $15 while items on the Dinner Menu (6pm onwards) does not exceed $16. And yes prices are all NETT!

See also my list of 25 Places To Eat In Singapore with Nett Prices.


From the Snacks Menu (all day), we ordered these Honey and Paprika Wings (8pcs) $9, strongly recommended by my friend who had been here before! Sticky and some parts spicy, the wings were fried to a golden crisp and were sinfully good. The honey glaze slathered over the chicken definitely upped the appealing factor a notch.

Other choices include Truffles Fries with Grated Parmesan Cheese, Nacho Cheese Fries and Bangers & Mash with Sweet Onion Sauce– all $12 and below

Common Man Coffee Roasters

The hottest collaboration in town at the moment is none other than the one located at 22 Martin Road. Two month old Common Man Coffee Roasters upped the ante by pulling out the big guns, bringing together Spa Esprit Group, Harry Grover from 40 Hands and Five Senses Coffee (Australia) for the trendiest concept cafe of the season.


Setting itself apart from other specialty coffee places, CMCR instead serves up a bevy of Middle-Eastern influenced all-day-breakfast items such as the Common Man Full Veggie Breakfast which features halloumi & free-range organic eggs, and the Turkish Common Man Breakfast with phyllo-wrapped soft boiled eggs, crispy feta with hummus and pita bread. Lunch options too are exotic with the likes of Baked Beetroot with feta cheese or Quinoa Salad with yoghurt & mint.


And though the place is called Common Man Coffee Roasters, meant for the common man, the prices seem to suggest otherwise. Be expected to fork out $26 for the Common Man Full Breakfast, $18 for a French Toast and $34 for a 300gm Ribeye Steak.

PARK @ Holland Village

If you have been to Holland Village recently, then you probably would have noticed that the construction around the Circle Line has all been cleared and now replaced with a wide space of clearing filled with greenery and concrete park benches. This overall garden setting seeks to promote a community park feel and serve as an area to gather, soak up some sun or enjoy the evening breeze. And if you are looking for a drink or some nibbles to accompany that view, do check out the eco-friendly cafe/bar- PARK situated at the Holland Road end of the park.

While having the name PARK in a park is nondescript and hardly raises any eyebrows, the structure and architecture of this shack probably will. Reconstructed out of an old shipping container and powered by solar energy (hence the eco-friendly element), it is a strategic place to engage in the activity of people watching or simply enjoy some quiet time by yourself, a nice respite amongst the trees and plants.


In the day, PARK is usually quiet with few occupants but the scene changes quickly at night as the beer specials and extensive list of alcoholic beverages at extremely competitive prices draw a young and edgy crowd.

Food menu is about a page long, with a decent selection of Salads, Starters, Sandwiches, Mains & Pastas and Cakes. The Starters selection includes Nachos with Cheese, SPAM Chips, PARK Wings and Parmesan Truffled Fries at $8.50 each. We tried the latter which was served with three dips and a good sprinkle of shredded Parmesan. But while the presentation and the seductive smell of truffle oil was indeed enticing, the fries were a little over-fried (if that’s possible) and I could hardly taste any of that buttery potato mush, present even in shoestring fries. Sadly, my truffle fries craving was not satisfied even after we were done with the whole bucket.


All-Day-Breakfast items such as Eggs Benedict $13.80, Toast Soldiers $6 and Eggs in a Pocket $12.80 are also on the menu. Our server highly recommended us the Eggs Ben so we took her suggestion and my was our plate pretty when it arrived at our table. I could not fault the plating and elements of the dish because it was substantial. Rosti patties, bacon, cherry tomatoes and even stalks of greens sitting in between the ham, toast and beautifully poached eggs. Almost perfect if it werent for the Hollandaise sauce which was bland and lacked character. I was a little disappointed.