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Moosehead Kitchen-Bar @ 110 Telok Ayer Street

Monday night and the restaurant was buzzing with activity with practically every table occupied. Clearly, Moosehead Kitchen-Bar must be doing something right. While having dinner there, I could not quite pin-point what the attraction to this place was. Be it the thoughtfully curated yet extensive alcoholic beverage list, the edgy hipster murals sprawled on the walls, the rustic feel of the place with its palette of browns, grays and other earthy colours or simply the experimental and quirky nature of Chef Manel as reflected in the Mediterranean cuisine he serves, peppered with South-East Asian flavour. Either way, Moosehead Kitchen-Bar definitely has an X factor.


The menu selection is fairly concise and honestly if you bring a bunch of friends down for a meal, you probably can make your way fairly easily through it all. All portions are a little bigger than the usual tapas size so just like their mantra printed on the menu, it is all about ‘Eat + Drink + Share’ here at Moosehead.


For starters, I strongly and highly recommend their Bacon Wrapped Chargrilled Dates, Roast Garlic Aioli, Pine Nuts $8. Trust me, while the combination does sound a little out-of-the-world, the taste is simply wicked. Imagine the salty notes from the bacon marrying with the sweetness of the caramelized grilled date, covered with creamy garlic aioli and complimented by a crunch of pine nuts. Simply an explosion of flavours and myriad of textures that tease your taste buds and have you wishing you could just take one more piece. Oh so good. Could probably finish a few plates of this easy.

New Menu Offerings @ Forest & Tangerine, RWS

Fans of both celebrity chef restaurants- Forest and Tangerine at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), will be excited to know that the two have recently introduced new creations to their menu. From contemporary Chinese cuisine at Forest, to healthy and nutritious delights at Tangerine, the husband-wife team promises a rejuvenating dining experience for their guests.

For more on the chemistry and dynamics of this successful chef-couple, do check out our interview with both Chefs Sam and Forest Leong and gain an insight into how it is like to have two cooks in a relationship!



Run by Chef Sam Leong, Forest- located at the lobby of Equarius Hotel launches a new Sunday lunch which showcases the culinary prowess of the celebrity chef himself. The lunch is 8 courses long but features 13 dishes in total. This concept encourages you to simply take the time to bask and savour these tantalizing creations served in tasting portions till your taste buds are thoroughly satisfied.

Here are some of the dishes you can expect at the Sunday lunch:

Braised Flat Rice Noodle with Prawns in Black Bean Sauce & Wok-Fried Japanese Pearl Rice with Squid Ink in XO Chili Sauce accompanied with Seared Hokkaido Scallop

Beautifully contemporary, blending the wok hei of Chinese cooking with the elegance of Japanese cuisine. The prawns and scallops were succulent and bursting in natural sweetness while the textures of the carbs contrasted well. That XO Chili Sauce was a winner for me.


Duo Combination Platter:
Baby Abalone with Sichuan ‘Ma La’ Sauce
Wok-Fried Crispy Duck pressed confit and Yam served with Mushroom Sauce

My eyes were naturally drawn to the Duck ‘confit’ in this one. Never one to shy away from experimenting and being different, it was only natural that Chef’s rendition would look this avant-garde. Nonetheless the earthiness of the yam and moist duck meat combination worked- especially when the final mixture was deep fried till a crisp.

MUSEO @ Quayside Isle, Sentosa Island

From the very same people who brought you Arteastiq Boutique Tea House, their newest foray into the local dining scene- MUSEO sports a decidedly swankier and classier appeal, incorporating both a restaurant and barroom with one of today’s most luxurious postal codes- Quayside Isle on Sentosa Island.


Pronounced as ‘MOO-ZAY-O’, which is Museum in Italian, MUSEO boasts of a ritzy interior, with rough-cut concrete walls, plush comfy seating as well as an integrated social painting studio (known as Art Jam at Arteastiq), a stunning view of the Marina and a picturesque sunset to boot. Accompanied by specially selected house music, MUSEO seeks to whisk you off into an idyllic respite where the mind can relax and the soul is at ease.


The first-of-its-kind, MUSEO presents a whole new dining concept of ‘Dine-In-A-Cup’ where signatures of Pan Roast Cod Fillet $33 and Two-way Lamb $35 are served in tasteful glass holders, adding on to the overall snazzy appeal of this place.

For a more intimate touch, diners are allowed to customize their very own Mezzanine set by choosing up to 4 out of 12 specially concocted Chef creations for $39. Alternatively, you could leave it to the expertise of Chef Yip and his team and order their Mezzanine Signatures, which includes 4 recherché selections for $38.

** Do note that these are tasting portions


The gimmicky concept of Specialty Tea Sets has also been brought over from Arteastiq and diners will recognise the similar presentation of the teapot, glass cup, biscotti and shot of syrup, all served neatly in a row on a dark wood tray with a tea menu which includes old favourites and new refreshing concoctions of Fruit, Floral and Ginger teas.

STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar, Bay Hotel

Taking over the space of Rumah Rasah- the former Halal Indonesian restaurant at level 1 of Bay Hotel (conveniently located opposite Vivocity), STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar is the new kid in the house hoping to impress with its extensive array of global flavours and culinary influences from countries all around the world.

The kitchen no longer has its halal certification and is now helmed by Chef Ricky whose specialty is in French and Asian cuisine. And while the predominantly wooden brown decor of the restaurant has not changed, the menu itself has undergone a complete makeover. Looking promising and affordable, the five columned menu has a decent variety of appetizers, meats and seafood, Asian selections and Western offerings of pastas and pizzas.


The Caprese $12 makes a visually appealing starter with its selection of interspersed vineyard tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella wrapped in parma ham, finished off with a drizzle of aged balsamico and a couple of fried basil leaves. But while it appeared delightful and appetizing, the elements remained divided and did not quite come together so harmoniously. The portion of parma ham too was dismal while the buffalo mozzarella did not have that semi-soft and creamy consistency it was supposed to. Overall, it was underwhelming and one dimensional.



The Hazelnut Escargot $14 (half dozen), $22 (dozen) sure know how to make an entrance with its burst of flames as the waiter serves it up flambéd with Brandy. These Burgundy snails stuffed with hazelnut butter were first slow-baked, resulting in a firm buttery chewy sweet tasting flesh that was so pleasurable to extract from the shell. Some may however find the liqueur-drenched dish a little too intense and strong for the palate.

Street 50


Warm up the belly with this Duck Pot Pie $22 which is one of its kind. While most of us are used to a beef, chicken or even rabbit filling, using a duck is decidedly unique and unusual. I warmed up to that delightfully buttery puff pastry which was a comforting pairing with the rich red wine sauce and duck meat which had been slow braised till tender.

The Halia at Raffles Hotel


The Halia Group who first started the award-winning Halia restaurant at the Botanic Gardens 11 years ago is back again with its second outlet- The Halia at Raffles Hotel. Located at the now defunct space of Seah Street Deli, against the historic colonial settings of Singapore most iconic hotel, The Halia at Raffles Hotel serves up a contemporary European menu with a touch of Asian influence. Working with the concept of ‘small plates’ and ‘big plates’ instead of the usual ‘appetizers’ and ‘mains’, dining here at The Halia is all about casual and flexible fun as you create your own degustation menu and enjoy it with friends.

The 100-seater restaurant is airy, spacious and adorned with natural foliage, paying tribute to its flagship. An ancient old tree takes centre stage with a wooden carved table which will make excellent conversation fodder for whoever is dining there. Others can relish in the lush flora and black/white motif tiled floors of this cosy space as you sit in your cushioned chairs, waiting for the food to arrive.



The perfect marriage of the East and West, this MUST TRY small plate of Oriental Pulled Duck $18 is most riveting. The duck confit (classically French), had been marinated overnight, allowing all those duck meat to bask in the juices while the very Japanese Soba noodles gently tossed in sesame oil proved to be an elegant compliment. Overall, a simple yet dynamic dish that had much love from me.


Not the healthiest of salads but certainly one of the most indulgent, this Foie Gras Salad $23 was a beautiful medley of textures and flavours. From the infusion of sickly sweet apricot chutney and blueberries to that buttery texture of the foie gras and a nice crunch from the candied ginger pecans, everything was pulled together quite harmoniously and effortlessly.