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The Tastemaker Store @ 22 Havelock Road

Dubbed the Mitju-inspired cafe with its clean finishes, white-washed walls, minimalistic interior and predominantly wooden furniture, the opening of The Tastemaker Store in an otherwise old and sleepy estate of Beo Crescent created some waves for being different and such a unique addition among the old-school coffee shops and food stalls.

To give the cafe some credit for trying to fit into the neighbourhood, they do serve up local delights such as breakfast sets of kaya toast and half boiled eggs, traditional yam cakes and glutinous rice which are jazzed up a little, while the usual suspects of matcha latte and Instagram-worthy cakes from Maple & Market are also on the menu.


Instead of going for the usual kaya and butter combination, we decided to be more adventurous and tried their exotic-sounding Lemon Curd with Clotted Cream $3 instead. Served between two toasted English Muffins (which somewhat reminded me of a particular fast-food joint’s breakfast), the layer of lemon curd was thick and sinfully complimented by a blob of clotted cream. Interesting mix of ingredients but surprisingly, it worked really well. The curd itself was tangy, a little sourish with subtle sweet notes while the richness of the cream pulled it together. Two thumbs up! Top up $2.80 for a side of half boiled eggs and cup of coffee.

Sunday Folks @ Chip Bee Gardens

From the same people behind home-grown ice-cream brand Creamier at Lor 1 Toa Payoh, comes a new soft-serve dessert concept located in the heart of Chip Bee Gardens. And almost an entirely different concept it is indeed as compared to their predecessor, as Sunday Folks serves mainly just 6 flavours of soft serve ice-cream and a range of cakes which changes routinely. Rest assured however, their famous crisp eggy waffles are still on the menu.


The space itself is much more luxurious than the cramped few seats there were in Creamier, with this being a lot more spacious and airy, sitting roughly 40 people quite comfortably. The interior too while minimalistic, bears some attention to details with vases of flowers on each table, light brown wooden furniture complimenting the cream-coloured walls, creating an overall cosy and comfortable feel.

Whale & Cloud @ 48 Niven Road (Selegie)

A couple of us crazy girls decided to embark on our cafehopping trip at 9am on a rainy Saturday morning. Reasons being, this discreet and hidden gem of a cafe only opens on selected weekends (word has it that it is only Saturdays now!), we heard that practically everyone was making plans to visit it that same weekend and knew that it had such a cosy space that was way too small to accommodate a crowd. So we went there bright and early to secure a table and mind you, we were still not the first to arrive when we reached.

There is nothing not to love about this place. It has a cutesy name- Whale & Cloud, the route to the cafe feels like an adventure itself, entry is only via the door along the back alley, you have to knock on it before the door is opened for you and when it does, it feels like walking into a whimsical wonderland of trinkets thrown together for that homely feeling. The red bricked wall, the vintage Cathay cinema seats, the bakes on sale for the day sitting on an oven top and the stalks of Baby’s Breath adding a touch of femininity to the place- clearly the owner takes pride in the details and it shows at every corner of the cafe.


Although we were told that the owner bakes her own cakes and cookies to sell sometimes, the ones we had last week were from Kisses Bakery instead. Not complaining because I got to try their Red Velvet Slice $4 and amazing Carrot Cake $5 that was so moist and rich with that layer of thick cream cheese. I would have ordered a few more to takeaway if I was going straight home that day! Not sure if the owner will eventually decide to bake her own or cater from Kisses Bakery but either way, there will definitely be sweet treats on the table when you are there (while stocks last!).


Other items on sale at Whale & Cloud include chocolates, bags of coffee beans, cooking books and even Kinfolk which the owner has brings back from her trips overseas so almost everything here is technically “limited edition”.

Bécasse Dempsey Hill

The Bécasse brand is no stranger to the Sydney dining scene. And now after creating waves there for their French-inspired European fare and glorious pastries, Bécasse has made its foray into Singapore, opening its first ever full-fledged restaurant, equipped with an open kitchen, seafood counter displaying the freshest catch, a modern luxe dining hall with a beautiful rear garden conservatory and complete with the luxurious postal code of Dempsey Hill.

Brought in by the Jones the Grocer group, Bécasse Dempsey Hill boasts of a wide and varied selection of items in their menu with notably unique dishes which you will not find else where. From Sticky Date Pancakes, to Moreton Bay Bugs, Rabbit Schnitzel and Oyster Mushroom Crepes, these are definitely not your regular run-of-the-mill courses that you find in other restaurants.





Bécasse serves Breakfast from 8am-12pm every day and till 3pm on weekends, Afternoon High Tea from 3-6pm daily and a Sharing Menu at all other times from 12pm onwards.

From the Small Plates of the Sharing Menu, we had their Anchovy Flat Bread $9 that was baked with a generous topping of chopped soft sweet onions and dressed with some thyme and lemon zest. The breads are all freshly baked on-site as well and might I add that the complimentary Sourdough served at the beginning paired with a spread of salted French butter is by far one of the best I have had in a while. We could not resist buying back a loaf to enjoy at home after that.

GRUB Singapore @ Bishan Park

GRUB Bistro, nestled in the middle of Bishan Park is a standalone building amidst the lush greenery and long foot trails. Offering food made from natural and responsible ingredients- free from MSG, artificial preservatives, additives and cooking with only hormone-free poultry and sustainable seafood, the idyllic and scenic backdrop sets the stage for a much needed respite from the bustling city.

Opened by the same people who own Cookyn Inc, GRUB recently turned one year old earlier this month and is now serving lunch as well- a welcoming decision probably driven by popular demands because the bistro used to only do dinners on weekdays and the brunch crowds on the weekends were especially crazy as reservations were not allowed.


I was excited to finally have the opportunity to try their food as I came down for their newly launched Lunch Menu. The latter features a mix of their dinner and weekend brunch offerings, with the mains revolving more around burgers and pastas. We ordered the Mentaiko Fries $9 to start us off and if there was anything to trump my love for truffle fries, this is probably it. Luscious creamy mentaiko aioli with salty notes and bits of nori seaweed dressing those beautifully browned fries- this is a MUST TRY!

Next up was the Crispy Fish $14 and GRUB Double Cheeseburger $18- both chosen because they were signature items though other burger options like the Portobello $11 and Pork Steak $13 sounded interesting too! Many would recognize the iconic crumbed fish fillet of the Crispy Fish Burger which extends longer than the buns themselves and was absolutely eye-catching and scrumptious looking. Unfortunately, the fish itself was a tad dry and not as flaky as we would have liked it to be. Nonetheless, we smothered it with some mentaiko from our fries and the problem was solved in no time.


A new item on the menu- the Sakura Ebi Pasta $17 was also a hit with all of us. We adored the succulent sweet plump prawns tossed with fried Sakura Ebi and mentaiko so much that a fight ensued as to who was to have the last bite. One dish that I would travel back to Bishan for and I sincerely hope the quality of their al dente linguine remains consistent for my subsequent visits. Love this! This one is available for both lunch and dinner.