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Adelaide Eats: Korea Restaurant

This was actually the very first Korean BBQ restaurant I had visited in Adelaide when Uncle Mark and Aunty Amy first brought dad, mum and I here in first year during O week! So when I was brought here this evening, I was like ‘Hey this place is super familiar! I have been here before! And so I have…LOL!’

Friday night Korean BBQ dinner :)

Free sides…

My BBQ essentials- chilli! The chilli paste had an adequate spicy level so I was happy :)

We both ordered Set C $18 for Beef + Seafood Combination + free flow of rice + soup + sides

And let the BBQ-ing begin… :D

I came out smelling like smoke! Omgg but $18 was pretty worth it for the set. Service was excellent and it’s conveniently located opposite Eggless so you can enjoy dinner and then dessert after. Unless of course you forget to make a reservation which we did today and failed to get a seat!

Other Korean BBQ Places:
Charcoal Hwaro Korean BBQ
4 Table Korean BBQ

133 Goodwood Road
Goodwood, SA 5034

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Travel: 5 Best Dessert Places In Adelaide

It’s a well known fact that I have a major sweet tooth. Chocolates, cakes, ice-cream- you name it, Id probably love them. Anyway a few people have been asking me where the best dessert places in Adelaide are, so I have decided to compile a list of my favourite sweet places in this city. And since this is my list, it’s also based on my opinions so you probably may or may not agree with me but to each its own.

Right at the top of the list at No. 1 for me is good old CHOCOLATE BEAN
18 Union Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Chocolate Hazelnut Heaven
Chocolate Bean Round 2!

Nobody makes chocolate the way Chocolate Bean does. Love everything about their desserts, the coziness of the cafe and the friendliness of the staff. Maybe Im just biased because of its super convenient location. This is a favourite with the housemates and I! Must tries here are the Indulgence Plate, Chocolate Filth and their cakes on display.

227 The Parade, Norwood 5067

Adelaide Eats: DOOF DOOF We Know FOOD Backwards

“At DOOF DOOF We Know FOOD Backwards we only stock organic produce and products; if it is not available organically we do not have it. This is how we retain our status as a quality organic store and have the added benefit of only having the best and freshest produce on our shelves.

This is also reflected in the café menu which has evolved around the same quality produce. DOOF DOOF We Know FOOD Backwards standard recipes are simple but tasty using the natural clean flavours of quality organic produce. Soups are not thickened by adding flour or other thickening agents, just plenty of the main ingredient or by adding pulses. Each dish is created to be healthy as well as tasty with milk used in the scrambled eggs rather than cream as one example and only the best olive and rice bran oil used for cooking and in salads.

Our food is designed to energize and invigorate the consumer and a natural high with not only taste but nutritional value as well.”


Honey & Cinnamon Pancakes with Vanilla Ice-cream $13.50

Omelette $13.50 with slow roast tomatoes, spinach & goats cheese

The organic marketplace in the cafe itself where you can shop for organic produce :)

88 Duthy Street, Malvern
Malvern, 5061
(08) 8172 2146

Mon – Sat: 7:30am to 5:30pm
Sun: 8:00am to 5:30pm

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Adelaide Eats: Assaggio Ristorante

I seem to be always one week late in my entries. Very very inefficient of me. -Shakes head- but do cut me some slack because I had a bad week with my joints with multiple flare ups and paws for hands and legs. But enough of that, let’s move on to more elegant talk such as fine dining :)

Fiori di zucca con spuma di spinaci, Gorgonzola e pinoli $19
Flowering zucchini blossoms filled with baby spinach, gorgonzola & pine nut ricotta mousse

Calamari alla griglia con rucola $18
Char grilled squid with rocket salad & warm morton bay bug dressing

Vitello tonnato, Freddo con salsa di tonno e capperi $18
Roasted slices of cleland mountain veal with a blue fin tuna & caper sauce

Filetto di salmone con asparagi, spinaci e piselli $31
Grilled loin of atlantic salmon with asparagus wrapped in speck with spinach, pine nut & pea pesto

Tortiglioni al brasato di ragu di salsicce e lambrusco $27
Straight edge short tube pasta with ragú of pork, fennel & chilli, sausage & perisian lentils slow cooked in lambrusco wine

Chitarre allo Zarrerano E Polpa di granchio $30

Saffron ‘guitar string’ pasta with South Australian blue swimmer crab and a roasted tomato & shellfish sauce

Orecchiette al pesto di broccolini $28
Ear shaped pasta with pesto of tender broccolini, black olives, garlic, chilli, shaved pecorino & extra virgin olive oil

Risotto ai frutti di mare $30
Vialone rice from verona wi th pan-fried gulf prawns, slipper lobster, scallops & flathead moistened wi th a tomato & shellfish stock

Linguine alla pescatora $30
Thin flat pasta ‘little tongues’ of south australian shellfish, crustaceans, white fish, garlic, chilli & extra virgin olive oil

Cakeage here was $3.50 pp..but I guess for 2 cakes that were not very easy to cut, it was kinda worth it? And they arranged our slices really prettily on the plates as well :) Points for effort and service. LOL!

Assaggio is definitely one of the higher end restaurants with mains costing between mid $20s to $30s and for poor students like us, places like these are reserved for very special occasions and birthdays. And it was a special friend’s 22nd that brought us here this time :) Food did not take very long to be served even though our group was really big and the restaurant was full.. service was good and the taste wasnt that fantastic but definitely an experience. I may come back again to try their dessert menu which did sound and look good because the other tables did order a few desserts and the ones that they did order, looked pretty mouth-watering. But to come back again for dinner, perhaps not anytime soon…

92-94 King William St
Hyde Park, 5061
(08) 8272 4748

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Adelaide Eats: Steven ter Horst Chocolatier

Chocolate has always and will always be the best medicine and form of therapy. Coupled with girlfriends and heart 2 hearts, winning combination of the night.

Chocolate Truffle Tart $6.70– Luscious dark chocolate truffle ganache over a base of crunchy hazelnut praline, served with berry coulis

Salted Caramel Truffle Tart $5.90– Chocolate truffle ganache layered over salted caramel

Hazelnut Heaven $7.70– Praline mousse with vanilla currant bavaroise centre and crunchy gianduia and hazelnut base

Lemon Lust $7.70– Lemon mousse dome with praline cream centre and cocoa sponge

We were also fortunate enough to meet the amazing geniuses behind these super delicious and decadent creations- Steven and Chantelle.

Definitely recommend coming here and according to Steven, they change the menu regularly to keep the customers satisfied so do check it out! It’s worth the trip. Anyway, the three of us had the most epic walk from here (Unley Road) all the way to Gallery on Waymouth Street, where we had dinner after the satisfying desserts :) Anyway Im off to bed now. I need my sleep. Today has been both mentally and physically exhausting…

Hyde Park/Goodwood
221d Unley Rd Malvern
Malvern, 5061

Steven ter Horst Chocolatier on Urbanspoon