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Adelaide Eats: Patisserie JIN

The newest kid on the block- Patisserie Jin is just one word: ‘EYE CANDY’. Absolutely love the decor of the place and the cakes are just so pretty! I am a very visual person and anything that looks good makes me hungry! So I took heaps of photos to share and all of you can enjoy the visual feast as well :)

The cakes on display…

We bought this back for YX! :)

They even make full cakes and birthday cakes!

What we ordered… Iced Watermelonade, Pinappleade and Iced Coffee

Pineapple and Green Apple Cake

Fondant Chocolat with Vanilla Bean Ice-cream

This was everyone’s favourite item! It was the first item to be polished off :)

Apple Tartin with Vanilla Bean Ice-cream

Check out the cutest utensils around:

241 Unley Road
Adelaide, Australia, 5061
(08)8299 9456

Patisserie JIN on Urbanspoon

Adelaide Eats: The Pot and Melt

Two restaurants next door to each other. Two dinners with three courses each i.e. six courses in total in one night.
Yes we are that hardcore.

The Pot Food & Wine

Char Grilled ‘Mayura’ Wagyu Beef, Nut Brown Butter, Capers & Creme Fraiche

Amazing how all the different flavours blended in and complimented each other so well together and the beef was oh so tender!

Crispy Skinned Barramundi, Zucchini, Eggplants, Pinenuts, Raisins, Capers & Sherry Butter

Loved the butter, loved how the skin of the Barramundi was so crisp yet the flesh so soft and fresh, loved the whole dish

Madelines with Lemon Syrup

Pretty. Cute. Small. Sweet. Soft. YUMS

160 King William Road, Hyde Park
08 8373 2044

The Pot Food & Wine on Urbanspoon

Then it was off to Melt Pizzeria, Tapas & Wine which was directly next door…

Green Beans with Garlic, Chilli and Anchovy Tapas

One of the most under rated looking dishes. Best chilli I have tasted by far in Adelaide and it isnt even prepared by an Asian. Was indeed very very impressed :)

Scacce- House specialty calzone with confit duck, pickled cherries, shallot, mozzarella and fresh herbs.

So so gooood! Loved the garlic aioli cream sauce they had on the side. And the duck was especially tender.

Chocolate and Pistachio Pizza with Frangelico Cream

Need I say anymore? =D

You will definitely not regret trying these 2 restaurants. The ambience too was absolutely stunning. I just love sitting on bar top counters under dimmed lights, enjoying good food, great company and interesting table conversations :) Loved that the whole thing was so spontaneous as well :) Had a great time and I hope you will too when you do go!

1/160 King William Road, Hyde Park
08 8272 8186

Melt Pizzeria, Tapas & Wine on Urbanspoon