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epilogue café @ ION Orchard

Tucked away in the corner of level 4 of one of Singapore’s busiest and biggest shopping malls, Ion Orchard, within Prologue Bookstore is an F&B subsidiary of Popular Holdings Limited- Epilogue Café. The answer to every bookworm’s dream, Epilogue Café offers readers an opportunity to pick up their favourite book and enjoy it over a good brew of coffee or tea. While Ion Orchard is hardly the place you would first think of when a quiet, peaceful sanctuary is required, this cafe offers just that very experience in the midst of a very bustling Orchard Road.

My friend and I were invited down to Epilogue Café for an afternoon of quiet indulgence as well as to sample some of their signature creations and beverages that patrons too can enjoy while they are here.

Furnished with vibrant coloured red and black velvet-like armchairs with by-the-window options that offer a great view of the busy streets of Orchard (one can only imagine how beautiful it will be at nights when the streets are all lit up), the drill is simple- browse through the menu on the screens or be tempted by the delectable treats they have on display, place your order at the counter and make your payment at the same time. The food will be served to your table.

We were first treated to their Soup of the day which was French Onion Soup. Taking the first spoonful of this soup, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted. There was a generous serve of caramelized onions at the base with adequate reduction of the soup, allowing the sweetness to flow through without being too thick or watery. Dipping the croutons at the side into the soup was a great pairing.

Next was the Beef Pastrami Sandwich. For starters, the serving was definitely huge and not for the fainthearted. Loved how the chef had actually stacked my sandwich with pieces of the delicatessen meat and topped it off with a thick layer of melted cheese. Comfort food oh yeah! The bread was nicely buttered and toasted and overall, it was a very hearty, filling and satisfying sandwich.

Watami Japanese Restaurant

According to their website, the Watami Group is the top food & beverage brand in Japan. Founded by the CEO of the company, Watanabe Miki at the age of 24, the company has grown into 600 branches in Japan and 30 other outlets overseas. Watami Group’s slogan is “to receive the most number of thank-yous in the world”

Singapore currently has 4 branches- Ion, Raffles City, Central and J8.

Vicky and I visited the Ion branch before our Twilight movie date. We each had a set lunch (which consisted of a main + salad + drink) and ordered an extra ala-carte to share :)

Ishiyaki Bibimbap Set $10.80

Taste Paradise

Currently the best yum char place in Singapore (at least to me) at pretty affordable prices (but then again I have yet to try Royal China at Raffles Hotel which I have been hearing many good things about…). The only problem here is getting a seat because reservations are a MUST and at least a week in advance especially for weekends where there are even 2 rounds of seating..Must try this place if you love dim sum or you’re definitely missing out! :D Didnt manage to get good photos though because everyone was so hungry after waiting 30min even though we made a reservation that they would even allow my camera to focus to take a good shot and just start digging in. Couldnt blame them though, everything smelt and tasted so good! :D

These egg tarts were pretty good too! And 2 plates were definitely not enough because the tarts were so tiny and scarily addictive!

BEST 流沙包 IN SINGAPORE!! (I think..:D)

2 Orchard Turn
#04-07 ION Orchard
Tel: +65 6509 9660

Marmalade Pantry

One of the more well known tea places in Ion along with TWG: (Part 1 and Part 2) which requires you to queue up for quite a while just for a place!

All photos were taken with my iPhone 3 because I forgot to bring my camera! :(

CRAB CAESAR $22.00 with pine nuts and parmesan

CRABMEAT LINGUINI $22.00 with pine nuts, tomatoes and chili

STICKY DATE & TOFFEE PUDDING $12.00 with vanilla ice cream

CHOCOLATE DELUXE $4.20 the ultimate chocolate cupcake

GRANNY’S APPLE $4.20 spiced apple and cinnamon cake with cream cheese

I always come here for their sticky date pudding which is what they are really known for. Mad love :D:D And Im slowly working my way through their extensive cupcake list! Will update soon with the next few ones I try! :D

Unit 03-22
Orchard Ion
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801
Telephone 6734 2700

Alfresco Gusto Italian Bisto and TWG

FINALLY met up with Doodoo dear for a nice talk and afternoon together :) The poor girl was busy meeting deadlines and rushing out projects in the first week I was back so it was good that we managed to meet up just before I left!

Came to this bistro 2 years ago when Ion first opened and back then it was still called Gusttimo if Im not wrong but this time, they renovated the surroundings and revamped the menu as well!

Capellini l’ Aglio Olio $16– Capellini tossed in garlic oil, garlic confit, garlic mash, chilli and Italian Parsley

Aglio Olio is the only style of pasta I eat so Ive had good ones and bad but this one was WAY AWESOME! Somehow the chef has managed to make this dish so simple and yet so perfect. I asked for extra chilli as well and the garlic was simply the main highlight of it. I finished every last bit, even the garlic cloves. Though I regretted it after with the whole garlic breath after effects. Hee

Risotto ai Gunchi Prezzemolo $16- White wine risotto with baked, seasonal mushrooms

Another dish done to perfection. Loved that you could taste all the different flavours blended together with each grain of rice. Very very impressive :)

This is a bell that is placed on every table for you to press for service. Doo and I were very very amused with it. However, we found that the old fashioned way of raising your hand was still more effective.

The place was kind of empty for a lunch crowd but maybe it’s because it was a difficult place to find. But do try it. The dishes we tried were really quite amazing and they were not even the Chef’s Specials! ;)

2 Orchard Turn #01-17
ION Orchard Singapore 238801
Tel : +65 6509 9380

Next it was off to good old TWG because Doo has never been there before and because I promised them that I would drop by for tea just before flying back :)

We were not too hungry so I ordered 4 macarons for Doo to try and one pot of Earl Grey Pu Er for us to share :) But they came back with 8 and an additional pot of White Earl Grey as a nice farewell treat =D

I didnt like the flavours they added so I got them to change to my favourite ones :) Hee so Doo would have a nice macarons experience :)

Black – infused with Napoleon Tea, Tahitian vanilla and Caramel Dices.
Dark Brown – infused with Camelot tea and Praline
Brown – Earl Grey Fortune with Chocolate Gauche
Yellow – Lemon Bush Tea
Purple – Grand Wedding Tea, Passionfruit and Coconut
Dark Pink – 1837 Black Tea and Blackcurrant

The White Earl Grey that they brought out for us to try was so good! Heaps better than the one I chose initially. Next time, Im going to ask them to help me choose instead. TWG at Ion has the best service, that’s why I frequent there so much and it’s always nice to have familiar faces serving you and remembering what you like to order :) Promised them I would go back in July for another round when Im back :D