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FORT by Maison Ikkoku @ 5 Cox Terrace

Opened by the same talented and creative mind behind the “no-menu” bespoke bar along Kandahar Street- Maison Ikkoku, FORT by Maison Ikkoku offers a refreshing new concept with culinary delights paired with unique cocktails that are individually concocted and tailored to your preference.

Located at the Singapore Pinacothèque De Paris within Fort Canning Park, this unassuming modest corner restaurant is hardly eye-catching from its exterior and its dimly-lit surroundings sets the tone as an ideal watering hole. The bar counter where all the magic and ingenuity happens, takes centre stage while diners sit all around it. Each seating takes up to 30 pax and FORT has two seatings every night- 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

We came by to try their highly acclaimed 12-course Omakase which costs an affordable $68++. I enjoyed my experience so much that I made a reservation for my best friend’s birthday two weeks later and returned for another meal.


Cold Braised Radish with Cuttlefish

Our first item of the twelve, was a cold dish that was light, refreshing to the palate with a clean finish. The touch of cuttlefish essence added a nice dimension to this otherwise simple starter.

NINJA Bowl @ 15 Duxton Road

NINJA Bowl is all about hearty offerings of Japanese donburi bowls that are served in a Korean bibimbap fashion with a touch of western influence. Needless to say, these aesthetically pleasing bowls have been making their rounds on our Instagram newsfeed. This gave us yet another reason to check out the new place not just once but a few times! But if that is not a good enough reason to visit the place, diners would be pleasantly surprised to hear that the prices at Ninja Bowl are all nett priced with no extra service charges.


Devoted fans of Department of Caffeine (DOC) would have known by now that the café had officially ceased operations in mid-January, freeing the space for a new tenant to take root. Despite offering a different dining experience, Ninja Bowl has retained the warm, casual ambience which the former had left behind. Furnished with matt black wooden tables and chic steel chairs, an industrial charm seeps into its contemporary setting where two elongated parquet and white walls encapsulate the timeless moment. Warm, yellow downlights soften the mood and add a cozy vibe to the dining setting, providing a convivial atmosphere for diners to congregate, relax and also indulge in their signature donburi bowls.

Bōruto | Japanese Tapas & Sake Bar

Three years ago, I blogged about one of my most memorable Robata experiences which was forged at Tamashii Robataya. Three years later, the same people behind the quaint Japanese establishment along North Canal Road have since opened a new dining concept a street away serving up Japanese-fusion tapas and sake.

The name Bōruto, which translates to “vault” in English, pays tribute to its former occupants of the space- which was formerly a bank. The gated safe that was once used to keep locked safety deposit boxes, now stores the restaurant’s most valuable sake bottles which can easily cost up to several thousands each.

Notwithstanding the hype surrounding all the alcohol that is served in this bar however, Bōruto does also serve up some fancy fare that has both looks and substance. While Spanish tapas has already made a name for itself here in Singapore, Japanese tapas on the hand, is a novel idea that has not quite been explored yet.


Helmed by Head Chef Angus Chow, who has a fairly extensive culinary background in both Japanese and Spanish cuisine, we knew we were in good hands as we watched him deftly and skilfully plate each dish, from our front row seats at the bar counter.

New Modern Asian Weekend Brunch at KU DÉ TA Singapore

Not all about eggs, baked beans, waffles or pancakes anymore, KU DÉ TA Singapore redefines brunch by putting a Modern Asian twist to it. The menu curated by Executive Chef Frederic Faucheux, is a 5 course Japanese-inspired one and a culinary showcase of his Nobu roots. From traditional favourites of Donburi, Okonomiyaki and Ramen to unconventional takes on Laksa and Char Siew Hong Kong Noodles, KU DÉ TA’s newly launched Modern Asian Weekend Brunch is set to excite the palate and create an identity of its own in the world of brunch.


1st course:

2nd course:
Oysters, Salmon Sashimi, Tuna Tataki

Our Saturday morning started on a luxurious note with bowls of Edamame sprinkled with Maldon salt grains, freshly shucked Oysters adorned with rich fat spheres of ikura, chopped apple and sweet wobbly bits of konbu kelly, and Salmon Sashimi dressed in creamy shishito dressing with an addictive umami finish.

Social Square by MOF @ Parkway Parade

From the same Japanese food chain which brought you LENAS, Dolce Tokyo, My Izakaya and AmaSoy, Ministry of Food (MOF), adds yet another to its brood with the recent launch of Social Square at level 3 of Parkway Parade. Serving up a wide variety of European-Japanese influenced gourmet delights with three full-fledged menus, the people in the East definitely have a new option for large group gatherings or even intimate twosome meet-ups.

The food here at Social Square is divided into three main categories- Western, Japanese and Desserts. Each menu is crammed full with options and I have never said this with so much conviction but everyone will certainly find something to eat here. And it is also because the restaurant offers such a diverse range of foods, the larger-than-usual open-concept kitchen is always bustling with activity and you might even be able to catch some live action going on from your seat!



A key attraction of Social Square is their All-Day-Breakfast offerings which are extremely hearty in portions and frankly, quite affordable in price. But I think what won me over from the start, was the fact that the food on my table looked exactly like it did in the menu! The presentations were true to their printed pictures. We tried the Essential British $12.80 and Smoked Salmon Benedict $18.80 which were both decent and satisfying enough to curb your breakfast-for-dinner cravings.


Snacks such as the Chicken Wings $6 which were deep-fried and seasoned well, received our thumbs-up. This might be one of the most common appetizers but there was no doubt that it was done well here.


Mains include the Pan-fried Salmon Mushroom $20 which came with a choice of 2 side dishes. Generous portions though the salmon was a little too overcooked for our liking. Those criss cut fries with a dash of parmesan did however make for great munchies.