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Tsukeru Shabu-Shabu @ Emporium Shokuhin, Marina Square

Covering over a total of 34,000 square feet at Marina Square’s new lifestyle and dining wing, Emporium Shokuhin is Singapore’s first integrated Japanese emporium with a live seafood market, beef dry-aging facility and 8 dining concepts, including Tsukeru shabu-shabu, Gyuu+ yakiniku grill, Umi + Vino seafood and wine bar, Senmi Sushi sushi bar, Burosu Honten gyoza and ramen, Kohi-Koji cafe and bakery, Takujo fine dining, and a Ready-To-Eat section for quick take-away meals. These dining concepts are a natural extension of the brand, showcasing the pristine ingredients and food items that are sourced and brought in by Emporium Shokuhin.


For the shabu-shabu lovers, you can head on down to one of their dining concepts named Tsukeru, where you can choose a range of Japanese or Asian soup base, served up in an individual hotpot, with a wide selection of seafood and premium meats of your choice.

Rollie Olie @ The Star Vista

Rollie Ollie is a three-month-old store tucked away at Star Vista, which specialises in sushirritos. True to its name, the dishes are more than just a play on word blending. It is also a blend of Japanese sashimi and iconic roll ingredients with rolls, wraps and rice bowls that presents itself as a delightful assortment where you will be spoilt for choice. Its owner who is Taiwanese-American, was inspired by the ever-present Asian American fusion food wave and decided to bring it back to Singapore. Although this is their one and only flagship store, they are hoping to open more outlets here and make Rollie Ollie a favourite among Singaporeans. It is a good opportunity to make a trip down during office lunch hours or even for a late notice dinner date.


Among the diverse range of signature rolls, Sunkissed Salmon $16.95, is their best seller. Within the blanket roll are shredded crab meat, cucumber, jicama and red roe that pack the right amount of crunch to compliment the creamy texture of aburi salmon and creamy avocado. To add a finishing touch to these flavours, you can pick your choice of mayonnaise at the counter (Kabayaki, Yuzu Mayo, Curry Mayo, Wasabi Mayo or Spicy Mayo). The mayos are a good way to customise the rolls to your taste buds’ craving for the day. This way, you get to be adventurous without feeling as though you have had too much of one good thing. Without a doubt, the Sunkissed Salmon is my absolute favourite for its wonderfully smooth and creamy texture that melts with every bite.

Mikuni Celebrates The Summer Unagi Festival from 20 Jul – 31 Aug 2015

Making its debut this year at Fairmont Singapore’s resident Japanese restaurant- Mikuni, is the well-loved and much celebrated Summer Unagi Festival.

Unagi, or more commonly known as the eel, is highly regarded as one of the most nutritious and wholesome foods around. This prized delicacy is also believed to increase one’s stamina, renew vitality, and of course keep the body cool to beat the summer heat. The festival usually takes place in mid-July to early August, coinciding with the doyo period that is supposedly the hottest time in Japan.

As for those of you who are simply fans of this freshwater fish for its distinct flavour profile and dense meaty texture, this is one celebration not to be missed.


From 20 July to 31 August 2015, expect to be enthralled by Unagi-themed dishes created by Mikuni’s Executive Chef Moon Kyung Soo that can by enjoyed during lunch (5 courses for $120++) or dinner (8 courses for $220++).

Tburu at OrchardGateway@emerald

“Tburu” which means table in Japanese, is restaurateur and chef- Calvin Yeung’s newest gastronomic offering to our lion city. The man behind Kiku at Duxton and the former One On The Bund at Clifford Pier, his intention for Tburu was to recreate a multi-sensorial dining experience for diners as they revel in the sushi, sashimi and grilled dishes that this Japanese restaurant has to offer. Located at level 5 of OrchardGateway@emerald (the building opposite 313@somerset), Tburu is an airy space with a zen-like attitude along one of the busiest shopping street of Orchard but without the trappings of a city.


Stepping into the restaurant and taking in the surroundings of the place, it is hard not to appreciate Calvin’s attention to detail in everything. We were told that he had taken a personal interest in selecting every item in Tburu- from the type of tree bark for his chefs’ sushi cutting board, to the delicately hand-carved wooden spoons and tableware that the food is served on, even the sake cups and every piece of china had been painstakingly hand-carried from various parts of Japan back to Singapore, for Tburu. Sake connoisseurs will also be pleased to know that the premium sake served here is exclusive to Tburu, procured from the Kyushu prefecture.

Celebrate Hina Matsuri at Mikuni from 1 – 10 March 2015

Hina Matsuri also known as Doll’s Festival, is celebrated each year on 3rd March in Japan. This occasion is a time for families or in particular, parents with young daughters to make offerings of food to miniature dolls as they pray for the happiness and health of their little girls.


Back by popular demand and for the third year running, Fairmont’s resident Japanese restaurant- Mikuni has launched a bento set lunch menu specially created to mark this festive occasion.

Available for a limited time only, from 1 – 10 March 15, these 8-course bento sets are exquisitely designed to charm the ladies. From the feminine pink colour accents to the floral touches, Executive Chef Moon Kyung Soo has taken deliberate care in the plating of every dish, right down to the garnishing so as to impress his guests.


Presented in a tiered style with all 8 dishes fitting perfectly onto a neat wooden tray, Chef Moon’s attention to detail was truly evident as each layer unravelled one tantalising item after the other. If you are all about first impressions, I am sure you will be won over from the moment the Hina Matsuri lunch bento is placed in front of you.