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Big Mama Korean Restaurant

Ever since I started watching Kimchi Chronicles on StarWorld and saw an episode where Marja Vongerichten featured the mouthwatering Dakgalbi, I knew that the only way I was going to get that cast-iron chilli red chicken out of my mind was to EAT it! And with that greedy thought in mind, I set out to look for a Korean restaurant that sold Dakgalbi. Lucky for me, Big Mama Korean Restaurant, which opened in March this year, held the answer to my search.

Big Mama is opened by a Korean lady Ji-young Nam Gung, who came to Singapore many years ago as a tutor but instead, found her true calling in the kitchen. Along the way, she had honed her cooking skills by whipping up home style Korean cuisine for her students before finally picking up the courage and started this authentic little Korean eatery at the beginning of Kim Tian road.

We came here on a Friday evening at about 5.30pm, hoping to escape the dinner crowds, but found that upon entering, though only a few tables were filled, the rest were all reserved. And we did not have a reservation. Disappointed and almost ready to be turned away, we walked towards the door, only to be stopped by Big Mama herself who warmly told us that we could have a table but had to leave at 8pm before the people who had reserved the tables arrived.

The star of the day and the reason why I came to Big Mama in the first place soon made its appearance.

The Dakgalbi | Spicy Grilled Chicken serve is prepared by the number of portions you order. It was $15/person with minimum 2 to order. Though there were 3 of us dining that day, we decided to only get 2 portions as we wanted to try other menu items so the portion you see in the photo below is for 2!

This was the black wok that was placed on a make-shift gas stove and the girl in charge will cook it for you. So you enjoy freshly fried chicken chunks and vegetables all drenched in homemade spicy bean paste sauce. Instead of taking the easy way out and using the bean paste sauce from those red containers that you can buy from Korean specialty grocers, the bean paste sauce here at Big Mama is made by Big Mama’s own special recipe and with strictly no MSG!

A little history about the Dakgalbi. This dish originated from the city of Chuncheon in Gangwon Province and actually used to be for the lower income groups such as university students on a budget. The concept of ‘throwing’ all the ingredients into a single wok to cook and thereafter eat straight from it, made it convenient and inexpensive. But now, in its modernized version and with increased popularity, more effort is put into the preparation of the ingredients such as the marination of the chicken pieces before they are fried .

Adelaide Eats: Mandoo Korean Dumplings Again

So it was back to Mandoo Korean Dumplings because the little boy wanted Asian food and he wanted to drink soup so we came here! :)

Free sides. Have I mentioned that this is the ONLY place where I eat kimchi at? At everywhere else, I just pass it on..the seaweed was pretty awesome too.. :D

Fried Vegetarian Dumplings $11.99

Hot Pot for 2-3 $40– Contains 4 types of dumplings (chicken, pork, vegetarian, kimchi), tofu, beef, mushrooms, glass noodles, udon, rice cake and seasonal vegetables

Is it just me or have prices gone up slightly since I last came here in May? Hmmm..it seems a little pricer this time. Anyhow, I love love love the kimchi dumplings here (coming from someone who does NOT eat kimchi, I think that says a lot) and the hot pot is a must try. It’s like a pot of overflowing goodness and the beef was surprisingly tender too!

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Adelaide Eats: Korea Restaurant

This was actually the very first Korean BBQ restaurant I had visited in Adelaide when Uncle Mark and Aunty Amy first brought dad, mum and I here in first year during O week! So when I was brought here this evening, I was like ‘Hey this place is super familiar! I have been here before! And so I have…LOL!’

Friday night Korean BBQ dinner :)

Free sides…

My BBQ essentials- chilli! The chilli paste had an adequate spicy level so I was happy :)

We both ordered Set C $18 for Beef + Seafood Combination + free flow of rice + soup + sides

And let the BBQ-ing begin… :D

I came out smelling like smoke! Omgg but $18 was pretty worth it for the set. Service was excellent and it’s conveniently located opposite Eggless so you can enjoy dinner and then dessert after. Unless of course you forget to make a reservation which we did today and failed to get a seat!

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133 Goodwood Road
Goodwood, SA 5034

Korea on Urbanspoon

Adelaide Eats: Seoul Korean One More Time!

Back to Seoul Korean one fine day because (a) I wanted Korean food (b) did not want to travel too far i.e. all the way to Chinatown and (c) wanted a place that I knew would definitely not disappoint :)

Free appetizers…

Chicken Cutlet Curry $14.90– Curry over rice with chicken cutlet

Jap Chae $12.90– Stir fried clear potato noodles with beef and vegetables

YUM YUM YUM! A new find and oh so delicious!! :)

Soft Tofu Hot Pot $14.90– Spicy red chili stew with soft tofu, clams, vegetables and egg

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65 Hyde St
Adelaide, 5000
(08) 8223 5563

Adelaide Eats: Charcoal Hwaro Korean BBQ

If you liked 4 Table Korean BBQ, then you definitely have to try Charcoal Hwaro Korean BBQ because you get to eat all you want for almost the same amount of money you would pay at 4 Table, plus it’s in the city too so you save the trip :) Charcoal Hwaro Korean BBQ serves ala carte dishes too which is what we used to order whenever we came here in the past but recently they came up with the buffet concept and it’s eat all you want for $29.99 pp! Very worth it if you can eat as much as us, if not maybe it’s better if you go for the ala carte! The marination of the meats are still the same so you’ll still be able to enjoy good quality!

Was complaining that the chilli didnt have enough ‘kick’ so I started eating the garlic cloves whole to make up for it! It was so good! But I had to brush my teeth many many times after to get rid of the smell :$

This place is authentically Korean and is also a butchery! So if you’re not in the mood to BBQ that day, you can buy back their meats (fresh/marinated) to eat it at your own pleasure :) I like this place very much!

There is a $5 pp surcharge if you waste any food and I heard the owners are pretty strict about enforcing that rule from quite a few people though we didnt have to pay it when we went. So do be cautious when disposing uncooked/fatty portions of the meat ><

17 Pitt Street
Adelaide, 5000
(08) 8410 0411

Charcoal Hwaro Korean BBQ on Urbanspoon