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Jamie’s Italian Singapore Launches New Menu

Jamie’s Italian presents a fresh seasonal revision to their menu a mere 4 months since their official opening back in July this year. While the crowd favorites have remained, 15 new dishes have been added to the brood to entice and excite diners to return for a visit. Jamie’s Italian is also happy to share that they have since opened up more seats for reservations via their online portal so that customers need not wait in line too long to get a taste of Asia’s first branch.


Crispy Tomato & Mozzarella Arancini $10.90

Golden crisp little balls of breaded breadcrumbs filled with a concoction of rice, mozzarella cheese, eggs and chopped basil sitting on a gravy bed of arrabbiata sauce. The result is a hot popping melting goodness with every bite. Toppings of pickled red chillies and crispy fried garlic slices add a little jazz to the mix as well with a burst of flavor and color.


Smashed Pea & Broad Bean Bruschetta $12.50

A pyramid of raw sliced yellow courgettes and asparagus, mint tips & pea tendrils stacked delicately atop each other with a grilled garlic- rubbed sourdough at the base, tied harmoniously together with some lemon zest and olive oil. If healthy food had a look, this probably would be it. Refreshing and surprisingly satisfying, we think this will be a favorite with the weight-conscious ladies.



Mortadella & Ricotta Panzerotti $16/$24.50

If you are up for something different than the usual pastas, then this grilled chicken thigh- filled pockets of pastas in half moon shape might be a delightful change for you. While the colors in this one are not exactly vibrant, we assure you that the textures and flavors are far from dull. With up to four types of cheeses used in the pasta and sauce, each mouthful is guaranteed to be a creamy and rich one, but assuredly none too overwhelming. A nice Autumn finish of crinkle cut apple, walnuts, pistachios and crispy Italian sausage sealed the deal for us.

Hong Kong Eats: 22 Ships, Wan Chai

Words and photography by Xinyas

Trendy, casual and hip are words that come to mind when you first step into this tiny hole-in-the-wall Spanish tapas bar which marks Michelin Star Chef Jason Atherton’s debut into the Hong Kong dining scene. With limited seats and a no reservation policy, it comes as no surprise that it is almost impossible to dine here especially on weeknights and weekends. But we got lucky one Monday afternoon when we popped by for lunch and got a taste of what this eclectic space had to offer.

22 Ships 2-001

Wagyu beef, egg yolk puree, bread crisps, and grated hazelnut

First dish to emerge on the counter top and I had zero expectations. This could be linked to the fact that we could see the dish being prepared. Fingers poking and prodding raw meat on an exposed metal counter top, which you know will eventually find its way into your mouth and tummy…not so pretty.

However, preparation pictures aside, this can be summed up in one word: faultless. My companion mentioned that there was too much sea salt but I thought it was fine. The salt added more kick to the creaminess of the egg yolk and raw wagyu. Overall, flavourful without being too intense; it was a great dish to start with.  4/5

Wagyu Beef 2-001

Iberico pork and foie gras burger with avocado dip and cucumber pickles

The mini sliders speak for themselves. I wonder why they gave pickled cucumbers; it was not necessary, in my opinion. Avocado was smooth and should be spread generously across the patty because it provides more texture to each bite. Even if you are not a fan of foie gras, I doubt you can say no to this mini wonder once you’ve tasted it. It is just so damn good, you would want a second serving! 4.5/5

5 Best Italian Restaurants in Singapore

Italian cuisine has always been a hit with Singaporeans. Pasta, Pizza, Risotto, Cheese and Tiramisu. You name it, we love it. Comforting, creamy and pairing off beautifully with a glass of wine, Italian food is hard to resist for both the young and old. But with so many Italian restaurants popping up everyday, where do you know where to go and what to eat there?

In this round up, we share where are some of the best places to enjoy what the different regions of Italy have to offer, here on our little island. Read on for our 5 Best Italian restaurants in Singapore.


OTTO Locanda

32 Maxwell Road #01-­03 Tel: 6224 0978
Opening hrs:  Monday to Friday: 11.30am – 2pm, Monday to Saturday: 6pm – 10pm
Lunch is not served on weekends. Restaurant is closed on Sundays

Situated barely a stone throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station, casual trattoria-­style Italian restaurant- OTTO Locanda fronts the white and regal statuesque building, Maxwell Chambers. Opened by the same people behind fine-dining sister branch- OTTO Ristorante one block down the road, the former instead offers homely Italian fare with the introduction of regional speciality dishes from the different regions of Italy every month in a charmingly rustic space which is both comforting and relaxing.

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Recommended for: Those who work in CBD. OTTO Locanda also offers 3 course set lunches for $32.
Must tries: Melanzane alla Parmigiana, Pappardelle all’ Anatra and Astice alla Griglia



Ocean Financial Centre, Level 43 10 Collyer Quay Tel: 6509 1488
Opening hrs:  Monday to Friday 11.30am – 3pm, Monday to Saturday 5.30pm – 11.45pm
Restaurant is closed on Sundays

At 240 metres above ground, perched at the top floor of the Ocean Financial Centre in Collyer Quay, contemporary Italian restaurant- Zafferano (Italian for Saffron) joins the likes of KU DÉ TA and Jaan with its gorgeous bird’s eye view of our beautiful city skyline that is absolutely captivating in the night. With nature as its asset and a glowing circular bar lit by a thousand saffron tendrils which takes centre stage in the lounge, Zafferano is primed with great potential. With new Executive Chef Fabio Cucchelli in tow, who brings with him more than two decades of culinary experience across Europe, along with a spanking new menu of traditional Italian signatures, Zafferano is set to impress with its emphasis on natural flavours as it pays tribute to the authentic origins of produce from both North and South Italy.

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Caruso Ristorante Pizza Bar @ 791 Bukit Timah Road

Joining the row of shophouses along Bukit Timah Road is a quaint Italian restaurant that recently opened barely a month ago. Fondly named after the great Italian tenor Enrico Caruso from Naples, Caruso Ristorante Pizza Bar serves up markedly Southern Italian-inspired cuisine as a tribute to the hometowns of both partners behind the business.


An exciting venture between 28 year old Leonardo Palmisano, who takes charge of matters front of the house and 60 year old Chef Franco Lorello, who offers a wealth of experience from managing 17 restaurants back in Italy, Caruso marks their foray into our local Italian dining scene.


Wanting to keep the experience as authentic as they can for their customers, Chef Franco believes in only using Italian produce. From the tomatoes to the flour used to make their pastas, to even the olive oil used in the cooking, Caruso imports as much as they can directly from Italy.

Two Chefs Eating Place

Mention Milk Powdered Pork Ribs to anyone and immediately Two Chefs Eating Place comes to mind. This Tze Char stall located at Commonwealth Crescent, roughly 10 min away from the Commonwealth MRT station has been around for quite some time now and crowds especially the students love the place. Reservations come highly recommended for dinner but lunch tends to be relatively less intimidating.

Opened by two chefs who are also brothers, the stall is rustic with an old school charm and is always bustling. I have been here numerous times since my JC days and the boisterous scene with snaking long queues still remain after all these years. But it is not hard to understand what draws the crowds. They do serve great food with affordable pricing and it is an ideal place for large group gatherings.


As I mentioned earlier, no visit to Two Chefs is ever complete without an order of their Butter Ribs $8/$12/$16. Made from a secret recipe of butter and condensed milk, the end result is a snowy-beige dusty powder that is crumbly and sweet. Fried also with curry leaves for extra flavor, those tender juicy pork ribs had us smacking our lips and eating even the last lettuce on the plate.


The Three Egg Spinach or Three Colored Spinach or Vegetable with Egg, Century Egg and Salted Egg $8/$10/$14 as it is called here is supposed to be another must order item. But while I did appreciate how the poached spinach had absorbed the saltiness and creaminess of the trio combination well, the broth or stock was unfortunately too watery and flat for our liking. But perhaps Chef had a bad day with ours, because everyone else seems to be raving about it.