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London Eats: Pierre Hermé Paris, Belgravia

Pierre Hermé is a legend in the macaron and French pâtisserie world for his wildly creative experimentation with flavours and insanely gorgeous pastry and cakes. And after seeing countless beautiful photographs of his work online, it has become a dream to step into a Pierre Hermé Paris boutique.

I had collated a list of Pierre Hermé creations that I really wanted to try during my trip to Paris. The Ispahan was first up, followed by the Plaisir Sucre and of course the macarons!


Unfortunately, we never made it to Paris due to some work scheduling changes and settled for the little boutique at Belgravia instead! I morphed into a crazy fan girl when we found the entrance of the shop and could not stop snapping photographs of the sign.

‘I AM FINALLY ENTERING A PIERRE HERME PARIS BOUTIQUE’ ran through my mind over and over again as I pushed through the glass door, preparing my eyes for a visual treat.

Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie Christmas Memories 2012

The BEST part about Christmas is always PRESENTS! And while Christmas shopping for loved ones, friends and family does get stressful sometimes because you want to find the perfect present, somehow chocolates, sweets and special treats always seal the deal and makes any recipient very happy (especially if the recipient is a girl!).

Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie has 15 new festive products just for you to select and pick for anyone special. The best part is that these lovely treats can be delivered right to their doorsteps, so you know for sure that they will receive it on the exact day you want them to!

Revolving around three very special themes- Relive, Re-create and Inspire, these festive goodies of gingerbread, truffles, logcakes and Christmas hampers are bound to bring some smiles.

The Limited Edition Christmas Macarons (1pc $3) from the Re-create series have been designed deliberately to bring some Christmas sparkle. With exotic flavours like Amedei Chuao Cassis, Chestnut Obsession, Cranberry Indulgence, Elder Flower Blossom, Gingerbread and Nougat Temptation, it is hard to not get into the mood especially with the chocolate snowflakes and edible glitter little touches on the macarons.

Supertree Dining @ Gardens By The Bay

Singapore’s newest icon and attraction- Gardens by the Bay brings new meaning to the term ‘City in the Garden’ with its expansive botanical grounds which is home to about a quarter of a million different flora and fauna.  Newly opened to the public on the 29th of June, this Superpark has already attracted more than 70 000 visitors within the first two days of its opening. With two MRT stations nearby- Bayfront and Marina Bay, this 101-hectare garden is conveniently accessible and the perfect place for a nature walk against the beautiful Marina Bay skyline, which is especially mesmerizing in the evenings and nights.

Gardens by the Bay is made up of three waterfront gardens- Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central. The largest, Bay South is where the Supertree Grove resides. This grove is made up of twelve 16-storey Supertrees and a 128m long walkway connecting two Supertrees which you can take and walk across, to enjoy a birds’ eye view of the entire gardens.

Admission into the Supertree Grove itself is free
but the OCBC Skyway will cost $5 for adults and $3 for children <12 years old.

And if or when you get hungry from exploring and all the walking, located just steps away is Supertree Dining to satisfy and quell your hunger.

Supertree Dining which is designed and managed by the Select Group Limited, features five distinctive F&B dining concepts all in one place. While it is easy to dismiss Supertree Dining as a regular food court at first impressions, it is anything but. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows for a panoramic view of the lush tropical surroundings and real live trees growing through openings in the ceilings to maintain the natural theme of the place, even allowing drops of rain to water the leaves of the trees on rainy days for that added touch of rawness, this communal dining space is simply one of a kind.

From local to international cuisines, appetizers to desserts, there is something for everyone here at Supertree Dining. Read on to find out more about the diverse range of options that this all-inclusive one-stop family dining destination has to offer.

Adelaide Eats: An Afternoon At The Aviary

I really really like The Aviary. It is such a pretty place but unfortunately the only time that they are open in the day is Sunday arvo (on all other days, they are only open from 8pm onwards). So 3 of us took a bus to Norwood to have dessert after lunch on one Sunday afternoon. Expectedly, the whole place was filled with girls (with MP being the only boy), somehow tea and desserts are really a girl thing and boys are only there if your girlfriend drags you there (or in my case, your sister).

We had:

  • Fuji Yama Green Tea Pot $5/pot

  • Peanut Butter Disaster and Durian Ice-cream Sundae topped with almond & hazelnut praline $9.50

  • Honeycomb Macaron Flower Pot in a pot of Chocolate Mud Cake and Chocolate Mousse $10.50

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Alfresco Gusto Italian Bisto and TWG

FINALLY met up with Doodoo dear for a nice talk and afternoon together :) The poor girl was busy meeting deadlines and rushing out projects in the first week I was back so it was good that we managed to meet up just before I left!

Came to this bistro 2 years ago when Ion first opened and back then it was still called Gusttimo if Im not wrong but this time, they renovated the surroundings and revamped the menu as well!

Capellini l’ Aglio Olio $16– Capellini tossed in garlic oil, garlic confit, garlic mash, chilli and Italian Parsley

Aglio Olio is the only style of pasta I eat so Ive had good ones and bad but this one was WAY AWESOME! Somehow the chef has managed to make this dish so simple and yet so perfect. I asked for extra chilli as well and the garlic was simply the main highlight of it. I finished every last bit, even the garlic cloves. Though I regretted it after with the whole garlic breath after effects. Hee

Risotto ai Gunchi Prezzemolo $16- White wine risotto with baked, seasonal mushrooms

Another dish done to perfection. Loved that you could taste all the different flavours blended together with each grain of rice. Very very impressive :)

This is a bell that is placed on every table for you to press for service. Doo and I were very very amused with it. However, we found that the old fashioned way of raising your hand was still more effective.

The place was kind of empty for a lunch crowd but maybe it’s because it was a difficult place to find. But do try it. The dishes we tried were really quite amazing and they were not even the Chef’s Specials! ;)

2 Orchard Turn #01-17
ION Orchard Singapore 238801
Tel : +65 6509 9380

Next it was off to good old TWG because Doo has never been there before and because I promised them that I would drop by for tea just before flying back :)

We were not too hungry so I ordered 4 macarons for Doo to try and one pot of Earl Grey Pu Er for us to share :) But they came back with 8 and an additional pot of White Earl Grey as a nice farewell treat =D

I didnt like the flavours they added so I got them to change to my favourite ones :) Hee so Doo would have a nice macarons experience :)

Black – infused with Napoleon Tea, Tahitian vanilla and Caramel Dices.
Dark Brown – infused with Camelot tea and Praline
Brown – Earl Grey Fortune with Chocolate Gauche
Yellow – Lemon Bush Tea
Purple – Grand Wedding Tea, Passionfruit and Coconut
Dark Pink – 1837 Black Tea and Blackcurrant

The White Earl Grey that they brought out for us to try was so good! Heaps better than the one I chose initially. Next time, Im going to ask them to help me choose instead. TWG at Ion has the best service, that’s why I frequent there so much and it’s always nice to have familiar faces serving you and remembering what you like to order :) Promised them I would go back in July for another round when Im back :D