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Adelaide Eats: Chocolate Spam at Chocolatree

So we came here straight after D’artagnan because we didnt feel quite full after dinner and honestly at an all girls night out, you really do need chocolate to make it perfect since girlfriends are the only ones who will enjoy indulgent desserts with you and then exercise with you the day after, to make you feel as your exercise is actually enough to burn away whatever calories you had accumulated and make you feel less sinful for eating what you had eaten the night before.

Dark Hot Chocolate Mug
Chocolate Pudding
Sticky Date Pudding
(all served with Belgium liquid chocolate, whipped cream and Vanilla ice-cream)

Adelaide Eats: D’artagnan

Saturday night date with the housemates. An excuse to dress up, have dinner at a fancy restaurant and then proceed to end the night off on a sweet note with dessert. So the fancy dinner part saw us paying a visit to D’artagnan- a very pretty and cosy French restaurant in North Adelaide and a dimly lit too one if I might add..  But somehow the three of us still felt sort of like fish out of the water because laughing or talking loudly seemed inappropriate in such a place. So when dessert time came, it was an unanimous decision to move across the road to Chocolatree instead of ordering it here because we really wanted to just ‘let loose’ and enjoy ourselves without feeling too self-conscious.

Pan roasted orange glazed duck breast $16– with parsnip purée, brandy sauce, witlof and hazelnut salad

Travel: 5 Best Dessert Places In Adelaide

It’s a well known fact that I have a major sweet tooth. Chocolates, cakes, ice-cream- you name it, Id probably love them. Anyway a few people have been asking me where the best dessert places in Adelaide are, so I have decided to compile a list of my favourite sweet places in this city. And since this is my list, it’s also based on my opinions so you probably may or may not agree with me but to each its own.

Right at the top of the list at No. 1 for me is good old CHOCOLATE BEAN
18 Union Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Chocolate Hazelnut Heaven
Chocolate Bean Round 2!

Nobody makes chocolate the way Chocolate Bean does. Love everything about their desserts, the coziness of the cafe and the friendliness of the staff. Maybe Im just biased because of its super convenient location. This is a favourite with the housemates and I! Must tries here are the Indulgence Plate, Chocolate Filth and their cakes on display.

227 The Parade, Norwood 5067

Adelaide Eats: Montezuma’s

Random early dinner with a craving for Mexican food brought us here one day :)

Nachos with Shredded Beef (Full serve) $15.95– Triangles of toasted corn chips, smothered with oven grilled cheese and drenched with ranchero sauce, served on a bed of beans

Extra serve of corn chips $2.95

Combination Dinner $19.95– Carne chilli con carne, beef taco, beef enchilada, served with rice

Was initially a little apprehensive because the reviews online mentioned that this place did not have very good service and the flavour of the food was a little bland. So Im not sure if it was the low expectations we had or the fact that the food did end up tasting good and the service was unexpectedly pleasant that we were very surprised with our experience. I had a good time but did leave very very full. Something about the combination of cheese and beans that gives you that ultra full feeling even after your meal is long over…

134 Melbourne St
North Adelaide 5006
(08) 8239 0949


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Adelaide Eats: Chocolatree

Saturday night after Medrevue and in need of supper! :) Off to North Adelaide for some hot chocolate and fondue to warm the tummy! Ended up waiting for about 20min for a table because we didnt want to sit out in the cold at the back or the front and the seats indoors were all taken up! That’s how popular this place is…

Chocolate Nut Milk $6.50– Rich Hazelnut Praline merged with chocolate

Fondue with Seasonal Fruits $14.50

Bittersweet Mousse $7.90

Pistachio Cake $7.90

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Chocolate Spam at Chocolatree

25 O’Connell St
North Adelaide, 5006
(08) 8367 0443

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