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Paddington House of Pancakes @ City Square Mall

The Paddington House of Pancakes franchise, a specialty pancake full- dining restaurant, has finally reached our shores, after having opened four outlets all over Malaysia since 2004. This pancake house features more than 100 different types of pancakes from more than 10 different countries all around the world. With an all-encompassing menu which include pannekoeks, American stacks, poffertjes, blitzes, blinis, crepes (names of the multiple variations of pancakes you find in America, France, Europe, Britain and even Russia), the world is your oyster here at Paddington House of Pancakes as you travel round the world one pancake at a time.

From savoury to sweet pancakes, the menu is crazy extensive and it is not surprising to find yourself getting giddy with excitement as you flip through those pages with extremely vivid descriptions and mouthwatering pictures. No one will blame you for taking more than half an hour to decide what to order because you will definitely be spoilt for choice.


Pancakes are usually my staple at breakfasts and brunches. Nothing says Good Morning better than a stack of pancakes and drizzle of maple syrup. BUT if sweet stuff arent your thing so early in the morning, the Oslo $18 just might be. An extremely generous serve of smoked salmon fashioned into a flower with green grilled zucchini as the bud, sitting on two spicy mashed potato pancakes and cheesy scrambled eggs at the side. This was absolutely irresistible to both the eyes and taste buds.


Putting a twist on Fish N Chips, the Alaska $15 is a great lunch or dinner option. And despite being a specialty pancake house, it came as a nice surprise that the battered dory fish had a nice crumb and crunch. The fish itself was also moist and fresh, an absolute delight with that squeeze of lemon. The Alaska also comes with spicy mashed potato pancakes and a creamy mushroom sauce with whole mushrooms at the side, making it a nice complete meal.

London Eats: The Breakfast Club, Spitalfields


The Breakfast Club is by far one of London’s most popular breakfast/brunch franchise and judging from the long queues that snake from the inside of the cafe to the roads, it is no secret that this club is well loved by all. We made a huge mistake by coming here on a Sunday at 12pm, the ultimate brunch hour and needless to say, we had to queue. The wait was about an hour to an hour and a half during that period and it was cold. The good and thoughtful people at The Breakfast Club however made the wait a little more bearable by bringing out shots of free hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows and it was awfully comforting. On hindsight, it was an excellent marketing gimmick because once we got a table, we had to order a cup of their hot chocolate. It was actually really good.


The Full Monty
Bacon, sausage, black pudding, eggs, home-style fried potatoes, mushrooms, beans, grilled tomato and toasted multigrain bloomer

As the name suitably describes it, it is the full monty with everything piled onto a single plate. Portions were well and generous, perfect for sharing and substantial to feel satisfied, though there was unfortunately nothing really outstanding about it. The sunny side ups had glossy and runny yolks, mushrooms well sauteed in butter and I have a soft spot for those lovely roasted potatoes but apart from that, overall, it was just good, not fantastic.

London Eats: L’Eto Caffe, Soho

I have a confession to make. We were actually en route to Hummingbird Bakery when we got distracted by L’Eto Caffe’s glass window display of cakes, cupcakes and pastries. It was simply inviting and we just had to forgo Hummingbird and walk in instead (the two bakeries are actually next door to each other and yes we never made it to Hummingbird in the end).

L’Eto Caffe reminds me much of Ottolenghi with their overwhelming display of baked goods just sitting on the counters, topped with mouthwatering cream swirls and gorgeous finishing touches of candied fruit, cherried glaze and chocolate shavings, waiting for you to pick them up. The menu also offers a great selection of Antipodean coffees, all kinds of teas and juices for you to complete that perfect afternoon tea experience.

This is a compilation of two visits here. The first was the attempted Hummingbird post-dinner dessert episode while the second was actually a brunch visit to The Breakfast Club, which was unfortunately closed that day due to piping problems so we ended up back at L’Eto Caffe for their breakfast items!


Eggs Benedict £6.95

A very classic brunch order that many cafes offer but not many actually do a good job at. At L’Eto however, even though the eggs are unconventionally served as sunny-side instead of poached, it was a very different but welcoming experience of having every part of your egg white so thoroughly and appropriately covered in that buttery tangy Hollandaise. The yolks were runny good and ham difficult to fault. The sourdough held everything beautifully together though my only picky complaint would be that the crust was exceedingly hard to cut through and not good for chewing.

The Fabulous Baker Boy @ Viridian Art House

It is yet another great find here at The Foothills where the recently opened The Fabulous Baker Boy (TFBB) sits in The Viridian Art House. A largely al-fresco space with rustic wooden crate-like furniture and brightly coloured cushions thrown on the random sofa chairs that generally make up the facade of this place, it’s comfort dining in your flip-flops and shorts with the beautiful breeze that blows through this totally chilled and laid back scene. Coupled with the open green spaces of grass and trees all around for kids to run about as you watch them from your seat, this place is also very family friendly.

A wide selection of various beautifully created layered cakes are on display every single day and you will definitely see The Fabulous Baker Boy himself, owner- Juwanda Hassim, working his magic at the semi open concept kitchen, cutting a cake he had just baked or preparing for his next baking project.  A very passionate baker who first started his business from the kitchen of his home, he has certainly come a long way since then with this cafe right here.

Cake choices include the usual hot favourites of Red Velvet and Carrot Cake, and with more exotic flavours like Salted Caramel, Spiced Apple Cake or Green Tea Praline, it is almost assured that you will be spoilt for choice especially when everything looks so decadent, delicious and lush.

Coffee lovers too can look forward to a good brew here when the barista himself, Haryanto Soemito, owner of the now defunct Pause Cafe, is on site to work his Expobar Expresso machine and pour out a decent latte art for you.

Real Food @ 110 Killiney Road

A week of having burgers and fries almost everyday had my body screaming for a detox and some healthy foods for nourishment. And so I dragged my two carnivorous friends to Real Food for some organic, fresh, vego food that both theirs and my unhealthy digestive system would greatly appreciate and thank me for.

We paid a visit to the Killiney branch, their second outlet after the first at Clarke Quay was a resounding success. Real Food is a grocer, cafe and bookstore, that provides that all rounded wholesome healthy lifestyle experience. Using their spacious area to full advantage, the space is divided neatly into the bookstore section where one can browse through guide books on healthy living and cooking, a section with comfortable armchairs for the patrons who choose to relax over a freshly squeezed juice and of course the eating section.

The menu, printed on brown recycled paper has clear labels stating what is gluten-free, soy, wheat-free etc, perfect for individuals with special diets and allergies. Prices are reasonable when you take into account that only organic and fresh ingredients are used and everything such as the sauces and dressings are made from scratch. They are also nett with no service charge or GST though your orders are taken at the table and the food is served to you.

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To start off, we had the Organic Sweet Potato Wedges $6.80. Simply baked sweet potatoes that were bursting with sweetness on its own. I might actually consider trading my good ol’ fries for this low G.I. starchy veggie which is definitely healthier and less harsh on my waistline.

I had the Fried Brown Rice $7.80 as my main and my did this smell so good when it first arrived. Stir-fried with garlic, capsicum, french beans, carrots and lentils, I loved how this dish was so colourful, vibrant and appetising even to look at! And it tasted great as well! It was hard to believe that this was a healthy plate of fried rice. I would definitely want to get my hands on this recipe and try to remake it on my own.

One friend chose the Baked Brown Rice with Mozzarella Cheese $13.80. Another bowl of warm wholesome goodness that came straight out of the oven with oozing melted cheese. Judging from how he enthusiastically scooped out every last grain of cheese covered brown rice, I am going to assume that this was pretty good..or maybe he was just hungry.. Just kidding!