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CRAFT Bakery & Café @ Holland Village

Occupying the space that used to once belong to Cold Rock Ice Creamery, a new bakery/cafe has recently joined the slew of eateries in Holland Village. From the same creators of Molten Chocolate Cake Specialty House- 3 Inch Sin, CRAFT Bakery & Café is instead a full-fledged eatery, offering an extensive menu of refreshing Salads ($11-$14), Mains such as Bacon Mac N’ Cheese and Prawn Aglio Olio ($12.50-$18), Grid Pizzas smothered in homemade tomato sauce ($9.90-$12.90), exotic Desserts like Orange French Toast ($7.90-$9.90) on top of their famous Chocolate Molten Cakes in 5 different flavors ($9.50).


Barely opened for a month, but already fast earning a following, CRAFT has just the right combination of Papa Pahelta Coffee, Gryphon Teas, Asahi Beer specials, Cakes & Pastries for a lovely afternoon or chill-out evening. To sweeten the deal further, they are also offering a 1-for-1 deal on all their mains and sandwiches from 12-2pm on weekdays.


From the full-paged list of Sandwich options, we quickly narrowed it down to The Craft $11.50 which simply stood out because the description read ‘maple-candied bacon in between waffle grids’! How does one say no to that? For the complete experience, cut through the waffles to get a bite of that fluffy dough, mustard dressed green apple slaw and a punch of sweet and savory from the candied bacon altogether.

Social Sin | Gastrobar & All Day Breakfast Bistro

Social Sin is the latest dining concept by Ministry of Food (MOF), the very same people who brought you MOF @ My Izakaya, Lenas, DANRO Japanese Hot Pot and AmaSoy. This gastrobar offers All Day Breakfast, Happy Hour Drink Specials and even 50% off all 2nd main courses when you dine from 11.30am-8.30pm. With a rustic contemporary theme for the decor and a striking resemblance to House/Skinny Pizza’s menu newspaper style, augmented by Wild Honey’s naming system for their egg-centered breakfast platters such as English and Tunisian, Social Sin offers a plethora of dining experiences all in a single space.


The Light Bites and Snacks section of the menu is considerably straightforward, with choices of Chicken Wings $10, Beef Meatballs $9, Chunky Cut Fries $7, Popcorn Chicken $9 and even Tomato Bruschetta $8, best paired with their beer specials of the day written on the board.

We tried the Sweet Potato Fries $10 and Crunchy Calamari $9, both served in aluminum cans, with dips of tar tar sauce, sweet chilli and wasabi mayo. The latter was so creamy addictive, we could not resist asking for seconds. I liked how we had thick round substantial squid fried with a golden brown batter that remained crisp down to the last piece and a decent chunky cut of sweet potato fries, not too over the top unlike the ones at Skinny Pizza which had an extra coat of white sugar. These two light bite options passed satisfactorily.


We settled for a Parma Ham Pizza (8 inch $17) for our main as recommended by our server. Unfortunately they were out of rocket salad so the kitchen substituted the greens with other types of lettuce. The pizza crust was biscuit-like crisp and almost brittle, extremely enjoyable to munch upon, while the parma ham on the other hand, was missing that quintessential preserved saltiness of dry-cured meat, so that was disappointing. Peperoni still holds top ranks for a good parma ham pizza in my opinion.

Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria

Disclaimer: Owner Luca and Chef Michele are no longer at Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria

Named after the beautiful and charming Capri Island in Southern Italy, Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria is an authentic Italian diner set up by two Italians who simply wish to share their love for Italian food with their customers. And staying true to its Italian roots, framed pictures of the Amalfi Coast hang on the white-washed rocky walls of this laid-back and cosy trattoria.

The brainchild of owner Luca Iannone and chef Michele Cuozzo, who by the way are heavyweights in Italian cuisine, Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria is fast gaining popularity with both locals and the Italian community here in Singapore who show their support by boasting a full headcount of the restaurant even on weekdays. Reservations are a definite must or you may just have to leave disappointed.

It is said that good food is spread by word of mouth and Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria is testimony that this statement holds true. The clientele here is made up of mostly regulars, judging from the friendly banter exchanged between the owner, chef and diners. It is a lively atmosphere and almost casual but certainly not sloppy as servers are attentive to your needs and not at all intrusive.

Starting with the Tagliata Di Manzo, a modest grilled platter that will have steak lovers rejoicing. Thin slices of Sirloin done Medium rare, and simply marinated with just olive oil, pepper and salt, allowing the full flavour of the meat to come through. Tender, juicy and seared only on the exterior, and finally sprinkled with some parmesan cheese and laid atop a bed of rocket salad, this antipasti was picture perfect.

The Sauteed Calamari in Squid Ink was certainly very unique in both appearances and taste. Jet black with its distinct iodine, briny flavour and a touch of Chef Michele’s spices and condiments which consists of a generous amount of garlic powder, this squid ink paired off very well with the large calamari rings or as the chef calls it in our own Singapore dialect- ‘sotong’.

Peperoni Pizzeria @ Greenwood

The casual dining sister arm of the Les Amis Group, Peperoni Pizzeria is notorious for their family sized XXL pizzas that is simply a party on a wooden board. It’s a family affair here at Peperoni Pizzeria as these ginormous pizzas are definitely for sharing and is indeed double the fun when everyone is fighting for one more slice of cheesy dough. With four branches all around Singapore (Greenwood, Binjai, Frankel and Zion), everyone is assured a bite of that authentic Italian wood-fired oven thin-crusted pizza that Peperoni Pizzeria does such a great rendition of!

Six of us patronized the Greenwood branch one Wednesday evening, which also happens to be the original outlet which first opened back in 2004.

We started off with an appetizer to share before diving straight for the pizzas for which we ordered the family XXL size for both!

The Funghi Portobello con Pollo $20 was actually a crumbed battered whole portobello which was deep fried and topped with a heap of caramelized onions and sautéed chicken fillets in red wine sauce.

Mushroom lovers will rejoice at this dish and non-mushroom fans will become converts. The portobello was thick and juicy while the sautéed chicken fillets and onions lent a subtle sweetness with the red wine sauce and added a softness to the crunch of the portobello exterior. We cleaned this up quickly, not even leaving a single onion strip left on the plate.

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar

Weekend brunch could possibly be the best term ever invented and it is no secret that I am a big fan. After all, what better way to start the morning-afternoon than the smell of fried eggs with bacon, oven toasted bread and freshly squeezed fruit juices?

Say hello to Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar situated at the now defunct Monks Hill Secondary School who has only been on the scene for a few months but appears to be the perfect solution to that much needed meal on the last day of the weekend before you have to face the much dreaded day back to school or work on a Monday morning.